LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 


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ChristinA Ritchie
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I have so much to say that I don't even know if I can find the words. The experience of the Luxor Light Ascension Program exceeded my hopes and dreams (not an easy task as I think Big).The energy of the meditations as well as the energy of the group was one of overwhelming love and peace. Facing our issues and the stories and lessons of our lives was challenging but beautiful. I can see that we keep facing the same things over and over and keep peeling away the layers. I am lucky that the challenges in my life have always been and continue to be surrounded by love.As the meditations went on, the energy just became more and more beautiful and I think the only word to describe it is Bliss. Sharing with the group was helpful as there were so many insights.Once in a while I meet someone and think that person is doing exactly what they were born to do. That is how I feel about you (and also about Ashraf). I hope soon I can say that about myself.When I returned home I was busy catching up on everything, though trying to keep the energy alive. Yesterday, 7 days after my return I felt the let down that something I waited for , for so long has ended. Although I do know the Luxor Light experience will never end.I always feel so "at home" in Egypt and this time was even more special. The people around us were all so beautiful and generous with their spirits. Dancing with Egyptians was a dream come true for me.I hope that my Path will become clearer and I am meditating and using the drops to help me get clarity. I can see it will be a huge challenge to keep those levels but I am making a conscious effort and expressing that intent.I am very interested in becoming a practitioner. I hope that will manifest somehow. Obviously right now I do not have the money or vacation time to do so. But I am dreaming that into my future !!!To you personally, I need to say, that I admire your courage, your commitment, your sense of humor and your balance. It is rare to come across someone with all of these traits. I feel honored to have walked this Path with you and am sure this is just the beginning !Cathy Firtko Rubiniwhat I learned about myself and the world is that the challenges never end and that we never stop learning. The Universe orchestrates things so much better than we ever could. We just need to learn to follow the signs and take the leap of faith. I learned that I am my own best friend and that gentleness with myself in the learning process is very important. I learned that you can solve an issue at one level and then have to face it again at another level. I see that even the most dedicated and enlightened spiritual people have to keep climbing that next mountain. I saw that if you believe in yourself and the Power of Love you can find Joy and Bliss but you need to work at keeping in that state. Everyday I learned and grew, laughed and cried, forgave myself and others and started over again. The beauty is knowing that I am doing what I came here to do. And even if I do not always know exactly what THAT is, I can see that I keep putting one foot in front of the other, and always give gratitude for the opportunities. I saw that life is precious and the surprises never end. And if you sow the right kind of seeds you will reap your rewards. I am a Believer !

love Cathy - Italy

PS my special reward was re-living important moments in my life and having people come in with the right energies to turn difficult moments into beautiful memories.

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ChristinA Ritchie
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Cathy has since been back to Luxor just 6 months later to complete the LUXOR Light Practitioner Programme and is now a fully qualified LUXOR Light Practitioner in Italy.

Well done Cathy

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