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ChristinA Ritchie
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Well i have finally got around to writing the second part of my blog post " My first trip to Egypt " . I only meant to leave it a week at most but it feels like my feet have not touched the ground since i returned home .

We completed the practitioners course on the Saturday which was the 26th September . ChristinA had planned it all perfectly because it was Ashraf's birthday the following day . So we were all up bright and early the next day , Sunday for Ashraf's big day but no Ashraf , he was still sleeping he he , on the previous days he had joined us for breakfast but using his own body clock as a measure which as people who have been to Egypt know, Eygption time goes alot slower than time does most other places around the world . Anyway we had a leisurely day and i spent some time getting to know Ashraf a bit more . He is a quiet man , similar to myself and he had left us to get on with the course but was always on hand to get us whatever we needed whenever , which included chocolate bars which were to help us ground ( that's what ChristinA told us anyway ) . I felt a little guilt at times as ChristinA and Ashraf don't spend alot of time throughout the year together but i knew that while ChristinA was spending time with us during the course and at the temples Ashraf was there too but in the background helping and supporting her . They are a team . Ashraf is an amazing person , you have to meet him to fully understand what i really mean . I feel a better person for meeting him and hope to see him soon !

The next day ChristinA had organised a day out visiting 2 temples by minibus , Dandara and Abydos . I was hoping we would have a good day and boy was that a slight understatement or what ! We arrived at Dandara first around mid morning . Ashraf and the driver parked up and said that they would wait for us outside the temple gates . So ChristinA , Cathy and i set off to explore , it was already very hot . We walked down towards the main temple passing some ruins and a row of what seemed like small stone caskets and as we walked up through the entrance there were temple guards and guides sitting about waiting to help people if they needed . We found ourselfs in a big open space with huge pillars . I was busy looking at these pillars as ChristinA said about meditating in one of the many rooms arranged around the outside of the temple . We found one which had a couple of rocks in and sat down on them , by this time one of the guards had found us , he was dressed differantly to the others , in shirt and trousers and he was not to know that he was in for a bit of a shock that morning ! We started meditating and ChristinA started to activate in full view of anybody who happened to walk past , she was starting to get a few strange looks and at that point burst out laughing which made Cathy and i start to giggle , after about a minute of giggling we all composed ourselfs and started meditating once more . It was at this point that i think i stared to activate too and again i was feeling a little strange activating in puplic but i was just tring to feel the energies which were all around us and let the Luxor Light energy flow . I kept hearing the word surrender in my head which ChristinA had been saying to me . So i kept trying to surrender and stay in the moment , forget about time and feel the energies flow and see what happened . After a few minutes we finished and went to look in some of the other rooms . As we were doing this a few things started to happen , ChristinA was getting to doorway and having to grab the walls and bursting into language , Cathy was experiancing things too , she was doing like a belly dance and then snake like movements with her arms and her head was going from side to side in a rythmic movement . I found that i could not breath in certain rooms and having to sit down , i was also getting more activations , in another room i found myself doing a dance movement around and around . By this time i think our guard had realised that we were not your usual tourist and he was starting to talk to Cathy and say he would look after us but ChristinA was following her intuition and i was just following her , she found this narrow corridoor and started to follow it up winding around and around , i was following her bare footed , i was "told" to take my shoes and socks off so i could connect with the temple energies by i voice in my head . We reached a room at the top of the temple by this time Cathy had caught up with us with the guard in toe . I know that some of you may be mediums or psychics but i have only just started to explore my psychic gifts . So we entered this special room and the guard started to explain the walls to us , it was the story of Osirus and there was a big image of the goddess Nut on the ceiling when i started to cough violently and i was getting short of breath so i sat down and stated activating really intensively , ChristinA and Cathy had started too and the guard just watched . ChristinA had started speaking her languages when i started to speak language too i got the word surrender once more and then mine started to become really deep in its tone and i could feel that it was coming from the back of my throat ,i also was now experiancing a feeling of a connection with a higher form of energy . I know that i was able to control my arms , hands and body if i wished but that something else was also able to at the same time , an energy that i was allowing to express it'self through me . This energy was really powerful and high and i knew that it was some form of Egyption god . I know that some of you might think hold on a minute , i can't believe that it was a god , i was at some point too but i know in my heart and i back myself 100% that i was in the infinate dimensions and that my energies were so high that an Egyption god was able to connect with me and communicate through me . ChristinA has told me since who it was but i am not going to say here . He has come through once more so it may well be that we still have a bit of a connection , i would like to think so anyway .

We have not finished in Dandara yet but i am going to stop there again because it seems like i have been writing this for ages and i am starting to experiance the feeling of that special day once more as i write . I will just say that for me this was one of the highlights of my trip and Dandara will have a special place in my heart for ever .

Much love and Luxor Light to you all


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