Ascension Coaching and Healing Online

This Course includes a private Facebook community of like-minded, heart-centred individuals who truly care about your growth and healing

You can interact with other members and share ideas, breakthroughs and successes, ask questions, and get community support.  Becoming a part of this group is optional, but it is invaluable and is Free Time Membership.

Stage One - The Dawning
Stage Two - Harmlessness
Stage Three - Attaining Perfect Alchemy

Stage One - Working on Healing to the Fifth Dimension and balancing Masculine and Feminine Aspects within.  
Total of 7 Ascension Healing and Activation Meditations plus the Teachings.

Stage Two - Advanced Activations leading you toward awakening the Buddha Self (Awakened One) including full personal support.  

Total of 9 Higher Frequency Activation Meditations

Stage Three -  Brings in even Higher and Finer Frequencies Awakening Christ Consciousness and leading you toward the Perfected Hu-man or Perfect Alchemy.

This is a 22 Initiation Ascension Healing Program for aligning with the 24th dimensional consciousness and beyond is more than what mere words can describe, it is an experience!  

This Ascension Coaching and healing Online program enables you to awaken the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine and merge with your Twin Soul on the Inner Planes in readiness for living in accordance with the Higher Consciousness of the New World of Truth and Oneness.  It enables you to awaken sleeping aspects of your Self through a remembrance of  ancient system of Inner Knowing long forgotten that allows you to embrace your Truth and walk your Path of Mastery!

ChristinA will guide you every step of the way, but you are the one who chooses how far you go and how much time you dedicate to the work of healing Self and aligning with your Higher Self.  

Remember when you choose to join this Spiritual Ascension online course, you receive a Lifetime membership to the Private Facebook  group fully supported by your Spiritual Mentor, ChristinA!

The Complete and Original
LUXOR Light Ascension


Individual Levels available here from $222AUD

Choose a Pre-recorded Live Video version + the Original Audio Version for just $299 for both options per level. 
Contact me to discuss your options

One on One Live Ascension
with ChristinA

LUXOR Light Ascension Program Live Online with ChristinA!  

This is an intensive fully guided meditation and Activation Program through the Higher Dimensions and into Higher Consciousness.

44+ hours - 22 sessions

Doing the program Live with ChristinA gives you the opportunity for private one on one coaching every step of the way.  The program is fully recorded so you can revise in your own time.

Connect with ChristinA NOW to find out how.

One on One Private Online Ascension Coaching

$1399AUD per Level

(allow 1.5 - 3 hours per session)

Level One - 7 Sessions

Level Two - 7 Sessions

Level Three - 8 Sessions

Includes the fully recorded Video of every session, the original Audio Version as stated above, entrance into the Private Mentoring Group with Life Time Membership. 

22 Private One-on-One Sessions

Limited Places Available for Private One-on-One

The Live One-on-One Program is only available to 3 individuals at a time.  After that you go on a wait list.  Please register with me and I will let you know if I have space or if you need to go on a wait list.  Don't wait, you may miss your opportunity, so please connect with me to discuss your options.

The LUXOR Light Frequency signature enables you to raise your vibration and shift rapidly into the Higher Realms of Consciousness.  

This is a very powerful program with full support and mentoring.

Please contact me for more information or to register and begin your LUXOR Light Ascension Program today! 

Conditions of Use

When you register for this program you are agreeing that you take full responsibility for your own actions and results whether you find them to be positive or negative. No responsibility will be taken by the Author or by the LUXOR Light Teachers or employees or by the hosts of this website if you find you do not like the results in anyway. In Trust I offer this program to you and my belief in the Karmic Law of the Universe is the Law I operate with. I trust you will honour the same.