I am Humbly Grateful to all of you who have come my way and 
I wish to say thank you to all who have either come on my Sacred Tours, 
my Ascension workshops or had healing and Soul Energy Reports with me, 
purchased my books or my courses or used my sacred sound recordings and mantras.  
If you were happy with your experience please I would love you to share your 
experience with others,

In Deep Gratitude I thank you
In Love we Unite

Quotes Dear Christina, I had emailed you a while ago because I had some issues with attachments and thought forms. I believe I know what might have happened to me. I grew faster than I was suppose to, if that makes sense. You said i was 6th dimensional but my reality was 4th dimensional. If this makes sense. I want to thank you for your program my spirit guide has sent me to your book and from there your website. I am currently on level one on concepts that hold you back. If I did not have your program I don't know what I would have done. No one understood what I was going through and to be honest I don't know the whole story either. I do know that all my attachments are gone and I have a piece of mind. I know there is still plenty of work to do. Without your help I would not have been able to live like a normal person. Thank You, Dawn Quotes
Normal Person

Quotes I have been both very fortunate and blessed to find the support and awareness I needed at a very difficult point in my life, through Christina and her channelling Luxor Light. I can't recommend more highly... A gift to your soul... Quotes

Quotes If your path is difficult it is because of the higher calling that you bear and the purpose that you serve to the collective. This one caught my attention; I like it, really true. Quotes
If your path is dif

Quotes Considerably, the blog post is actually the gseetart on this worthy topic. I concur with your decisions and will thirstily look forward to see your approaching updates. Saying thanks will not just be adequate, for the phenomenal lucidity in your writing. I will at once grab your feeds to stay informed of any updates. Delightful work and much success in your business endeavors! Have a nice day Quotes
Considerably, the bl

Quotes It has been a long time since I received a Healing from ChristinA, and since the last time (several years ago) - her Energy and Power have expanded exponentially - she walks in Grace with the Masters. It was such a privilege to share that Energy space with you. Quotes
Thank you more than I can ever say.

Quotes I used your Twin Soul waters drops last night and had a very comforting sleep and woke with the realisation that I am Enough, exactly as I am - with or without a partner. The feelings of incompleteness and even shame at going to events on my own suddenly was irrelevant - to the point that anyone who did partner me would have to be worthy of MY company. The sadness and heartache of ended relationships simply wasn't there - or the feelings that I had failed / could have done more to make those relationships work; it just felt that it had been the right time to end those relationships at the times they were ended - and all was perfect for the evolution of all involved. (no more beating myself up). Quotes
Knock your socks off Twin Soul Waters

Quotes I am no longer the person that I was five years ago and people around me have noticed these changes. I have placed myself in service to help raise the consciousness of all who inhabit the planet, and particularly for those who seek enlightenment with Spirit. I have fully surrendered to following my Divine Path. My Heart Chakra is open to embrace the giving and receiving of Unconditional Love. My purpose is to fully embrace the energy of LUXOR Light and teach the Foundation Course to all who are committed to seeking their Path of Ascension and to assist them to raise their awareness to full consciousness. I give gratitude and thanks for having the opportunity to be an ambassador for LUXOR Light.' Quotes
Linda Boyd LUXOR Light Perth WA
I give in gratitude

Quotes Such joy and blessing to meet Christina Ritchie for the first time. A beautiful, humble, gentle, gifted and all giving soul. She walks the talk of totally living by faith every moment of her life. A truly amazing and inspiring individual. The second day on the boat, I received Luxor Light healing from Christina for the first time which was amazing. I was awed that shes able to diagnose the condition of my chakras and levels of consciousness. Quotes
Rebecca, UK. Dec. 2009
Amazing! Inspiring!

Quotes ChristinA is a totaly natual teacher . The booklets were easy to follow but crambed full of information , in fact so much detail and in that heat that you could easly fry your brain but she is also able to drop in stories of her life , experiances and humour that is so down to earth that it does not feel like learning it is so informal but also so serious at the same time. Quotes
Jason Wright, UK. Dec, 2009
Ascension program in Egypt

Quotes I have so much to say that I don't even know if I can find the words. The experience of the Luxor Light Ascension Program exceeded my hopes and dreams (not an easy task as I think Big).The energy of the meditations as well as the energy of the group was one of overwhelming love and peace. my special reward was re-living important moments in my life and having people come in with the right energies to turn difficult moments into beautiful memories. Quotes
Cathy Rubini, Italy Dec, 2009
I'm a Believer