LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 

It was ChristinA's 44th birthday and she was blanketed into a deep trance like state where she lost all consciousness followed by a deep sleep that lasted more than 14 hours.  She awoke the following morning on the 4th March 2004 still without full function of the body and as the energy began to lift she was thrown in a full body spasming fitlike state.  This continued for another 5 hours.  Her aura glowed violet and green and any hint of crystal energy around her sent her catapulting back into the same energetic reaction.

It was ChristinA's "Awakening" and the birthing of a Dynamic and Powerful Healing Frequency returning to Earth through the Earthly Channel to become known as LUXOR Light!

The Awakened Kundalini moves through the body in spontaneous movements as the energy rises in a purification process and because this experience was foreign and she could not get answers from those she sought them from she used the experience to learn about her energy bodies and how to measure frequencies that were clearly accelerating through the process.  In the process of dedicated "Self" study and sharing her energy with a small group of willing participants ChristinA was guided how the energy she was activating was then able to be transferred to others so they too could carry this frequency and use the methods she was shown by spirit guidance in order to cleanse and purify their bodies and accelerate healing.

Through surrendering use of her mind and body to the higher-self the energy of the personality is removed and ChristinA began to carry this energy that enables beautiful transformative healing through her Self to others and also discovered the way to transfer this ability to others in what has become the Ascension program known as LUXOR Light.

LUXOR Light initiates a very powerful advanced stage of kundalini transformation that takes charge of the whole body bringing accelerated cleansing to the chakra channel. In ChristinA's case she clears for others through her own Being, able to shift blockages through even large groups of people through her own ability to process the dymanic through her own kundalini channel. (She is able to pass this ability on to those who become Teachers in a initiation that is done through some invisible law between the Ascended Masters, ChristinA and the candidate)

The loss of consciousness was not something new to ChristinA as deep sleep-like states had been a regular thing developing gradually over the years and began to come more often to her when she embarked upon her journey working with the frequencies of Light and Colour.  It was normal for her and not something she assumed was anything "out of the norm".  

ChristinA has been known to go into deep states losing consciousness for up to 12 hours or more at a time, during which she reports moving from being fully aware of everything around her to seemingly being in another area of the world or reality at the same time to having no recollection of time or space at all until the slow process of return to earthly function and the body struggling to operate for some hours or even days afterwards.  Her natural explanation was that she was always "tired" and drawn into a deep sleep but sleep did not fit the description of her experience until she learned what it was she was doing.  Someone once threw water over her in panic thinking she was dead because she had been gone for most part of the day and seemed not to be breathing.  They shook her, screamed at her, pinched her, massaged her feet and all the while she could hear them but she could not respond to them and her physical body did not respond to them.  Eventually she knew she had to command herself back because she was fully aware of their panic.  Now with the understanding of what state she enters she is able to utilise this process for greater healing for others.


The energy or frequency known as LUXOR Light awakens the participant to the process of highly charged kundalini healing at greater levels and if one stays committed to the path will find they are continually brought to higher levels of awakening. To the degree that one ascends is all a matter of the commitment the participant shows in their willingness to work to their highest potential at any given time.  

ChristinA's path follows a dedication of commitment to her Truth and working from cellular memory of that which she has known in previous existences.  Her day of Awakening on 4 March 2004, the day after her 44th birthday began a process of commitment to raising the consciousness of others and walking the path of Truth committed to sharing the energies of LUXOR Light to those who wish to awaken to their Mastery.