LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 


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ChristinA Ritchie
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Thankyou, Well as promised I will add something too. It is a little hard for me to explain a lot here, as while I am in the process of running these courses I am kept in a cocoon so to speak. I don't particularly feel anything apart from energy. I don't have emotion, just observation, and obviously this is exactly how it is to be, I am working as an apprentice so to speak of Lord Serapis Bey.

I was a little unsure of how this particular course would go as I have only ever run it as a three month course before and the intensity of it is such that I did not know how it would lend itself to be run as an intensive over 11 days. However, this is the 6th year that LUXOR Light has been anchoring itself on this planet, and since most of this time it has been in Australia and the UK in the last 12months or so, the Spiritual Hierachy have now given the go ahead for it to be spread globally. We had reprentatives from different areas of the globe as well as Australia again. Four participants from Australia to hold the balance, and 4 from other areas, including Ashraf my male counterpart hidden behind the wall protected from the words but not the energy! One of the participants from Australia - Kelly completed the course in the first round in 2005, so she was repeating the programme again and a great support energetically for me, while also peeling new layers of her own process. This programme lends itself to being used time and time again as the process of Ascension is an ongoing one that supports us in the process of coming full circle but never reaching our full potential. This means that we just become more and more Light and are able to play significantly in the process of bringing Heaven/Peace on Earth.

This is a very serious programme, one that anchors the Highest Light available to us on the planet, and one cannot even begin to understand the process until one has taken part, and even then it is only the very beginning of a journey of such propensity that the participant begins to understand the longer they work the energy. For this reason I was even more concerned at how the course would be taken in such a short period of time, but Trusted that the Powers that Be knew exactly what they were doing when they guided me to offer this programme in this way. During Part 1 I was concerned at how the group would manage to reach the levels required as I watched their struggles both internally and externally. I trusted and we continued on.

As Thomas suggested he said he could never meditate into a deep state. I told him to trust and that this energy would find it’s time and take a hold and he would be immersed in the Light of Metatron at the flick of a switch from then on... the moment he closed his eyes. This is the case for all who choose on a subconscious level to accept LUXOR Light and participate in this programme. I have many other programmes on offer but this is the one that welcomes you the initiate into the Realms of the Masters to work toward the betterment of Humanity at a level not reached as easily or quickly as this takes you. It rips through the baggage, invites in the Ego big time and watches and waits to see how you deal with it, to see if you pass the test of the initiation before you move forward. It gives you the opportunity to “taste” levels of light at your full potentiality at any one time and pushes you to extend your potentiality constantly.

As we stepped into part two I think everyone was feeling the intensity of the meditations and able to access the Light the moment they closed their eyes. But still I watched as participants struggled to reach the levels required and lagging a little. I trusted some more as we plugged through part 2 and I helped the group along. I saw glimpses of potentiality pushing through. By part three, the strength had been gained and there was no problem with the group meeting the required levels and in fact moving beyond the required levels.

I am more than happy with the process of this programme. I am even happier to see the commitment from the participants as they are dedicating themselves to the process as an ongoing effort to consciously raise their levels of consciousness with the tools they now have been given. I commit to assisting their personal process so that they may work towards the efforts of the Bodhi in commitment of assisting all of humanity into enlightenment. This is the gift we have been given through LUXOR Light, and those who step onto this path are never the same again.........

I am Honoured to be able to offer this programme, and now that it has been trialled in this way with the first ever group to do it in Luxor, I will be offering the programme every April in Luxor, with the intention that those who pass through this first stage be candidates for the LUXOR Light Teaching programme in due course


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