LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 

A Sample Distant Healing Report with ChristinA

This is a genuine healing report from one of my clients - name removed for their privacy.  I hope it gives you an idea of what your healing session may bring to you.  Keep in mind that all healing sessions are unique to the individual and I work intuitively with what is of the highest good for each individual.  This is a guide only.

When you are ready to read through the report, I suggest that you find the space so that you can read and allow the healing codes and keys that lay behind the words to begin to process in your energy field. When you finish reading, lie down or sit in meditation position and close your eyes and allow the process to unfold. Try not to analyse the session but rather accept and allow the healing to begin. You may feel tingles, waves of energy or activations or nothing. You may drift off to sleep or into nothing zone and then clock back in when the healing is complete. You can re-read this healing as many times as you feel that the work is still underway, over as long a period as feels right for you and each time you read it follow the same process and allow layer by layer for the healing to come into place and you will know when it is time for another healing.

Date 6.2.2015=25/7

Today’s date offers us a beautiful retrospective energy. It gives us the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate, do some meditation, have healing and so on. It offers us that beautiful peaceful vibration that is perfect for completing healing cycles. The healing cycle is in particular globally geared towards partnerships and freedom of expression. You can allow yourself to be in the flow with what the universe is offering and simply surrender, let go and let God.

Birth date/life lesson 30.9.1964=59/5

Your birth date gives you the energy that drives your life lesson. Your life lesson is that which is your greatest challenge but when that is learned and conquered it becomes the greatest gift that you can offer to humanity.

You are someone whose Soul wants to learn in the face of Truth integrity and therefore your challenges will express the same. You will be placed in situations where you must decide if you are walking your truth and if you are accepting less than your Soul is asking of you. All situations are perfect and divine because they are your teachers and they will be your greatest challenge. This is reflected in the energy of the 5 which repeats itself twice in your life lesson which means it is something that is likely to come up very obviously. The 9 is powering the 5 which means that this is a completion phase that asks you to complete the cycle of allowing these tests into your life. How you go about that is up to you of course. When you complete these challenges that are all about the throat chakra and being able to “speak” and “walk” this truth you will welcome the ultimate Freedom that will set you Free towards the rewards that come from recognising your challenge/test/initiation and moving through and beyond.

Personal Year 30+9+2+0+15=56/11

This year started on your last birthday in September and will complete on your next birthday in September 2015. This is a very powerful period for you for spiritual healing and growth. The 11 vibration is very sensitive and highly refined vibration.

This vibration relates to the Two of Swords in the Tarot also known as the Lord of Peace. It is a friendly Sword, however it often comes up to indicate that a conflict has been resolved or a breach healed, so t generally follows trouble from earlier on.

It indicates that a painful and difficult situation is being reconciled. Friendships are rebuilt, old wounds are healed. However in this context it is very important to look carefully at the cards which follow it, for there is often a feeling that a relationship will never be quite the same again as it was before the conflict or quarrel.

At an inner level, it says that you are coming into your own, for this marks the period of tranquillity and calmness that can arise when we have finally made difficult decisions, and acted upon them. Often it will come up to show that, now we have got to grips with our confusion, we can rest and recover.

It is the vibration that helps you to let go of old fears or anxieties that were holding us back and it asks you to rest and recuperate.

The 56/11 asks you to climb to the high ground in order to get a higher perspective, particularly on any emotional difficulties that you might have. Sometimes, a conflict bogs us down so badly in our reactions that we find it difficult to achieve an objective view. Instead we wallow about, knee deep in hurt feelings and negativity, never able to get an overview.

But if you can just move your position a little, see the centre of the conflict, often we perceive the whole situation more clearly. And once you manage that, a way through the tangle becomes apparent. When you can see that pathway you know what you need to do, and it's easy to see what's really important and what is rubbish that you have collected along the way.

So, this year up until your next birthday any issues about which you feel emotionally sore and unhappy, make a deliberate and conscious effort to get to the high ground, above the situation.

Any confusion, or anything which you wish could have resolved in the past, use the same process of climbing above it with the intention of finding another way of looking at it, which is more comfortable for you than the one you now have.

And then stick with it, and enjoy the sense of peacefulness that comes from finding a solution to something that hurts you!

Affirmation: Conflict resolves into tranquillity

Personal Month 58/13

This month of February, resonates to the 58/13 for you personally. (this is taken from your personal numerology). The 58/13 corresponds to the Lord of Truce in the Tarot and marks a period where we are able to rest and recover after a difficult time in our lives. It will appear after trauma - the breakdown of a relationship; a troublesome and worrying time financially; an operation or major illness.

There will always have been conflict and stress beforehand, this vibration marks the kind of breathing space we often need in order to clarify our view of the situation, to gather our strength and to decide how best to move forward. It is that it is time to rest, time to stop worrying about the things that have happened.

However, it must be noted that Truce is not peace. This is a respite - a down time in which we can catch our breath, ease our tension and relax for a brief time. But once that has been done, we need to recognise that there is still more to be done - the battle isn't over yet. So when acting under the influence of this vibration bear in mind that first you must take it easy, but then you must begin to plan your next step.

If we fail to do that, then when the effect of this vibration passes away, we shall be left high and dry, with no route planned for our future. And in that case the turmoil which preceded this card may well manifest again.

Sometimes, when this vibration indicates that a rift can begin to be mended between two people who have been at loggerheads previously. In this case, again, it is important to stress that this vibration does not indicate peace - as before, much more work will need to be done before the damage is entirely healed. We need to be on our guard, too, for other people running personal agendas which may mean that the 'truce' is more convenient than sincere.

So for you this month of February brings with a temporary respite, after you have passed through trying times. This is a quiet period, which should be used to recover, regroup and stabilise. It's important though, that you bear in mind the fact that this is only a moment in time. Soon you shall be required to pick up the tools of life and continue on your journey.

