LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 


I am Humbly Grateful to all of you who have come my way and 
I wish to say thank you to all who have either come on my Sacred Tours, 
my Ascension workshops or had healing and Soul Energy Reports with me, 
purchased my books or my courses or used my sacred sound recordings and mantras.  
If you were happy with your experience please I would love you to share your 
experience with others,

In Deep Gratitude I thank you
In Love we Unite

Quotes Thank you for your wonderful insights, and generous sharing, and thank you for having the courage to keep your sharing of love for everyone, not sure I am expressing myself well, but my support and feeling on receipt of your emails must be on a higher level, beyond my current understandings, which I feel, even if I don't fully understand it as you, with your wonderful clarity. Shirley XX Quotes
Beautiful insights

Quotes Ok I'll be honest, I never thought doing a meditation/ascension course online would work. E-anything makes me think where has the people contact gone?? BUT... I really love it! Doing the meditations when you're ready, doing them again and again, middle of the day/middle of the night. I love courses in person and being with lovely friends, but this is great because you're just at your own pace and have time to reflect on what is happening. When you're in a workshop you tend to get caught up in what's happening for others and missing what happened for you. Now you can read others experiences when it suits you. I'm E-xcited:) Thanks ChristinA Quotes
Bron T.

Quotes Can I just say I am learning masses from being in this group, so many questions and new understandings being talked about. its like everything being explained finally, stepping into energy university, very happy and grateful to be here, not to mention all the energy shifts of course. Finally feel like I have some answers and actually moving forward. Thank you ChristinA Quotes
Ben B
Energy University

Quotes Hi everyone So, it has taken me a while to get started on the meditations. I'm not sure if that's because of a hectic work schedule, lack of discipline or slight fear of the big shifts I know are about to happen. Anyway I am only up to the first meditation which I have now completed about five times and I am amazed that it seems to have cured my chronic insomnia that has plagued me for many years. I feel more well rested than I ever have, and I'm moving away from resorting to unhealthy methods to knock myself out at night. Wow! I will start the next meditation in the next day or so and I'm looking forward to approaching it with new found clarity. Thank you so much to everyone who has been sharing on here I love reading all your comments, they are so inspiring! Quotes

Quotes I just wanted to let you know Christina, that since you did the distant healing I keep feeling a hand on my back (over my liver area). It feels so real I have turned around a few times to see who's there. It's warm and tingly and feels very loving, it's a really strong feeling. I've been going through a cycle of eczema and I think my liver is working extra hard to process all the emotional and physical stuff. So many changes this year and so much death. Thank goodness for LUXOR Light xx Quotes
Warm and Tingly Dec 2014

Quotes While you were working on me, I felt Energy Centres in my brain opening up and activating - like I was being awakened in a way I had never known before. I will be interested to see how these openings / activations play a new part in my life. At times it felt like pure and powerful light was streaming from my open mouth (light instead of sound / or as part of sound) - the sound streamed into the world / universe (it had a purpose, but I do not know what it is yet). The words 'I have arrived!' cycled in my head - and I felt solid and Welcomed and HERE. (for years I have felt that I was outstaying my welcome and not wanted to have around ?not had the Right to Be Here.) Tears filled my eyes at times during the healing, and then quickly left me with the feeling of Welcome and Peace and Presence ? I Am Here - and at last I am comfortable, confident and peaceful to be here. Quotes
I Am Here

Quotes The magnificent and peaceful (and funny at times) Amatron Truth healing you gave me today was beyond words to describe its powerful shifts that occurred during the healing - I lay down on your massage table as one person and got up as another. It felt like I was birthing another and more evolved version of Me. The experience was overwhelming in its peace, power, magnificence and evolution (as well as joyfulness and confidence I felt like a kid who has just been taken to Disneyworld there was Everything to do!). At times I felt like my body was covered by armour of light, and then the armour integrated to become part of me - and I felt invincible, safe and nothing could hurt me (this was the first time I ever felt completely safe and trusting to be in the world - and the Power of Being Safe was liberating - I feel that I can now do or tackle or face anything, no more combat or struggle or defensiveness. Then I felt like a Star Person walking down into a Pharaoh's body - with all th Quotes
From my Heart

Quotes The energies so strongly flowing into through....felt like from EVERY direction! .....such strong energies, right from the moment of intention to meditate....even from the first time, without repeated practice...thats my experience anyway Quotes
LUXOR Light Level One Online Participant

Quotes Regarding your Ascension 1 program - I started the first meditation yesterday and did it morning and night. I'm not sure if I need to do this, but I thought I should let you know what has happened Yesterday on and off during the day I had beautiful bursts of divine energy flowing through. Then last night I had the most profound dream. It woke me up and I was thinking of writing it down, when I started getting amazingly powerful bursts of energy in my high or sacred heart in the middle of my chest. This energy grew larger and larger and hot, right through to my back and then burning around various parts of my body, particularly my heart, hara, throat and left side. The burning reminded me of the Resurrection. I wasn't sure what I needed to be doing and heard in my head, just let it happen, which I did. I tried my best to remain totally present to it while doing breath work and it really intensified. It was a beautiful experience. Quotes
The Resurrection

Quotes Quick note to say how honoured and happy I am to be working with LUXOR light. It occurred and surprised me the other day that I have exceeded any expectations I had about my energy journey when I realised that not only did I 'hear the call' to a meditation by Serapis in a normal day, but then had a direct conversation with him and ascension training. I realised ..holy shit I'm in conversation and training with an ascended master. I'm still astounded by it. Also s note to say that it was Serapis who brought me to Christina and keeps coming to me, which has helped me see Christina Ritchie not as some guru to be worshipped (I've had one of those although he was actually very good) but as an amazingly gifted guide supporting your process. Deep respect! Love to all B Quotes
Deep Respect
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