LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 

What to expect from a hands on healing session with ChristinA

I will explain as simply as I can.................

The healing will open you up to receiving greater light levels. Each healing is different for everyone but basically your higher chakras will be opened so you can bring forth your highest potentiality at any given time.   For many that are awakening at this time it can be a little like an angel being stuck in a human body and not being able to work out what it's all about or what to even do in this dense world.  Those who are opening now or who have already opened to the shift into higher consciousness will no doubt be able to relate to this because you have probably lived a little like that all your life, knowing there is more but not knowing how to reach into it.

I measure your consciousness within your chakra system and work with you in order to bring you into alignment with your true self and the level of "consciousness" that you are able to hold and awaken to at this point in time. Our growth into higher consciousness is a forever thing; in this world and even beyond.

I bring forth Sacred Sounds that align you to the trinity energy which in Christian terms is Father/Son/Holy Spirit. But basically it is simply the threefold nature of our higher aspects of self. All religions talk about it in different ways but it is the fifth element after earth, air, fire, water... the sound is the fifth element of ether. Ether is etheral, pure, light.... you can study it and you will find all sorts of stuff and it might get confusing so to try and keep things simple, basically it aligns us with the purest aspect of ourselves so we can begin to integrate it into this dense world.

The language of light that is a natural gift that I have always held, but opened to in full in 2006, brings forth messages from the masters or teachers that have gone before us. The ones that everyone knows are Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mother Mary and so on, but there are many many many and they are called, "ascended masters". These messages speak to your soul, so you know at a "soul level" what direction you are being directed to. You will follow naturally if you allow yourself to go with your highest intuitive impulses. It is called "Language of Light" because it comes through and holds immense amounts of Light which begins a healing process that works through all levels of consciousness including DNA.

There are many languages of Light that are from different planets or star systems and many people open to their own Star language that they originate from. I used to speak more than 13 star languages but now I speak only the highest levels which are known as Hibiru - the first language that came to this earth and is known as the language of the masters and the angels. All souls know this language. I also speak Syrian Star language which is the lineage I come through. This is the teeth chattering, the clucking and so forth and the dolphin like whistling. The teeth chattering holds Keys of Light that are known as the "sound activator keys of Enoch". These sound keys that I hold within my being are passed through me via a type of morse code that awaken us to the lost knowledge from prior to the Fall of Atlantis.  They heal at the level of the DNA and allow a rapid and yet natural process of awakening to unfold. 

The loud clucking sounds are unlocking codes that unlock and shift blockages in your consciousness and decode any harmful encoding that you may be carrying from a once upon a time manipulative incarnation many lifetimes ago.

The quieter tongue tapping sounds are codes that are new codes of higher consciousness that are aligning you with the higher aspects of your self and that also contain very high vibration healing energies.

All the Sounds of Light and the Language of Light hold very high frequencies of Light that heal on a level beyond that of our human nature can know. They are nudges that open us up. Often you will receive a degree of codes, keys and light that is apparent for you at the time and sometimes you will receive some that you may not be ready for yet but you will be soon if you follow your guidance. What happens is that which you are not yet ready for will sit in your auric field or your higher chakras outside the body system and when you are ready they will filter down and through to your conscious state and you will notice the changes in your life taking place.

It is possible to be measured into the Infinite Realms and what this means is that you have a clear enough state of consciousness to be able to reach beyond your Soul and into your Monadic Consciousness.  The Monad is the place where your full consciousness resides; it can be called your Higher Self, Higher Mind, I Am Presence.  It is the place of your absolute and complete soul family resides, it is the home of your mastery.  But whatever level of consciousness you reach up and into during your healing session it is a place that you go to in order to receive whatever healing or wisdom is appropriate for you at that particular point in time.

After the healing settles, you settle back to your comfortable zone and whatever dimensional level it is that you are learning through; I see these dimensional states as "classrooms". 

  • Often people feel they cannot move and feel pinned down to the healing table after a healing session.  This is quite normal and the feeling subsides once the healing energy has stopped running within a few minutes. 
  • Some people like Jason in the photo above will begin to levitate parts of their body during the healing session (this photo was taken during a healing workshop in Luxor, Egypt in 2009).  
  • Some people begin to quickly open to their higher purpose and notice rapid changes in their lives.
  • Everyone feels a deep sense of relaxation, often deeper than they have ever felt before.
  • It is common for clients to experience visions or see vivid colours during the healing session.
  • Sometimes people will even say they understood what the Language meant even if they couldn't explain it.
  • It is very normal for rapid physical and emotional healing and increased reduction in stress levels. 
  • It is also often that clients have mentioned never having experienced such a profound healing experience.

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ChristinA is available for healing in Dongara, Western Australia and 

ChristinA also regularly visits Perth, Western Australia.

Or you can have distant Healing sessions with ChristinA from anywhere in the world.