LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 



Posted on July 20, 2010 at 11:24 PM

In LUXOR Light we work with many chakras in the process of accelerating our ascension process, but for general healing it is vital that we remember the importance of the 7 major chakras and some minor chakras.

It has become a common theme for many to forget about their physical body in the search for Spiritual acceleration. The problem with that is that we may become so spiritual that we are of no earthly good. What we mean by this is that one is top heavy in the Spiritual development and the physical body is left suffering. We then have the problem of not having strong enough foundations in order for us to carry on with the building of our Temples.

Our purpose is to anchor the Spiritual into the Physical. That means to bring Heaven to Earth so we can live in Heaven on Earth. If we have our focus constantly in the clouds we can not anchor the Spiritual energies here on earth. Therefore we must never forget the lower chakras that are feeding and vitalising our physical body.

The physical body is that vehicle that promises to carry us to the accelerated heights of spiritual awareness while maintaining a physical existence, carrying out our Divine Mission here on Planet Earth.

The seven major chakras are actually our spiritual pathway to the Heavens. We must conquer all challenges that may lie within our chakras that are governing our understanding of what spirituality is all about, and what humanality is all about. We are already Spirit, but we are trying to learn what it is to have a human existence. It is the human existence that holds all the lessons on this evolutionary university that we call planet earth.

You can look at the chakra system as a ladder to consciousness. We must master step by step the lessons held within each classroom called the Chakra classrooms, and we begin in the Base chakra. One can take lessons from each chakra and conquer it but you can never fully ascend the the greater heights until you have mastered all the lessons of each chakra. This is why we see ourselves constantly revisiting certain aspects that one would have thought were long conquered.

Long ago in the time of the Ancients they had what they called Mystery Schools where one would go to study for some 7 years in order to clear and conquer the challenges that would allow one to pass a particular initiation so they could move onto the next. We don't do that anymore. We must study our own lives, our own bodies because these are the Mystery Schools today. Life itself is a mystery school and only the individual can come to understand each lesson for oneself. No one can tell you the answers for you must find them for yourself. This is why each individual has such vast and different experiences, and why what works for one will not work for another.

The clearing and conquering of the negative concepts that are held within the chakras so we can move up the ladder of consciousness toward the Godhead is what we call Ascension, and there are many levels of Ascension. It is not a place that one simply arrives at but a journey where one continues to strive ever upwards toward enlightenment.

The Alchemy Waters Chakra Set includes 8 Chakra Bottles for maintaining the vital health of the chakras and for assisting one to accelerate their ascension process.

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