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A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 


Ma Ray

Posted on April 18, 2013 at 12:40 PM


"Mother Mary" is the Mother Ray, bringing you the "Ma Ray" Magenta Ray.... enjoy the music and welcome the Mother Ray and simply "Let it Be"... there will be an answer!

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Spaghetti Legs

Posted on April 18, 2013 at 12:35 PM

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Thursday 6.12.2012

Posted on December 6, 2012 at 12:30 AM


Oh pleease do not miss the messages that will come to you today.

I read numbers and dates intuitively and a little different to other numerologists and today the energy is that of 32/5.

This is the "very" energy of the New Fifth World of Truth.

Put away your worries, put away your fears, for this time is "our" time and together we all have an intrinsic part to play.

There is not one piece of this puzzle that can be lost.

Find time today, to be in the moment, in your heart and welcome the Oneness of the All encompassing Divine Truth.

Do not fight it, embrace it, surrender and be surrounded by the Flame of Comfort ♥

Our Transitions to 12.12.12

Posted on December 2, 2012 at 1:05 AM

In 2010 I took a group to Egypt to work on anchoring the second phase of the 10.10.10 alignments – the initiator of this most powerful phase was on 10th October 2008 (10.10.10). It was an incredible journey that brought through energies initiating newness and yet releasing the final dregs of what we would not want to take with us into the New World, with the underlying influence being the 3 energy of 2010 that initiated triggers for mastery and stepping into Soul purpose. The experiences of that journey as I reflect now were beyond interpretation at the time but in the aftermath of what was triggered later in the year it all makes perfect sense.


Each participant had their part to play and their dross to release and I’m sure each of them now can reflect back also and see the amazing healing that was received from that process. Not long after this after returning to Australia, my world was turned upside down. I had written in my blogs “10.10.10 has set the world ablaze with the essence of Divine Truth and any hidden agendas are being brought to the fore. We must all step up on the ladder of consciousness and take our rightful place as our Divine and Authentic selves. This is not always easy as the Mighty Truth stares us in the face. What do we do with it, how do we deal with it, where do we go from here?” Little was I to know what would unfold for me in the days to come and within one day I was notified that I had to move house and the ball began to roll forward where I was given no option but to return to Egypt indefinitely. Within weeks I had uprooted my family and left the country alone with only enough funds for a few weeks, a broken heart reactivated and an unknown mission unfolding. Egypt was the last place I wanted to be at that time and I called to the Universe for this not to be the case, but everything fell into place as if by magic and help was received from Divine ways and Divine Beings of Light that all know who they are and I found myself back in Egypt on the 26th November less than six weeks after leaving with the thoughts “I never want to return!” Oh but I did, this was to be my 12th trip to Egypt and coinciding with 12 December 2010, 12.12.12 that held the major triggers that initiated the Egyptian Revolution that began on 25 January 2011 until 11 February 2011.


I battled with my stay in Egypt with my own personal tragedies I was dealing with in Egypt and at home with family going through incredible challenges but realised there was no way I was to leave and I continued trying to still myself through the chaos that was rising within me and within Egypt during the Revolution. I had tried to leave a few times when hearing of what was going on at home in my family but saw that I would be entering chaos at the airports if I tried to leave and somehow this didn’t feel right. I had instruction from the local Sufi Holy Man on West Bank of Luxor – Gaber; an old blind man who works from his home sharing wisdoms, teachings of the Quran and healing to those who need it. Blind of physical sight but with clear inner sight he sent me a message that if I were to leave it would break a triangle being held in place by himself, a Sheik Mohamed and myself and things would not complete so easily during the revolution. I argued with myself many times because my father was seriously ill and my daughter had suffered a tragic loss and I was not there for them. I thought “what if I break the triangle or what if that is not true” and decided to try to get a flight home. I’d had dreams where my father visited me and I felt he was calling me home. Finally I made the decision that enough was enough and I needed to go home. The flights were all blocked for me until the 13th of February, so I took that one. On the 11th of February the Revolution came to a close and I realised that all was Divine and perfect and my mission was complete. The moment President Mubarak stepped down, I felt an enormous shift within myself and my own revolution that was going on inside my body stopped and stilled, I was elated, more so than some of the Egyptians around me. I flew to Cairo on the 12th and took part in the Celebrations of the Revolution. I felt Liberated, Egypt felt Liberated and I flew home the next day.


