LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 

Alchemy of Egyptian Temples


These Alchemy Waters were made on location inside each of the Egyptian Temples featured in this range.  

ChristinA's gift of holding the Sound Keys and Codes of the Ancient Wisdoms are transferred into the Waters so that you too can receive the benefits that will initiate change and healing through the levels of the DNA and into the realms of Higher Consciousnness.

Temple of Sahure - Completion and Regeneration toward a Higher Consciousness

Temple of the Sun - Awakening the Creator in You

Temple of Keshet - Serapis and Isis awakening the balanced God/Goddess

Temple of Luxor - Purifying the Bodies for Ascension

Temple of Hathor/Dendera - Awakening to Sacred Union

These waters were birthed inside the Temple of Hathor and assist one in restoring the balance of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in the Human Form. It assists in integrating both earthly and spiritual qualities of the love that bridges heaven and earth when two souls have finally found each other and are working to create a relationship that is truly based on sacred principles.

Can also be used to bring forth the healing required to obtain balance between an individuals own qualities of the balanced masculine and feminine.

Each bottle if refilled with pure filtered water when the levels are 2/3 finished will be recharged with the alchemical properties and refilled up to 3 times before you need a refill.

15ml bottles  $22 + postage.


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