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ChristinA Ritchie
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Hi , I am going to try and put my experiances of the last few days down here but it will only be the half of it because how can one fully explain something that was totaly mind blowing , the people , the culture , the heat , the food , the energy of the Nile , the temples , the history and much , much more , oh and ChristinA , Ashraf and Cathy . Who are all the most amazing people that you would want to meet !

My journey began when i left my house bright and early on Tue 22nd Sept to catch my coach to the airport . Everything went smoothly and i arrived at the apartments on the west bank of Luxor at about 1am Wed morning . ChristinA and Ashraf had waited up to meet me , we had a cup of tea and chatted for an hour or so . I then went to bed tired , excited and also a little apprehensive of what was to come but happy .

I arose and went up for breakfast on the rooftop , what a view we had over looking the Nile and directly across from Luxor temple . This is where i first meet Cathy and tasted Samir's cooking , sheer bliss . We stayed there all day chatting and getting to know each other , well i mainly listened because i could not get a word in , i don't know how they breathed , no i am joking . I am quite a shy person and even more so when i meet people for the first time . Then in the evening we went and caught a taxi boat to cross the Nile to go to Luxor temple . It felt so surreal , here i was sat in a boat on the NILE , i was awestroke , bewildered . I can not fully explain it but i felt a knowing somehow that i had done this before I did not realize it but i would experiance that feeling on numerous occations during my trip . We went to the temple and looked around then ChristinA found a spot which she was happy with and we started meditating . I did not know what was going to happen next , i came on this trip with a totaly open mind and heart , for the next 10 days i was putting myself in ChristinA's hands with no expectations and no fear just complete trust . I found out that we were having an initiation . I could feel the energy building and i started to shake , my head and arms moving uncontrolably , i had felt this sensation whilst listening to ChristinA's cd's before , but not in front of anybody let alone in a temple in the outdoors . That night i lay in bed thinking and trying to work out what had happened in the temple . Then i just let go and decided that i was not going to think again about anything and just feel , experiance and trust . I was ready for the course .

ChristinA is a totaly natual teacher . The booklets were easy to follow but crambed full of information , in fact so much detail and in that heat that you could easly fry your brain but she is also able to drop in stories of her life , experiances and humour that is so down to earth that it does not feel like learning it is so informal but also so serious at the same time , We would have lunch and then go down to do the practical learning by giving and receiving treatments You have seen some of the pictures on here . ChristinA kept saying to me surrender whilst she was doing a treatment on me and again i just let go and instantly started violently shaking and trembling and then noises and clicking started coming from my mouth , and ChristinA said that i sounded like Donald Duck quacking away . And all the time Cathy was asking questions , which were really relivant and things that i had not even thought of , i was so grateful to her ! she might appear to some people to be a typical American on appearances but as they say .... we seemed to connect instantly , she is warm , caring , giving , full of life and above all full of love which she wants to spread around her and make a differance to peoples lifes by doing so . On the third day of the course we were taught how to do distance healings and we had some quite interesting results to say the least .

I am going to stop at this point and do the second half of the trip another day . I thought that we were going to visit a few temples do medititions and that would be it , how wrong could i be !


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