On arriving into Australia although not completely healed from the pain of last 12 months of my life, I felt free and liberated and 2011 became a gift for me to rest and unwind and completely heal my heart.


My process in Egypt from the time of arriving and the time the Revolution was complete was 77 days. According to R. Allendy, this number joins the part of evolution to the whole evolution - report of the cosmic evolution and the individual evolution. I was working on my own evolution while assisting the evolution of Egypt through the revolution that set the Arab world reeling into their own revolutionary times and I began to understand the significance of my connection with Egypt and my mission that has been so strong there.


According to Jacob Boehme, 77 is the total number of the divine revelation thanks to the Word formed. Because starting from only one Verb speaking and a unique vital spirit, it exit 77 languages of which "five belong to the Spirit of God who speaks by his children when and as He wants; but the sixty-twelve others belong to the persons and to the human particularities by which speaking the own intelligence of the man, telling at the same time lies and truths. Also the sixty-twelve languages, that is to say Babel, must pass by the court of God and the pure has to be separated from the impure and to undergo the test of the fire". I speak these five languages that belong to the Spirit of God. I speak them in the form that is one language but the combination of the five. I cannot speak them from the level of the Ego but only as a pure channel as the Spirit of God sees fit and they are not interpreted because to do so would bring in the impurity of the Ego needing to know.


I understand what was going on in Egypt at that time now and have had 2 years (when looking at your own process and reading these dates, recognise that 2 is to do with transition; there always needs to be time to transition) to complete that phase. I did not return to Egypt for 2012 as I knew it was not necessary, I knew the work was done and concluded last year with the final group to enter Egypt with me for the journey of 11.11.11 and the process that began on 28 October 2010 (original Mayan Calender last day). There were 7 of us last year for that journey. Seven is the Symbol of the totality of the created Universe (3 the sky + 4 the earth), it expresses the creation within which the man evolves. Symbol of eternal life for the Egyptians: it symbolizes a complete cycle, a dynamic perfection. Seven is also known as the symbol for the perfect Hu-man as depicted by the Leonardo Da Vinci drawing.


The moment of entering the World of Divine Truth where all that is not in alignment with the New Fifth World began after 12.12.2010 (purest form 12.12.12) as the 12.12 closes the gate that opened on 11.11.2009 (purest form 11.11.11). This gateway that opened on 11.11.2009 offered immense healing and release for those who were ready to embody the Christ Consciousness that began surrounding us on 3.3.2010 (333). With the close of the Gateway later that year on 12.12.2010 we had the opportunity to recover and the process began again on 11.11.2011 (second wave 11.11.11 more appropriately 11.11.13). That gateway began an activation process of mighty proportions that would enable higher transformations and the Alchemical process of the Ascension to begin to activate. This was the gateway opening to Mastery and that Gateway closes on 12.12.2012 (second wave 12.12.12 more appropriately 12.12.5). This gateway initiates the Christ Consciousness that is available to us all that enables the changes within to be activated for all of humanity and the process begins on 3.12.2012 (minor 3.3.3 More appropriately 3.3.5). The purity of the Ascension and Soul purpose begins to unfold on 3 December 2012 and completes on 12 December 2012 followed by the Planetary ascension on 21.12.2012 (3.3.5) (minor 3.3.3). 21 in the Tarot represents the world.


Finally on 22nd December 2012 we begin the planetary transition into the new Fifth World. This date represents us having brought into control the 3 parts of consciousness including the 5 senses. We walk into the unknown, welcoming the mysteries that will bring greater wisdom as we seek further knowledge and a greater connection to the God/Goddess as we begin the phase of understanding this more complete and balanced aspect of the Divine within us all. We embrace Christ Consciousness as we become the perfected Hu man (the man and woman who has embraced the Light and seeks to understand all Ray Paths on the path of the Return to full consciousness) - A new world a new journey a new life!


