LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 

Are you looking for a Professional Highly Trained Soul Healing Facilitator
to Help you with your Soul's Purpose?  
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Finding the Right Healing Facilitator can be a tricky thing.  You want more than just an energy session.  You want a facilitator who can assist you to move through life's challenges and guide you lovingly along your Soul's pathway.  This is what you get with a LUXOR Light Meditation or Healing Facilitator.  Through thoroughly observing their own journey, they learn through experience and are then better able to assist you with your process.

With the Distant Healing's, it is rather like having a reading, where the facilitator works with their own intuitive guidance, which in turn assists you to tap into your own intuition and inner wisdom to assist you as you walk your path in life.

The facilitator can't wash all your woes away though, that is your journey.  You have to be willing and ready to take responsibility for healing your life, so you can step into your soul's purpose.

The Facilitators I am featuring are all fully qualified LUXOR Light Healing facilitators and are ready to assist you toward bringing your life into balance and being able to find direction and purpose,or to help you move forward through a stuck period.  

All LUXOR Light Healing Facilitators are adept at distant energy work.  You will receive full detailed report explaining what is happening in your energy field and any insights they receive along the way.  

Endorsed LUXOR Light Healing Facilitators

Naeleen Jennings

Naeleen has over 12 years’ experience with the LUXOR Light Ascension system of Healing and Meditation and now blends her work with her other talents that include colour therapy and numerology to name a couple.  Naeleen's loving and bubbly personality aims to create a truly divine experience for her clients. A healing with Naeleen will align you with your soul purpose and you will receive a detailed interpretation of what she sees in your energy field. 

Naeleen is also a visionary artist. 

Janette Cochrane

Janette has intuitive abilities that during a healing session will not only assist you to find balance within but also give you a clear guidance as to where you need to place your focus.  She will delve deep into the hidden recesses of forgotten parts of you, to help you bring them up into your conscious awareness, so you can remember, heal and let go. Jannette combines her intuitive skills with the natural healer within.  Her deep resonance with Mother Nature shines through her own natural mother nature. 

Kim Wrightson

Kim is a natural visionary and includes the use of colour therapy, numerology and flower essences in her work.  She specialises in Distant Energy work allowing her to share her wisdom through  her visionary skills.  Kim will help you to see what your  higher self wants you to know, clear any old or unhealthy energy that’s in your energy field, and fully support you on your soul’s journey. You’ll leave your healing feeling more peaceful, more supported and ready to move forth in your life toward your soul's pathway.

Waiting for you

LUXOR Light Ascension practitioners are here to assist you, as your personal coach, lovingly guiding you along your spiritual pathway.  

If you are ready to embark upon a higher learning of your own energy field or whether you simply wish to have someone give you the support you need to understand your own individual healing journey.  LUXOR Light Ascension Practitioners listed here are recommended as not just your healing practitioner, but as your soul coach as well.  Please read through their personal pages and find who resonates with you.

Leanne Burong-Black

Leanne has a deep affinity with the earth and mother nature.  She thrives outdoors in the sunshine and this shines through in her personality. Leanne is a LUXOR Light Meditation Facilitator in her home town of Dongara in Western Australia where she guides weekly meditation classes. Her deep earthy nature pours through in her healing sessions and she always takes that extra bit of care.  Leanne has a gift in assisting at the very physical level as well as enabling you to gain insight and awareness on your own spiritual journey.  Leanne has very big heart energy which connected with earth energy helps you to ground your own spiritual healing and missions.

Kathy Couper

Kathy combines her energy healing with dream interpretation, Tarot and numerology.  Kathy's bubbly personality shines through in her healing work and she loves to share her knowledge with others.  She has a natural ability to "see" the unseen through her healing sessions and will assist you into finding balance throughout your chakras while also helping you to to seek to understand yourself.  Kathy will encourage you to seek within to find your own inner wisdom and is always finding new ways to assist her clients through different mediums allowing you to awaken to your Higher Self. She looks deep within your soul to help you find the answers.

Linda Boyd

Linda is a natural teacher, it shines through from her soul.  This life she chose to be a school teacher to fill the gaps until she could walk her path as the true spiritual way shower she is.  Linda has awakened to the gift of the language of light and incorporates this in her healing work, along with Ametron Truth Sacred Sound Healing and Pineal Toning Technique.  Linda's gift is to assist others in "remembering" who they are and what they are here for and she likes to focus on Inner Child work too.

Christine Densley

Christine has a deep connection to the Indigenous peoples and land of Australia.  She's at home in the outback or some far distant place that enables her an even deeper connection to the land.  Her big heart and bubbly personality abounds with love and wisdom.  Christine uses her Indigenous Spirit Name Boodawung to bring her deep connection of the Indigenous peoples through.  At Boodawung Healing Christine offers one on one personal energy sessions, distant healing, crystal therapy and meditation classes.  

Jason Wright

Jason lives in the UK and Facilitates LUXOR Light Mediation and Healing Sessions from his home in Leicester.  Jason's very gentle nature, lovingly guides you toward your soul's pathway, assisting you to step more confidently toward your own healing journey.  Jason's love of Sekhmet shines through in his healing work as he resonates deeply with her essence. Jason is a powerful facilitator of the divine frequencies of LUXOR Light that enable you to awaken the kundalini and clear away the dross of past and present lives, allowing you to step forward toward your Soul's mission. 

ChristinA Ritchie

Founder and Master Healing Facilitator and Teacher

ChristinA lovingly guides you toward your Soul's Pathway through awakening within you the Higher Channels that enable you to raise your kundalini and set you onto the Path of your own Higher Self and Divine Mission on Earth.  She is a Channel for Sacred Sound and the Language of Light known as Hibiru, 
Healing and Meditation Specialist

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