LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 


Time passes and wounds heal and those who are meant to be in our lives come back if it is meant to be. The cycles of come and go, often come again in a more healed aspect.  We cannot lose that which is truly to be on our Soul's journey.  Let go and Let God become of it.................
Give because you can and not because of what you can get in return ~ ChristinA Ritchie
Let go of the past and stay in the Merit of the Moment ~ ChristinA Ritchie

To embrace the change we must first be willing to embrace the chaos that rises up within us, to welcome it and to use all our might to find our centre and hold our stillness within it. Only in the eye of the storm can one remain calm and untouched by all that surrounds it. And so, to embrace the Great Change we must see that this too will create great chaos; not only do we individually have to embrace and face the chaos that rises within ourselves, but be a calm centre for the outward chaos that rises outside ourselves as the world moves through the chaos and into her change. To stay unchanged is to stay asleep. To awaken to the Greater aspects of Self and of Oneness on our Planet we should hold compassion for the communities that are facing that change in a greater way than our own. Compassion is the way of Truth, Forgiveness and Understanding. Have compassion for all you meet, we don't know who the master is among us that causes the chaos that creates the change. ~ Christina Ritchie

Learn Love First, Greatness will Surely Follow

It is through Love that all will be achieved

It is through Love that we shall become One

To Love is to Live

To Live is to Love

Learn Love first and others will follow ~ ChristinA Ritchie

Dare those Mighty Deeds you've never dared before

Brave the fear that held you back from opening up the door

Claim the Power, Claim the Love, It's what you came here for ~ ChristinA Ritchie

Sometimes you just have to commit and be willing to accept whatever comes. Turning around and changing direction is not always the answer, sometimes we simply need to follow through no matter what lies ahead; keep the path straight and if the rainbow appears ahead, you have stuck gold, if not, maybe the rainbow is on the inner plane.... follow the path of joy and accept that we do not always "need to know the why's" ~ ChristinA Ritchie

Any rich man can give money to feed physical and material needs, but only the few know how to feed the Soul. Use discrimination in where you can better serve; provide physical and material needs or feed the soul for growth. ~ ChristinA Ritchie

I am not this mind, but I can use this mind ~ ChristinA Ritchie

If we have made any progress in elevating our consciousness, then we shall shower love upon those who show us a lack of it. ~ ChristinA Ritchie

See the divine in everyone and everything around you, the rest does not matter ~ ChristinA Ritchie

May the purity of Light flow through your veins amplifying the consciousness of every cell in your physical body so no dis-ease can survive in your pure light filled temple. May you feel only the Grace of peace and harmony flowing through and into your cells and may you be left with only the "awareness" of the experience ~ ChristinA Ritchie

If you are irritable think patience, if you are sad think happy ~ ChristinA Ritchie

When separation visits,

When know one can possibly know or even appear to care,
When words are not worthy, remind yourself,
"It's between me and God" ~ ChristinA Ritchie