Please share while keeping it in it's orginal format and including where it came from


In Love We Unite



Peace will Prevail on Earth

Posted on November 15, 2012 at 10:20 PM

Change is upon us, all of us and our intentions are what creates our personal changes. Open your heart, lead with your heart and your changes will flow freely, expressively, Truthfully, and your expansion will echo further than the ever expanding sky, forever shifting and changing into greater Unity Consciousness and Peace will Prevail on Earth

~ ~


Today's Meditation

Posted on November 15, 2012 at 3:15 AM

Photo: Today's Meditation:  This moment is just for you ~ Find some quiet space - 5 minutes, 10 mintues, 15 minutes or more, you have time ~ Light a candle, burn some incense and put on some relaxation music to listen to ~ follow the breath and affirm I Am Love and I Am Infinitely Loved ~ continue in this way until you feel the transformation ~ allow the magic to happen ~
40/4 (13)

This moment is just for you ~ Find some quiet space - 5 minutes, 10 mintues, 15 minutes or more, you have time ~ Light a candle, burn some incense and put on some relaxation music to listen to ~ follow the breath and affirm I Am Love and I Am Infinitely Loved ~ continue in this way until you feel the transformation ~ allow the magic to happen ~

40/4 (13)

Waves of Ascension

Posted on November 13, 2012 at 5:30 PM


Saint Paul of Thebes

Early this morning I had a dream and I saw a boat filled with people on top of a hill. The boat rose up into the sky and one by one each of the people in the boat ascended individually into the Heavens. I realised during the dream that I ...

have seen this so many times in different circumstances. I watched with my youngest son as I spoke with another young girl who was about to take her place in readiness for her journey into ascension also. She had been drinking and I was concerned for her, imagining her rising up and then falling from the Heavens. She said she was happy to try and her friends were all about to go up later that day. I understand the dream and know that we must continue to inspire others toward the ascension without judgement and allow all to learn in their own way. On waking I had a clear vision of an Ascended Master/Saint. I don't know who he was but I imagine he was there as a messenger.

I also remembered on waking that I have had this dream in different versions all my life since a small girl and I feel blessed to be a part of this most amazing time. I also believe the messages are for us all and should be shared. Please take time to meditate daily because the clearing is still needed on many levels and especially the Emotional Body. The Ascension is not one wave but many on many levels and for those who desire it you will continue to accelerate your Ascension through your conscious efforts.

I once wrote daily energy status' reporting the energy through the numbers, but I have changed that to daily meditations. Simple messages that carry the energy of the day; I have simply changed the way I give the energy report. I felt it was more appropriate to guide you into meditation rather than simply give the meaning behind the energy. These simple meditations will allow you to absorb the energies available to us all each day. In this way we can harness the Light that is in constant change and allow that light/energy to lovingly embrace us through the changes. It is important to meditate daily because in so doing you will begin to integrate your Higher abilities that come with full integration of the Ascension and one by one you will find that you are opening to those gifts that you always knew you had but did not know how to open to. You are ready now and all it takes is to be the clear channel and the gifts will be yours as your Soul understands on a deeper level when you are ready. It is a natural progression to become more and more Awake on more and more levels. I encourage you to meditate and to be fully consciouse/aware of all that you do.

Please share if you feel it appropriate and I encourage all those who wish to receive them personally via email to subscribe with the words "Daily Inspirations" and I will add their names to my list. Email:

~ ChristinA ~

To those of you who have written to me, I will reply to each of you individually and I thank you for taking the time to stay in touch with me. I love you All. Please enjoy today's meditation............................I Am You .... Healing that Awakens - Luxor Light

Today's Meditation

Posted on October 22, 2012 at 12:10 PM

There is always an amazing power around on 22 days especially for LUXOR Light, it is the sacred mathematics of our LUXOR Light Symbol powering lifeforce into manifestation, always striving upwards to greater potentials and harnessing all 5 quintessences.

