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Dara Ma Tye

Posted on July 20, 2010 at 11:31 PM

House of Mother Tiye Tiye was Queen in Egypt for over 50 years, and today she is still remembered by many Egyptians as " The one who fills the palace with beauty and love", "Mother of the King", "The kings great wife whom he loves", " The lady of both lands", "Noblewoman", and "Great of praises".

Mother of Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV) she encouraged him to continue with the teachings of his father Amenhotep III (incarnation of Lord Serapis Bey) and he became the most controversial Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt during the 18th dynasty.

On the 1st April 2009 I wandered the Malquata grounds of the Temple and the Palace. The Palace grounds began to speak with and through me and the encoding began. The energy very clearly wanted me to remember the words "Dara ma Ti", to which I realised was "Dara ma Tiye" and I knew the meaning through my interpretation of the work with the language of Hibiru that I speak. It means the House of the Mother - Tiye.

Among the codes and the language was another very obvious mantra coming through which was "Ra mi ato dooshta".....

Queen Tiye represents the Eye of Ra and the mantra loosely translated means "one who is exalted in the eye of God and so it is"......

These encoded waters made with purified Egyptian water have captured the essence of Tiye, to nurture the essence of individuality and encourage one to follow their heart no matter how controversial it may be. Giving one the strength to be true to themselves, and to unite communities as one. It brings you home to that place of greatness where you can “know” who you are within the heart and radiate that greatness upon others.

If you are interested in more information on these Waters you can contact me on my email

Sekmet Alchemy Waters

Posted on July 20, 2010 at 11:01 PM



It’s still 20th only Egypt time, almost slipping over in Perth.

I have to write another post now because I am still buzzing from my latest download and want to share the energy before it settles.

Today was an easy going start to the day with breakfast and heading off on the motor boat again to head down river to Karnak. Yes, today is the day to visit Sekmhet temple, and although the morning is hot, the 15 minute boat ride is cool with the air brushing passed us as we watch the excitement of the children swimming in the river in large groups. It’s the first day of the feast and people have come out in the hundreds. I’ve never seen so many children out and about. The streets are full of celebration and it is funny to watch the children cantering up and down the streets of West bank on their donkeys. At home we would be watching the kids on their skateboards or bikes but here there are chasing each other on their donkeys!

When we reach Karnak we head directly to Sekmhet Temple as this is the mission for today. While there appear to be many hundreds of people in the crowds coming off the buses to Karnak, Sekhmet is quiet. The Temple guard let us into the tiny room where the Sekmhet statue is and I take a photo of the statue and then my camera went flat! Whoops, but at least I did get the one very important photo. Ashraf took some with his phone but I’m not sure if we have a usb cable for that.

Because I have the temple to myself at this stage I decided to take this opportunity to make some Alchemy Waters with the codes of Sekhmet. What a perfect scenario! I had just enough time before I could hear a large group coming with their tour guide. It was a French group and the guide was very understanding as Ashraf explained to him what I was doing. We have had the odd occasion where tour guides have got cranky with us meditating when they want to come through. I trusted that the process wouldn’t take up too much of their time and continued with my job at hand. All is perfect and the mission accomplished for the healing process of two of my clients as well as having the opportunity to make the Waters.

These waters birthed today on 20.9.2009=22 will assist one to achieve the great courage to step forth into our purpose. The name Sekmhet means “powerful one” and birthed on a 22 day makes it so perfect for accomplishing those grand feats!

Qualities are:

• Awakening to tantra

• Removing fears that hold you back from your Divine Mission

• Giving expression to your true Self

• Becoming the loving Being that stands tall and brings Peace to our Planet

• Strengthening your healing abilities

• When you need to take appropriate action because Sekmhet is “always right”

• Mother

• Protector

Ashraf hadn’t visited Karnak since he was 15, so we decided to have a quick walk around the rest of the temple before heading back to the apartment so I could complete some other work. I took him to my favourite room that our groups have come to name the Cobra Room, where there is a large stone in the middle of the room with two inlaid cobra heads embedded into it. The energy is very intense in this particular room. He has a funny story to go with each monument/statue and we had a giggle as he brought forth his sense of humour as we walked around the temple.

We walked back to Luxor as we needed an atm machine and as the usual ones were not working we had to do the “rounds” until we found one in operation. The streets were so busy with everyone out in their finery. It’ is customary to have new clothes for the feast and it was so noticeable to see everyone in their new clothes, the boys looking very swish in new jeans and shirts and the girls all sparkly and colourful and the little boys with their hair all gelled and slick looking. Everyone is happy and the place is “alive” with activity.

But it’s hot and I have work to do so we head back to the apartment so I can get on with it. The afternoon beckons and I begin to feel sleepy. I thought it was because it was after 2am before we slept last night so I thought I would put my head down for a moment just for a nana nap to revitalise. In I went, deep once again and waking 2 or 3 times and trying to get up and pull myself out of it, only to find myself dragged back in and gone again. I noticed the smell of incense wafting through the apartment and knew that Ashraf was busy cleaning and preparing the apartment for the workshop about to begin in a couple of days. Around 5pm I looked at my watch and thought, that I had better try harder to wake as it had been long enough but could feel myself so deeply being pulled again as Ashraf entered the room and said “enough enough enough, I have been in 3 times and you are not here.” It was as if he had read my mind – again. I asked him to help me so he gave me some healing and my arms and legs began to activate as I came back into my body. He gave me yoghurt and tea to help me ground and I decided I must write a blog to share the energy while it was still flowing.

We are off to the souk tonight to find some things for the workshop.

In case you are wondering why I haven't posted photos at this stage, it’s because downloading them to the computer uses all my pre-paid credit. My apologies for that, but I hope to find a way if I have time.

Talk soon