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A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 


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ChristinA Ritchie
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The Luxor Light Ascension Meditation on the Nile 01 October to 6th of October 2009. My personal interest in Luxor Light

In April 2009 at the Body Mind and Spirit show I met Sue Smith for the first time and had a brief Luxor Light healing session with her. After that session, I experienced some changes in me at all levels. The most amazing of all was the total forgiveness with my mother which I struggled all my life and it came so naturally that took me by surprise. For the first time in my life, her energies did not affect me and I no longer hold any fear with her and we finally made peace. It was a wow experience for me and could not wait to explore Luxor Light a little more……

The initiation of Trust

The first test – on the 30th the flight leaving for Cairo was over 2 hours of delay due to computer breakdown.

The second test – lost luggage at Cairo. Message from this – leave your baggage and LET GO!!! of material possessions.

The third test – nearly drowned in the Nile. Never swim against the current…..always go with the flow of life……

· The Luxor Light Ascension Meditation Experience

Such joy and blessing to meet Christina Ritchie for the first time. A beautiful, humble, gentle, gifted and all giving soul. We’re so connected, like old friends. She is the first person I ever met, so crazy about Jesus! She walks the talk of totally living by faith every moment of her life. A truly amazing and inspiring individual. When she is activated with the energy from Sirius, she speaks in the language of Hibiru – the language of angels and she’s able to obtain codes and keys for individual ascension.

The first day at Esna, at the Temple of Khnum, she received some codes and keys for me and a message ‘Acceptance’. Strangely, no other people at the temple, we have the temple to ourselves! So blessed!!!

The second day on the boat, I received Luxor Light healing from Christina for the first time which was amazing. I was awed that she’s able to diagnose the condition of my chakras and levels of consciousness. So happy to know my chakras were in good shapes and my levels of consciousness speeding up real fast since my arrival. Again she gave me some Keys of Ascension…..when the healing was complete; we noticed a barge moored just behind us with the numbers 2884 = 22!!! Luxor Light numbers.

In the evening, we visited the temple of Horus at Edfu, again nobody at the temple except us. Again, Christina received code and keys of Ascension from the temple, during meditation Christina saw a vision of a girl dressed in ancient Egyptian attire falling off a Dahabieh, I smiled and not taking much notice to it…..

And guess what the next day……I was nearly drowned while swimming in the Nile…….Christina made a comment that this trip to Egypt was reliving my past lives and also healing time…..after the little accident and still puzzled with the whole experience, I requested Christina to baptise me in the Nile. For I am so in love with the Nile, its beauty, stillness and energies, is heaven on earth – a very special place for me……we decided to baptise each others, with such laugh and giggle, we did it!!!

The next stop was Silsileh – the famous quarrying area throughout all ancient Egypt. It has a little temple- Horemheb which is security guarded 24 hours a day and not usually visited by tourists. Again we have the whole temple to ourselves…..we meditated on receiving the Keys to success through compassion, love, oneness and unity consciousness. Again, Christina has a few visions, one of them she saw me standing leaning against a wall on a large doorway with huge peachy and apricot glow and the other vision she saw a pair of large hands clapping.

We visited Kom Ombo temple – temple of duality, Isis temple at Aswan and finishing with the Luxor temple – a truly amazing temple with the most orbs!!! Again she collected all the keys and codes for me from the temples.

The high light of the trip not only meeting Christina, having one to one tutorial, collecting personal keys and codes, visited remote island, having midnight tea with temple guards…….feel rich and famous on a brand new Dahabieh with 11 cruise members (all men ;) and only 3 of us on board – 3 to one service. Had the most delicious gourmet meals prepared by Samir – the best cook in the whole universe!! Had such laugh and fun entertained by the cruise male belly dancers…..the Ahhh part was the visit to an old blind holly man in Luxor. He is an angel on earth!!! Beautiful soul and energies, I fell in love with him instantly. The first thing he said, he never met anybody like me before….oops….I took it as a compliment…..and he says I will be back to Egypt 4 more times, 5 times in total….well….. by the third time I will know why I am there for!!?? hmmmm…….interesting…..sshhh….and this is the man the government officials take him round to find lost tombs and treasures……now guys, if you ever lost anything in your life….this is the guy!!! And he also confirmed with Christina that she is from Sirius and she is speaking the language of angel!!!! We all delighted to hear it……so this is the real stuff after all!!!! Wow!!! So so so bless!!!

Thank you Christina, Ashraf and the cruise with all my heart for making this trip an unforgettable experience and adventure…..I will do it all over again and can’t wait to swim in the Nile once again……hope the baby crocodiles not getting too big by then……..

Thank You Egypt!! Egypt needs our prayers and healing…..for it still operates at the first and second chakras……I believe the healing of Egypt of will affect the whole planet and universe… please please send Egypt your love and healing……thank you…..

Take good care and God bless…..

Lots of love and blessings – Rebecca xxx : )Y

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