Today's meditation is powered on the face of it by the 22 suggesting greater awareness needs to be lent to todays energies bridging heart and min

d while initiating new ideas that will inevitably become the seeds that sprout forth new life; A life of heart felt thoughts that begin from a feeling deep within the heart reaching into the mind where thought powers the energy trail that we follow and that inevitably follows us.

Be in the moment, be in the heart and know that what you are thinking today is what you will create tomorrow. Make it beautiful

~☥~ ChristinA ~☥


Today's Meditation

Posted on October 20, 2012 at 10:35 PM

Surrender to the Divine ~ release all that no longer serves you ~ Be love, Be compassion ~ Express all through Loving compassion ~ Be in your heart space where all Divinity begins and embrace the Knowingness that through true surrender your Divinity is expressed and touches everyone ~ and the cycle begins again each time more Divine, each time more Love, more compassion, more loving compassion ~ each time more you become more Divine ~

~☥~ ChristinA ~☥



Global Energies April 2012

Posted on April 1, 2012 at 6:20 AM

Photo:  The Old City Jerusalem 10.10.2011 if you look above the City you can see the Magenta/Rose Ray of Unconditional Love, Regeneration, Strength and Renewal

It's been a few weeks since I wrote my last report for the energies.  It was like something simply went snap take a break and don't write and now I feel it is time again, only it's also time for change.  Now I feel it appropriate to write for the month rather than every day, although that could change at any moment, but for today that is what feels right.


April is such a good month for focusing on you, on your healing, on dreaming that which you want to bring into your reality and looking after your physicality.  Love and nurture you and allow ideas to formulate.  Be forgiving,  be embraced in the all encompassing unconditional love of our Infinite Universe!  Don't start anything new but rather be organised and orderly in your physical life and also direct your subconscous to tidy up and organise itself also and the wisdom of the Divine will be yours to behold, and will allow all your dreams and visions to begin to bring your new direction into manifestation.


Ascended Master of the Month is Ascended Master Jesus


Meditation:  Enter into stillness within the heart and here you will find Ascended Master Jesus showering you with unconditional love, forgiveness and the energy of Devotion to the Christ within.  Simply allow yourself to surrender to the Love and feel the bliss that will expand your consciousness and awaken to a more joyous loving and forgiving you!  Focus on the featured photo and absorb the energies that are offered through the Blessing of the Holy City of Jerusalem.


Colours for the Month of April are Golden Light, ruby red and deep rose pink/magenta

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Posted on March 5, 2012 at 9:55 PM

This is the Parthenon but the Temple of Truth over Crete was built with the same architectural design


Today is all about change and in particular it resonates so well with the energies and purpose of the Fifth World we are entering.  Yesterday I sent out a Dare with the energies of the master frequency 22 and later in the day I realised I had dared myself and my dares were really not that big and as if by chance I received a message from the biggest Darer of all - the Ascended Master for yesterday, Lord Anubis.  His energy enveloped me and he dared me to begin to deliver messages from the masters in recorded form.  I was shaking in my boots that I had dared others and now I would have to be more daring!  Ok, I did not hesitate, I took on the challenge and now I will deliver daily if the master wish to speak that often.  Click here to find this gift to Humanity


So today is all about Changes, and the energy is the 23/5 which is resonant with Ametron Truth and I dared to embrace my Soul Channel of Ametron and bring the messages to the world in the purest form of the Ancient Language of Light.  This is also powerfully relevant for today because today we must dip into our Creative Womb and bring forth the expression of our Soul and so it is and So It Is Done.


