LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 

LUXOR Light Online Ascension Meditation Course

A Unique Meditation System for Awakening

Raise Your Frequency!

ChristinA shares her passion and lovingly leads you through this three part transformational meditation program.  LUXOR Light Online Ascension Meditation course will assist you to develop your higher dimensional chakras, raise your frequencies and accelerate your Souls Mission and Spiritual Purpose.  You will laugh, you will cry, you will "remember" your "Self" and most of all you will Awaken not once, not twice, but you will continue to Awaken to greater levels of consciousness through embodying higher frequencies of Light.  This is for the Beginner and this is for the Advanced!  We are always ascending in frequency!

Awaken the Ancient Egyptian Language of Light

A proven method of Raising Kundalini and 

Accelerating Consciousness!

Founder LUXOR Light System of Ascension

ChristinA is an Earthly expression of the Light of Ascended Master Serapis and an open channel for the wisdom and power of the Masters of this Ray Path.  ChristinA  passes on the Divine wisdom through her voice and the power through her presence via a system that enables you to dive deep into the heart and awaken your Christed Self..  

This "Self" healing technique brings greater awareness, higher consciousness and enables you to bathe in the I Am Presence assisting you to awaken the Base of the Spine Chakra to receive the White Fame of Purity.  It enables you to come to harmony with your Soul Aspects and prepare you for the Merge with your TwinSoul

You can receive this Divine Blessing Online as the energy is transferred through ChristinA's voice,  or with ChristinA live in person from the LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension in Luxor, Egypt.

The Dawning


Activating the 5th Dimension  

A powerful and yet simple process of healing through meditation initiating and accessing your Higher-Self, opening you to your Higher Purpose

A Self-Healing program for the Multi-Dimensional Self.
Completing the Merge with your Soul and activating your Fifth dimensional chakras to awaken, align and balance your masculine and feminine chakra system.  This is a process of ascension in readiness for merger with the Higher Self.

Through the raising of kundalini in a safe and gentle manner you will fast track healing of not only past lives but also through all other realities that may exist simultaneously with this one. 



Becoming the Buddha with LUXOR Light Ascension

Dimension 6 - 16th Dimension

LUXOR Light Ascension Level Two workshop welcomes the higher dimensions that assist one to initiate the process toward the state of Harmlessness  in alignment with the Buddhic State 

Expansion, Akashic record level, Working with the Galactic Bodies, Twin Soul connection and beginning the merge. 

Connecting with the Ascension University on Sirius, Reflection on past aspects of self, Horus and the Inner Child, Isis and the Mother Self, dealing with grief and fear.

Activating the Higher Dimensional Chakras from 6th to 16th Dimension.

The frequencies are more refined and you begin to feel the bliss of your ascended self. 


Perfect Alchemy

The Perfected Hue man with LUXOR Light Ascension

Dimension 17 - 24 and Beyond!

What is The Holy Grail and Focusing heart energy. Awakening to Divine Truth, Expanded Communication and awakening the Ancient Lemurian, Atlantian, Egyptian and Galactic aspects of Self.

Oneness and touching the state of  Perfect Alchemy, and the balanced Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Understanding the Path to Your Mastery

A Path to the Infinite Realms of the God-force, this completes the program but not the process.  This program gives one the tools to work toward a serious path of ascension as an initiate striving for greater service to Humanity.  Initiates healing and activates healing of the DNA. 



Pay for all Three Levels Upfront and Save
Not $999
Now $888AUD 
($610 US)


Through the duration of working with the LUXOR Light Ascension Program, you will find you gain Clarity and Direction as you gently raise your kundalini and build your “Human Pyramid” to the realms of everlasting higher consciousness.