LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 

Alchemy of Egyptian Magic

$22.00 $33.00

This is a very Powerful range of Alchemy Waters birthed on location in Egypt and using Purified Egyptian Nile Water


Awakening to Tantra. Removing fears that hold you back from your Divine Mission. Giving expression to your true self. Becoming the loving Being that stands tall and brings Peace to our Planet. Strengthening your Healing abilities. When you need to take appropriate action because Sekhmet “is always right”. Mother. Protector.

 9 Drops x 3 weeks

 Ramahyata eh Kavvanah

(Thoth Hill) To become of a Higher Consciousness one is fully aware of standing within the presence of God. These waters assist you into this state of consciousness place you into a state of protection.

 8 Drops per day


Dara Ma Tiye

Birthed 1.4.2009

Assisting on to nurture the uniqueness of the Self. Encouraging difference and coming into your own power.

House of Mother Tiye

Tiye was Queen in Egypt for over 50 years, and today she is still remembered by many Egyptians as " The one who fills the palace with beauty and love", "Mother of the King", "The kings great wife whom he loves", " The lady of both lands", "Noblewoman", and "Great of praises".

Mother of Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV) she encouraged him to continue with the teachings of his father Amenhotep III (Lord Serapis Bey) and he became the most controversial Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt during the 18th dynasty.

These encoded waters made with purified Egyptian water have captured the essence of Tiye, to nurture the essence of individuality and encourage one to follow their heart no matter how controversial it may be. Giving one the strength to be true to themselves, and to unite communities as one. It brings you home to that place of greatness where you can “know” who you are within the heart and radiate that greatness upon others.

 6 Drops per day



Birthed 23.9.2010 between the fork of the river at Fayoum Oasis waterfalls. Fayoum is the border between Upper and Lower Egypt and represents the Union of the two lands. The Emblems of Upper and Lower Egypt, the Papyrus and White Lily unite the codes of Unity – the bringing together of the two Worlds and assists to bring forth the state of Unity Consciousness 

5 drops per day until complete.

 Miriam’s Place

Birthed 22.9.2010 at Al Matariyah in Old Cairo, Egypt. This is the place that the Holy Family rested upon fleeing Israel to save the baby Jesus from the clutches of Herod. The codes within these waters are for miracle healing, rest, retreat and meditation. 5 drops per day until finished.


Isis and Osiris

Birthed at the Temple of the Sun, Abu Dashur, Egypt 22.9.2010. The codes of Birth, Resurrection, Ascension, Divine Love and anchoring the Feminine.

7 drops per day until finished.

All the Egyptian Range (made exclusively in Egypt) are


$33 per 15ml bottle

All Alchemy Waters can be refilled 3 times if you refill when it is still 1/3 full.


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