Ascended Master for today is Master Hilarion


Meditation:  Ask to be taken to the Etheric Retreat of Truth over Crete and listen to Lord Hilarion's message HERE


The colour for today is Blue with orange and yellow supporting

Monday 5 March 2012

Posted on March 4, 2012 at 8:00 AM

      Maria and Linda dared to push beyond the pain barrier and climb to the top of Mt Sinai to show thier commitment ascension. November 12, 2011

Brace yourself for big energies today and be sure to utilise them.  Waste not want not on a day like today.  If you have something you have always wanted to do, a dream or a wish, today is the day to do something that just may activate energy in that direction.  It's a dare to do day!  I dare you to do something significant, something that just might turn out to be a BIG thing.  Double creation day so do it... I'll be checking in on you !!  Share with us and tell us what you did today or just say I did it... go on I DARE YOU!


Ascended Master today is Anubis


Ask to visit the Ascension Retreat of Master Serapis and Anubis over Luxor Temple in Egypt and ask Anubis - if you dare, (his energies are mighty powerful so if you do be prepared and be very honourable) and ask Anubis to assist you to prepare your etheric field to be strong and healed and whole in order to give you the perfect vehicle to travel through the ascension.  Ask him to help you with your preparations to enter the Ascension Temple and ask him to show you how to purify your bodies for your journey ahead.

The colour for today is Ruby Red

Saturday 3 March 2012

Posted on March 2, 2012 at 9:05 PM

Today we are visited by many Ascended Masters sharing their Light and Wisdom with us all and their theme for us today is creativity!  Create, create, create and in particular they want us to know and be aware that this creative element is that of the Divine, so in fact we are in the perfect position to co-create with the Masters today.  Set aside some time to meditate on that which you are trying to bring about or write about it in creative form, do a mandala, dance, paint, sing!  Go ahead use your creative imagination and be the Creator!


Ascended Master today is Lao Tze


During meditation you can visit the Etheric Temple of Mercy, located over Peking, China, the Retreat Lao Tze resides in with his Twin Flam Quan Yin.  Lao Tze is the Master of Joy and Lightness of Being reminding us that life is not all work  and that we should allow in the simple joys and stop being so serious. Ask Lao Tse to remind you when you are looking down that there is so much more to be gained when we turn our face to the Sun and embrace the beautiful Being that we are.


Todays colour is Orange

Tuesday 28 February

Posted on February 27, 2012 at 10:35 AM

Photo:  Consciousness Orb of the Ibis (Thoth).  Taken October 2008 on the Nile


Today resonates with the Higher Mind frequencies connecting us to universal intelligence. Be aware of the mind and it's possible over activity and remind yourself that if your thoughts do not resonate with your heart then you are thinking in the wrong direction.  Double dose of heart energy today and quite a strong karmic influence around so you just may find that you are the beneficiary to some reward reaping if you have planted your seeds well. 


Ascended Master Thoth


Call upon Thoth prior to meditation to assist you with bringing balance into your life or to assist you with your creative writing pursuits and to teach you how to be in tune with the dates and gain greater understanding about how the vibrations of the day are important to us in understanding more about the mysteries and secrets of life.


Colour for today is White

Monday 27 February 2012

Posted on February 26, 2012 at 5:45 AM

Photo:  Dancing on Dahabieh on the Nile November 2011

Happy Heart day filled with loving joy that will ultimately set you on the right path.  How could it not?  Is it even possible to take the wrong path when your heart is filled with Joy?  I think not, so breath deep and take in that pure joy on offer today and trust that with total acceptance that all is exactly as it should be and all will unfold with absolute ease.  A great day for meditation and contemplation.


The Ascended Master for today is Arcturus


Prior to sleep or during meditation you can ask to visit the etheric retreat of Arcturus near Luanda, Angola to learn how to use the violet flame to overcome difficult situations on a personal and planetary scale, and to transmute darkness into light. Invoke the violet flame to cleanse and purify your subtle bodies and to cleanse and purify the earth and her troubled areas. 

Colour for today is Violet and also green for healing and yellow for some joy and happiness.


Saturday 25 February 2012

Posted on February 24, 2012 at 8:00 AM

Photo:  Well in the garden of Joseph of Arimathea where the Garden Tomb is located in Jerusalem. 


