LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 

 LUXOR Light Ascension

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Meditation Online for Ascension

Healing with LUXOR Light
Receiving LUXOR Light Ascension  Frequency
LUXOR Light Ascension Healing the World

Ascension is a shift in consciousness allowing us to
"ascend" into higher levels of awareness.

The process of Ascension involves the raising of frequency on a personal and planetary level.  It is an acceleration of vibrational energy that brings one to higher levels of awareness coming into a state of Presence. 

This initiates a shift in consciousness.  

LUXOR Light is a specific frequency that is transferred through ChristinA Ritchie (Ametron). Through the transference of this energy of Grace the receiver experiences a shift in consciousness enabling access to the state of Presence and the Higher Self.  These raised levels of consciousness often occur as spontaneous kundalini awakenings.  

From awakening and merging with your Higherself to becoming the Energy Specialist, you will find that LUXOR Light Ascension is exactly what you have been looking for. 

Initiating Accelerated Healing
and Awakening Your Pineal Gland.

All of humanity is ascending (spiritually evolving) and experiencing Shifts of consciousness at varying levels.  Through Initiation with ChristinA, the transference of LUXOR Light energy enables the individual to reach to the level of the Higher Self through the process of meditation. While accessing this Divine Energy, we call forward the healing needed for the greatest level of growth in this Now moment, enabling balanced integration of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within. This fast tracks your healing process and the opportunity for a higher level of Consciousness prevails. The healing is enabled while residing in the higher frequencies of light during the process of a LUXOR Light meditation.  This then aligns the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies where you begin to see from a higher perspective.  

LUXOR Light is a training ground into the Higher Realms enabling you to continually reach higher levels.  You will learn how to manage, understand and read your own energy field and that of others.  You will experience the Power, and the Magic of activating sacred geometries within the human energy field as you work toward your Mastery.    

LUXOR Light provides the perfect vehicle, environment and support for your shifts to take place!  Join online or come and stay at our Centre for Ascension in Luxor.

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