LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 

One on One with Spiritual Guide and Teacher ChristinA Ritchie

An enlightening experience that takes place in Luxor, Egypt.  

You are offered a rare opportunity to open parts of yourself that you did not even know existed.  ChristinA will open you to the incredible frequencies of LUXOR Light Ascension that were gifted through her in 2004. This is an amazing journey and an ascension program that assists you to heal through all the levels, all the bodies and all the lifetimes.  With this program comes Initiation into a Divine Frequency that has come to be known as LUXOR Light, not to be confused with the Temple itself.  Through the gift of initiation into LUXOR Light you find a deep sense and Power of Presence and a deep state of Peace overcomes you.

ChristinA was passed this gift from the Divine Lord Serapis Bey in March of 2004 and it became clear to her that she was about to awaken to her Spiritual Mission on Earth.  For the next 12 months she was given divine inspiration on how to share these frequencies with others and how to assist other initiates to become carriers of this ascension flame, how to hold it and how to use it for the better good as a Divine Healing Frequency. Since then on ChristinA has been offering this opportunity for initiation into this Divine 

Energy in both Australia and Egypt.

You will enter into a passage of Initiation as you receive the Divine frequencies and you will be shown how to strengthen your connection with the Divine in order to heal your life, awaken to your spiritual mission and reconnect with your Divine Counterpart / Twin Flame.  

You will begin to awaken to the ascension gifts such as Languages of Light and channeling powerful healing frequencies that awaken the Kundalini and open to becoming a clear channel for Sacred Sounds of Light. Your body will channel light through every cell and you will find a very powerful frequency courses through your body opening you to visions and other gifts akin to meeting with the Divine Counterpart / Twin Flame, this in turn accelerates your connection with that Higher aspect of Self.  

ChristinA will guide you along the process of ascension giving you time to ask questions and receive guidance that would normally not be possible while not in the presence of the guidance of a spiritual teacher.

Working one on one with ChristinA means 

ChristinA, Spiritual Life Coach/ Counselor, Author, and Healer will guide you though this process, not just during the Retreat but onwards. You will embark on a journey that will support you in quieting your mind enabling you to touch the deepest part of self, so you can release your past and step into your inner power.