Whatever you did on Friday by practising the Big Heart action and putting a few boundaries in place has set the wheels in motion for change.  Don't be afraid of change because it brings with it a more expanded level of consciousness which ultimately offers you more freedom.  Think with your heart today is the best advice I can give you and when you do that just observe how differently you communicate your words and how easily you express yourself with greater intent filled love and compassion. 


Ascended Master today is Master Hilarion


You can visit Master Hilarion in his etheric retreat the Temple of Truth over Crete.  Ask  for the experiences needed in order to look at self-truth and self-knowledge so you are able to truly come from the heart space and know that expression from the heart is all that matters.  Ask for his miraculous healing powers to be showered upon you as you undertake these humbling experiences.


Colours for today are Blue like the sky and optional green and red.

Bali Meditation Retreat in May - check it out

Friday 24 February

Posted on February 23, 2012 at 9:35 AM

Photo:  Garden Tomb just outside the Old City of Jerusalem - notice the rainbow of light to the side.  I hope you can feel the healing energy from this photo taken September 2011.

Great day for setting some firm boundaries and putting down foundations to something new  especially in the Spiritual area of your life.  There are lots of Angels around today supporting you on this Big Heart Day, so open your Big Heart and share some love a little further than normal, you will be glad you did.

Today we are working with Archangel Gabriel

Ask to attend Archangel Gabriels Retreat over Jerusalem, the Temple of Resurrection and ask for guidance in your spiritual life and clarity on your life purpose.  Ask for help if you are feeling discouraged and for assistance in bringing order and discipline into your life.  And ask to be shown how to find joy and happiness so you may feel contentment in your life.

Colour for today is Emeral Green

Check out Bali Meditation Retreat



22 February 2012

Posted on February 21, 2012 at 9:00 AM

Photo:  The Parthenon in Athens, built in dedication to Pallas Athena.  Photo taken September 2011

Wow today holds some mighty powerful energies for accomplishment and for testing the spiritual understanding you have about your own karmic path and personal power issues.  You may find that during the course of the day someone manages to push your buttons.  If they do remember you are looking at "you" only in a different package.  Be thankful for the experience and use it as a teaching tool for greater understanding about the self.  It's a big boundaries day, so set some firm boundaries for yourself and also make sure you actually respect the boundaries of others, it works both ways especially today!

 I'm no astrologer but I think it is also new moon but you will have to read about that here


Ascended Master today is Pallas Athena goddess of Truth




Ask to visit the Temple of Truth over Crete and if you ask Pallas Athena to assist you in accepting your Truth.  Ask her to help you to release the need to lie to yourself and to help you have the courage and strength to be fully in your Truth so that is may shine forth like a beacon for others to follow.


Tuesday 21 February

Posted on February 20, 2012 at 8:50 AM

Photo:  Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

The energies today resonate to the sacred architechture of humanity, the mysteries that one must solve for oneself. Sound plays and important part in today and it is suggested that you listen to or play the music that sings/speaks to your heart and Soul.  These are very Divine energies that strive toward initiating new beginnings.


Ascended Master today is Kuthumi




Ask to be taken to the Cathedral of Nature in Kashmir to be taught the law of wisdom in service to mankind and to use this wisdom to move from the mind and into the heart state.


Colours for today are primarily Red with yellow and violet.

Monday 20 February

Posted on February 19, 2012 at 9:05 AM

Sunrise Mt. Sinai November 13, 2012


Today is either about perfect balance between ego and Higher Self/lower mind and Higher Mind or it's going to be a battle of wills/minds.  There is a strong creative influence around today so my advice is focus on the creative mind and allow yourself to tap into your intuitive side so you can actually attain the perfect balance in order to bring the creative you into action so you actually utilise that total wisdom part of you that you know is in there.  The wise one really wants to be in charge today so let go of anything that belongs to the ego and do a clean out of the mind.  To assist you with this I encourage you to use the mantra gifted to me from Higher Worlds and now I gift it to you - "Eshta Mana" and say it 9 times whenever you are aware of the lower mind at work.


Today we are embraced by Archangel Metatron



Ask Archangel Metatron assist you to have the strength to follow the Will of God and to surrender attachment to the lower will.