So this month, you are well advised to use the internal stillness to think over trouble spots, or areas of difficulty. That way you will see the whole issue more clearly, and will be better equipped to push forth undaunted when the time comes.

You may need to bury the hatchet with somebody, but it is important that you are reserved both in what you are prepared to offer, and what you are prepared to forgive. Truce only marks the cessation of hostilities - a brief pause during which you might negotiate a lasting peace.

You must recognise that you have not yet finished your business here. If you fail to hold this in the forefront of your mind, you are likely to make the mistake of being unprepared for whatever comes next.

So - on this month - rest as easy as you can, and locate areas of challenge, difficulty or sensitivity for future attention. Think carefully about trying to resolve anything until the influences are more supportive.

Affirmation: Plans formulate within me as I gather peace and stillness to myself

Personal Day 64/10

This is just today and just for you, this is your personal vibration you are working today and what is coming through in the healing. This vibration 64/10 relates to the Ten of Swords in the Tarot and is known as the Lord of Ruin suggesting you dive-for-shelter and although you probably hate the sound of that, this is not the underlying principle of this energy but rather the end result if you fail to engage with the true message behind this vibration.

This is about the power in your own mind and the end result of your thoughts, beliefs and aspirations. If you have belief in your worthiness to achieve and attain; if you have struggled to reach the highest limits of your own current spiritual potential; if you have lived in an ethical and fair manner, you will inevitably attract joy, happiness and success into your life.

If, on the other hand, you believe in your weakness and empower that belief; you will inevitably attract sadness and distrust into your life. This vibration is asking you to really look within to your full potential and the mighty and worthy Soul that you are.

The 64/10 is a beautiful vibration but it tends to make us pay too little attention to ensuring that we make only good things for ourselves. We cannot eliminate painful and testing times entirely because they are here for us to learn, but we can make them easier on us but having greater understanding and knowing how to take charge of our life and this is what the beautiful 64/10 can do for us. It helps us to see the good in the bad.

This energy is very much about Love and relationships and it tells us that it is what we are thinking today that creates what comes for us tomorrow. It can be new beginnings but we need to be absolutely sure of what beginnings we are initiating, so it asks us to go totally into the heart and imagine resting in there and then imagine pulling the mind down into the heart and sitting in that beautiful space of Heart-mind and knowing that the heart must tame the mind and you will then follow the path of the Soul.

When we pay close attention to the things we wish ourselves, ensuring that our thoughts are as bright as possible, we attract goodness and positive energy into life. Life is always throwing the curve ball at you, just to see if you can catch it. And harmonising yourself with the rhythm of life is - beside being the greatest reward of all - a very big challenge.

It does help, though, to try to interpret events in terms of your own reactions: this gives you a good reason to watch yourself carefully in the present.

Try this – look at your issues at hand that you currently feel unhappy, frustrated, shocked, hurt about... Take a good look at the overview of this...try to separate the differing elements of the problem.

Now, carefully go back over the last few months (or years) looking for something in your own actions, thoughts, feelings that seems connected with this unhappy situation. And take a hard look at how your thought-forms might have created it.

And whilst going through this process remember not to judge yourself and do not feel guilty or angry with yourself. Accept what you find, do what you need to do to mend it, and then enjoy the sense of positive energy that comes from treating yourself and life with love and respect.

AffirmatIion: In this moment I create my future.

Healing Begins

Etheric check In your body and etheric field speed is 9/10 – well done

Assemblage Point In correct alignment


5th dimension. This is where you are learning to work on mastering the mind/mental body and mastering your thoughts that create your world. It is also about becoming the balanced masculine and feminine, the true yin yang nature or heart-mind.

Alpha Not open

Omega Not open

Base Chakra 9/10

Sacral Chakra 9/10

Solar plexus 9/10

Heart Chakra 9/10

Thymus 9/10

Throat 9/10

Brow 9/10

Crown 9/10

Your chakras are doing really well, you are actually sitting in a really good place to be able to deal with all this…. You are ready to make some shifts in consciousness.

Feeders - feet Open and balanced

Feeders - knees Open and balanced

Feeders - hips Open and balanced

Feeders - hands Open and balanced

Feeders - elbows Open and balanced

Feeders - shoulders Open and balanced

Feeders - jaw Open and balanced

Feeders – brow Open and balanced

Emotional body No discordant energy

Lower mental No discordant energy

Higher mental No discordant energy

Spiritual body No discordant energy

Again, this actually shows that you are sitting in the perfect space for all that is happening to you. You are in alignment with your path and totally on track but you simply need your Alpha and Omega to help you come into alignment with your Soul’s desire so you can make decisions from the highest degree. That will happen in the healing.

Self-love chakras

This shows you where you are giving love to yourself and where you may need to spend some attention……

Heart-base 8/10

Heart-sacral 9/10

Heart-solar plexus 9/10

Heart-heart Not giving to yourself …. Giving it all away

Heart-throat 4/10

Not loving your truth… not giving to your true self from yourself. Sacrificing Self

Heart-brow 5/10

Not aligned with heart mind meaning you are rejecting your higher self.

Heart-crown 6/10

Not listening to your Divine Masculine/God Self or not having the true and authentic relationship with your God Self.

You can see that on the physical side of your life you are looking after it, but you are not giving to the spiritual side. This needs to be in balance because you have a battle going on between the lower self/ego and the higher self/spirit.

Further Comments

Your Consciousness shifted into the Eighth Dimension.  This is the dimension of the Akashic Records and where you have access to your full potential.  While you are visiting this dimension you can utilise the higher consciousness to help resolve areas in your life that need attention. Try to spend time in meditation and journal your messages.

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