LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 

LUXOR Light Retreat Centre

"A Place to find your Self"

Body Mind and Spirit Getaway

Set in the quiet village of Gabawy, over looking the Valley of the Kings on the West Bank of Luxor, The LUXOR Light Retreat and Centre for Ascension is the perfect setting for finding the stillness within.  A place to restore your vitality and purpose in life.

Built with the traditional domed roof of the Nubians, it features a roof-top terrace, 3 spacious gardens and a restaurant area, large balconies, healing room, and meditation spaces, Free Wifi. 

The roof-top terrace is the perfect setting for early morning or evening yoga or meditation overlooking the Valley of the Kings.  Please view below our daily ritual and you can also view the timetable for LUXOR Light Ascension Retreat Programs Here.

Our Space

Our private chef prepares delicious vegetarian meals and we dine either overlooking the Valley of the Kings or in our delightful garden with water fountain.  Bedrooms have views or private balconies and private bathrooms.  On most occasions the shared bathroom becomes a private bathroom.

The LUXOR Light Retreat and Centre for Ascension
  • LUXOR Light Ascension Programs
  • Healing Workshops
  • Meditation Workshops
  • Colour Therapy
  • Numbers Intuitive
  • Kundalini Meditation
  • Empowerment Initiations
  • Spiritual Guidance with ChristinA

All Your Egyptian Spiritual Travel Needs

We can cater for all your Spiritual Egyptian Travel needs too, with private guide or your own tour package, or use our driver and visit the sites in your own way.  Then you can come home to retreat in the quiet of our Centre to integrate all that you have encountered on your journey through the temples, have healing or sit in meditation alone or with ChristinA and receive the Keys and Codes of Ascension.

Our Centre is designed for full integration of your Spiritual re-connections.  A place to Re-member.

Sale the Nile 

Sale the Nile on a traditional Egyptian yacht called the Dahabieh.  From Luxor to Aswan you can choose from 3 days to 10 days to suit the needs of your group.  Every day you visit a different Ancient Egyptian Temple located along the Nile.  This can be an extension to your Retreat, the perfect way to finish your stay in Egypt.  Visit the LUXOR Light Spiritual Travel website to see what is coming up.  Programs on the Nile run every March, May and November, or you can arrange a private program for your group by arrangement.

Rates ~ Prices are shown in $US  

Isa's Retreat and Miriam's Place
Downstairs Large Double Rooms with Private Ensuite 

Labrynth Views and Garden Retreat
Dble or Twin Room with Private Bathroom, balcony overlooking garden

Quan Yin's Retreat
Double or Twin Room with balcony overlooking garden and labrynth. Large shared bathroom with bath. 

Goddess of the Mountain Retreat
Double of Twin Room over-looking the mountain Shared Bathroom 

Kuthumis Place and The Inner Flame Room
Double or Twin Room with Shared Bathroom 

$30 ($42AUD) per night all inclusive with breakfast (includes drinks with meal) use of washing machine and washing powder, teas and coffee throughout the day served by staff and free Wifi, and one large bottle of water (extra water $5 per box of 12 bottles). 

Breakfast 9:00 am, lunch/dinner 3:00 pm every day.  (Coffee shops walking distance and restaurants short drive)

Meditation or Healing Sessions with ChristinA by arrangement
*at most times all rooms will have private bathroom even if it says shared, just ask.

We have a morning ritual of silence before breakfast.  Our staff respect your space and will allow you to go about your ritual.  During this time you can walk the labyrinths and take private time to connect with the Self to allow your day to flow.  We have a guideline for you to follow as you do the walking meditation around the water fountain each morning with the purification mantra to cleanse and clear your emotional body.  On to walk the Spiral of Expansion to clear the mind and open you to the higher mind;  you will be given a separate mantra to assist with this.  Then the final part of the walking meditation is to walk the LUXOR Light symbol chanting the morning mantra to awaken you to the highest aspect of Self and connect with the I Am to guide you effortlessly through your day.  You are welcome to use the Tibetan singing bowls as you walk the labyrinths during the day and the crystal bowls inside the Retreat Centre.

We have many places around the Retreat Centre where you can find the perfect setting for meditation and quiet time.

Breakfast is at 9:00 am, late lunch is at 3pm.  It is asked that you order your meals the night before so the kitchen staff can cater for you.  Extra meals are $8.50US ($12AUD) and are vegetarian.  If you require meat meals they will be $10US ($14AUD)

We hope you enjoy your stay with us.

Healing sessions with ChristinA private sittings and can be arranged and private meditations are also available.  Please connect with ChristinA for a schedule or private retreat program designed especially for you.


~ No smoking, alcohol or drugs permitted on the grounds of the Centre. 

We choose to keep the energy of the Retreat Centre for the benefit of the well-being of your Body, Mind and Spirit. 

  When taking part in LUXOR Light Ascension Retreat and Nile Programs, no other healing modalities can be shared or swapped.  This is to keep the energy pure and in integrity of the LUXOR Light Ascension Purpose and for the benefit of all participants. 

 We are creating a tranquil and healing space with a specific purpose.   


except those employed by LUXOR Light Ascension.

No entrance into the building itself, except for those taking part in our programs, Staff, or those personally invited 

by the LUXOR Light Retreat Centre Administration ~ 


ChristinA Ritchie

LUXOR Light Retreat Centre

ChristinA is the Founder and Master Teacher of the LUXOR Light Ascension Programs, having been gifted the Divine Shakti energies in 2004 through her Greater Awakening.  ChristinA has been taking groups to Egypt since 2006 and has held the dream of a Healing and Meditation Retreat Centre in Luxor since 2008.  That dream is now realised and you are invited to be a part of creating this magical space.  


El Gabawy, Qurna, 
West Bank,Luxor,



9:00am - 9:30pm


El Gabawy, Qurna, West Bank, Egypt