LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 

Soul Coaching

Distant Soul Coaching is a combination of distant healing, visionary guidance and energetic support, aimed at aligning your inner world or your spiritual self with your physical life. Together, we work energetically to clear the emotional body of baggage, clear the clutter from the untamed mind and allow you to find your true inner guidance and be able to receive your intuitive messages from your own Higher Self.

How can Soul Coaching Help

Distant Soul Coaching helps you to find your Soul Purpose and awaken to the greater aspects that lay hidden under the unhealed you, so you can tap into your own inner wisdom.

The way I work with you is through the energetic support that happens with each and every distant healing session. You learn about your own energy body, you can see the results on a written report and you can feel the results in your own physical world. Your life begins to change, your passion for being and for your soul purpose is awakened and answers begin to flow through.

We work in a way that suits you and your energy body. Because we can see results from the very first session, we know exactly how to proceed to the next. We know if you should have weekly sessions or every second week, 3 weekly or monthly. I work with you as in individual because no two energy fields are the same, and each and every one of us has our own unique blue print.

A Distant Soul Coaching session with me, aligns you with your True Self every time we do a session. You don’t need to be present because the work is done energetically, and distance knows no bound. You receive a full written report that holds keys and codes embedded in each session. You are given guidelines on how to work with the energy after the healing session has been administered and how to awaken the process of healing on-call when you feel you are in need of a top-up from the energies.

We work closely on a week by week or month by month basis, or however the program is designed for you. We build a relationship of trust between each other, aimed at attaining the best results for you and your Soul Purpose. You learn about your self and your spiritual health, you learn as you heal, you find empowerment through the process of sharing as you receive your easy to read, easy to understand reports. Step by step you begin to understand the language I use to outline your progress and in time this helps you to become the master who understands your own subtle world knowing how to better manage your physical life to suit your spiritual purpose.


$122AUD single session

Package deal #1

Once a month $88 ongoing

Package deal #2

10 sessions = $777


  • A Full written report emailed to you after every session
  • Assessing Dimensional Consciousness
  • Assemblage Point Alignment
  • Awakening the Alpha and Omega Chakras
  • Self-Love Alignments
  • Clearing blockages from the Subtle Bodies including
  • Chakra balancing and Feeder Chakra alignment
  • Unifying to the One Unified Heart Chakra
  • Shifting stagnant energies
  • Entity clearing and implant removals
  • Aligning and balancing Twin Flame energies if appropriate
  • One Free Recorded Meditation to support your healing process.
  • Sacred Mantra to align with Higher Self

One on One Video Sessions by appointment additional $100 per 90 minutes


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