LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 

Soul Empowering Hands on Healing $111

Jason levitating during healing with ChristinA Ritchie

Incorporating Frequencies of LUXOR Light and the KEYS Enoch Sound Healing energies that work through her voice

Through the evolution of working the LUXOR Light frequencies, ChristinA’s healing sessions work to heal through the level of the DNA to the Core Soul level. While utilizing the Ancient Language of Light sound frequencies that pass through ChristinA’s voice you are able to heal to the level of the infinite awakening the higher aspects of the Self to awaken to Soul purpose and to move into the Higher Universal Mind.

These sessions are powerful beyond measure and are a must to be experienced,  Through working through the multi-dimensional self ChristinA can powerfully clear the blockages that are holding you back and work to open the Keys that you have long locked away and that is not all; if you are ready those Keys will also be activated to power you forward!

The photo was taken during a LUXOR Light Practitioner Weekend in Egypt in 2009. The photo caught just as Jason began to be lifted up almost to the point of levitating.

Soul Reading and Distant Healing $111

distant healing with LUXOR Light

ChristinA has the ability to read your energy field and can give you a detailed analysis of what is happening in your energy bodies; of the healing undertaken; where you are at dimensionally; and personal vibrational reading of your upcoming year, giving guidance where appropriate.

I recommend these sessions to those who are consciously on the ascension path to enable them to understand their process and how they are progressing energetically and for those who need a powerful boost to their healing process.

With the absence of the Personality we work purely with the Soul and therefore these are Distant Healing Programs and it matters not where you live in the World to receive the power of this level of work.

ChristinA works to clear the blockages that are holding you back throughout the layers of the multi-dimensional self, bringing you to the highest dimensional level that you are ready to awaken to through each consecutive healing sessions.

Soul Energy Report (up to 2 hours)

Sacred Site Visionary Distant Healing and Soul Reading  $155

The ankh ancient egyptian symbol

On location at Sacred Sites ChristinA through the channel Ametron, brings you a powerful visionary process into being through the multi-dimensional healing process clearing blockages from past lives and reconnects you with the Sacred lineages of your Ancient past.  

You receive a full healing report including 

  • a visionary report 
  • full recorded Sacred Sound, Enochian Keys and activatory codes 
  • Ascension Encoding
  • Decoding to clear blockages that are holding you back on your path
  • messages from the Masters in the language of Light 
  • The recording enables you to continue the healing process layer upon layer

Egypt, Israel (Jerusalem), Cyprus, Crete, Greece, Jordan, Turkey:  contact ChristinA for her next Sacred Site Mission to book your Saced Site Healing

Energy Body Training Sessions

Anubis giving a healing relief

Building a Strong Energy Body

The purpose of the Energy Body Taining sessions is to build a healthy and strong etheric field. The etheric field is sometimes called the health body and follows the contour of the physical body. It is the first layer of our auric field and houses the chakra system. My youngest son at the age of 5 asked me one day "why does everyone have a colouring in line around their body?". This is exactly what it looks like and acts like a shield to protect us from external interfernce that can cause a break down to the physical body and even attack from negative entities.   To ascend one must have a strong and healthy Ka Body (etheric). Without a super strong Ka Body Jesus would never have been able to go through the resurrection. As we ascend into the fifth dimension, we too are asked to focus on the strength of our Ka Bodies so we are able to accept and maintain the higher frequencies of the higher realms. This was something that was taught in the Temples of Hathor in Ancient Egypt as it was understood that one could not transcend into the eternal life without a well prepared energy field.

Ka Body Healing

Healing in the temple of Hathor

The Energy Body Healing sessions are focused to help those whosuffer chronic fatigue/fibro mialgre or general malaise etc

  • those who find it difficult to be "grounded" and fully present within their body
  • are recoving from illness or surgery
  • who are recovering from long term drug usage medical or otherwise
  • who are working to beat cancer
  • and my specialty for children who have behavioural difficulties (those who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD)
  • Indigo, Crystal and Blue Ray Children

In the desert monastery, Luxor

Super Ka Training Program - Seven Sessions over Seven Weeks

  • Week 1 includes a Full Soul Energy Report including Complete healing
  • Week 2 and 3 Energy body analysis and healing
  • Week 4 normal energy body healing session
  • Week 5 and 6 Energy body analysis and complete healing
  • Week 7 Full Soul Energy Report including healing and vibrational analysis

You will receive a full weekly report to show you what is happening in your energy body with tips on how to strengthen and maintain a healthy field.

$555 seven sessions saving $376

Temple of Hathor, Egypt

Ka Body Training Progam - Seven Healing Sessions over Seven Weeks

  • Week 1 includes a Full Soul Energy Report including complete healing
  • Week 2 and 3 booster sessions inclucing full analysis
  • Week 4 full healing and report
  • Week 5and 6 booster sessions including full analysis report
  • Week 7 full Soul Energy Report including healing and vibrational analysis

  • Every session includes clearing blockages that are holding you back.

You will receive a weekly report to show you what is happening in your energy body with tips on how to strengthen and maintain a healthy field. $444 seven sessions saving $326

Booster Healing Sessions - Seven Sessions over Seven Weeks

Akhenaton and family

An Affordable way of maintaining a strong healthy Energy System

  • Etheric Strengthening, 
  • Chakra Balance and Ascension progress report included each week
  • Clearing Blockages that are holding you back

 $333 seven sessions over seven weeks

         approx $47 per healing session

For All Distant Sessions Please Send  

Your Full Name as written on your Birth Certificate

 and Your Birthdate 

to ChristinA at