LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 

Receive your Personal KEYS and Codes of Awakening

The messages recorded come to you  in the Language of Hibiru, an Ancient Language of Light known to have been the first language used on the planet (Adamic) at the beginning of this time cycle.  This language, also known as the language of the Angels speaks directly to your Soul.  The message is received by your Soul and you are then able to follow the direction required when you are ready to the next step in your Spiritual path.   It is not interpreted because the English language could not completely capture the essence of the Light contained herein.   There is also the human filter to consider.  That is, if I were to interpret the message into English, my own education from this lifetime and previous lifetimes would colour the message to my understanding.  Then when the message is passed on to the recipient, they would also interpret the message to the level of their understanding, and here lies the danger of misinterpretation as it is passed down the line. 

The language bypasses the ego and therefore the message is Pure in its original state.  This language is a Universal language and is understood at the Highest Level by all Beings that follow the Law of One, the Christ Consciousness and the purpose is to awaken to our original Divinity and wisdoms and take our rightful place in the purpose of anchoring Heaven on Earth and the State of Universal Peace.

Contained within each message are Mantras of which can be used as a personal tool to assist with our awakening.  It may be the “key” that unlocks the blockages that have been holding you back through the lifetimes. 

The language opens you to the Higher Universal Mind and has the ability to cut through the barriers of darkness to accesses your Divine Light - your  “I Am that I Am”. 

 Some of the comments that are given to me after people have heard the language for the first time is that they felt it was very familiar, like they have heard it before, or that they feel they have spoken it themselves.

What I hope you can gain from these messages is to recognise the Mighty Being that you are, and open to the Highest level of consciousness available to you at this time.  Much healing can come from working with this process, because as you open more and more to your higher states of consciousness you allow yourself to become totally at One with the Laws of the Universe and you have so much more of your greatness to work with. 

Your recorded Keys Enoch/Mantra message will be sent via email with a downloadable link.

I welcome you once again to the Blessing of this Gift, the Language of Light.............


Lord Enoch

Enoch's other incarnations were Thoth, Hermes, Zoroaster, Metatron, among others who wrote books about the Sacred Knowledge of Creation.

In the Qur'an, Enoch is called Idris. In the bible he is sometimes called Akhnookh.

In 2006 I had been on a trip that I have been guided was to follow a Divine Triangle.  That journey took me to 3 Key places that I knew were connected with the Essene Brotherhood.  One was in Alexandria, Egypt, the second in Damascus, Syria and the third was Qumran in Israel.  From here I moved down into the Sinai Peninsular in Egypt and then onward to Luxor, Tel el Armana and Cairo.  On returning to Australia I held a gathering to direct healing energy to Israel.  For the first time we activated the merkabah within the usual LUXOR Light process.  I came out of the meditation only to have my eyes closed again by an unseen force and what happened next took me by surprise.  My teeth began to chatter as if I was cold and it continued on for quite some time.  I was surprised but felt ok with it and in my mind I thought to myself that I was giving some sort of morse code.  The group patiently waited until this encoding had finished and I was able to open my eyes again and come back into the room. 

The energy was intense and everyone in the room was buzzing and serene. One other woman had been triggered by the encoding and had started herself to awaken to encoding also.  This was to become a part of me, in my personal healing and in healings and meditations I gave for others.  Although I felt completely comfortable with it I really did not know what it was.  I felt intuitively that they were keys and I felt there was a strong dolphin or Sirian energy connected with it. Some two years later I was to come across a woman who went by the name of Gabrielle.  This woman spoke of her awakening experiences where she had been dead for over an hour and even taken to the morgue.  She spoke of her experiences of speaking with Jesus and receiving her new mission on Earth.  She was awakened in many gifts and I had chosen to have a private sitting with her.  I did not tell her anything, she simply began to speak very fast pouring out important messages for me as I was due to return to Israel.  It was she who told me that I held Enochs Keys and that I was to awaken others with this gift.  She had not seen me before, heard of me nor did she know that I even spoke these keys and languages.  I had known intuitively that they were keys, I had been experiencing the strength of the healing that came through with them for myself and others.  I had witnessed them awaken my son to the language of light and then others awakening through hearing me speak them.  But unless she had told me that I would not have known.  She could see my gifts that I had received during my awakening and explained some to me that I had not known of because I do not channel in the same way as others.  I was very blessed to have someone who was also awakened and could see my gifts and explain to me what they were and who the masters where that I work with.  My experience of awakening was very different to hers and we each have our own way of awakening, but one of my gifts is to carry these keys to the world and when one is ready they receive them, not by choice but by readiness.  This is what I have learned through the experience of this gift.  You will receive when you are ready and so if you choose to have a Keys Enoch Sound Healing, you will receive messages and you will receives Sacred Sound and most likely some decoding and encoding but only if you are ready will you receive the Keys.  However, the decoding and encoding and sacred messages from the Master will prepare you for your next step along the way.

Through the Love and Guidance of Lord Enoch I have been entrusted with this gift and I allow what is Divinely right for you the individual to receive that which you are ready for.

Please click if you wish to listen to a message from Lord Enoch. LUXOR Light is overseen or overlighted by Lord Enoch and his message contains keys and codes that speaks to your soul.  This is a healing in itself, helping to release any darkness that may still be blocking your path forward into the Ascension and beyond.  If there are keys that you are not ready for contained in here, they will sit in your energy field until you are ready to process them.  Please be aware that these messages are very powerful and so I ask you to listen only if you feel drawn to and not from the place of the ego.

May you receive the great Love that Enoch bestows upon you

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