I am Humbly Grateful to all of you who have come my way and 
I wish to say thank you to all who have either come on my Sacred Tours, 
my Ascension workshops or had healing and Soul Energy Reports with me, 
purchased my books or my courses or used my sacred sound recordings and mantras.  
If you were happy with your experience please I would love you to share your 
experience with others,

In Deep Gratitude I thank you
In Love we Unite

Quotes Luxor light energy has given me the experience of feeling like a goddess on earth, and prepared me for the most amazing experience of my life, the experience of the sacred union inside, the experience of feeling finally...HOME ... in my own body ...... in my own being.. read more ..... http://www.luxorlightascension.com/apps/forums/topics/show/1711360-ascension-programme-haleh-foroudi-belgium Quotes
Haleh, Belgium
Venus Fly Trap

Quotes Hi Christina, Goodness, you are spot on about my health.Yes, I seem to feel very drained these last few months, especially lately and I do feel quite "spaced out" frequently and find it hard to focus or ground myself most of the time. Have been trying charkra clearing meditations and grounding crystals but still feeling very drained, spaced out and at my wits end trying to work out what my body needs to heal it. Thank you, I would really appreciate it if you would do the distant healing and soul energy report for me please. Quotes
Yvonne, Qld Jan 2012
Wits End

Quotes Mid-last year our son was diagnosed with ADHD and ADD. We've been trying everything since to no avail,until Christina started to do energy healing and balancing on our son. The improvement was immediate and noticeable.His behaviour and concentration have improved,tantrums now are rare event and his school work goes really well. Thank you so much,Christina! Quotes
Sem and Tat, WA Jan 2012
No more tantrums!

Quotes Being a part of LUXOR Light since 2005 and on many trips to Egypt with ChristinA has been an amazing experience. I initially got involved to make my way out of my "dark night of the soul", of which it definitely helped. I was alive and awake again forging new paths for myself in far away places! Living my dream from a fresh and new perspective, with a new sense of purpose and back in alignment or connected to Source/All That Is. What a wonderful journey, and it still continues.... Through all the challenges and the moments of pure bliss....... Many blessings xxx Quotes
Core LUXOR Lighter
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