LUXOR Light Ascension

A Soul Empowerment Program through embodying higher frequencies through meditation 
and healing to Merge with Higher Self on the Journey of Awakening. 


Linda Boyd

Posted on July 21, 2018 at 9:10 AM

Linda has been with LUXOR Light since 2006 and has proven to be a fantastic Ambassador for LUXOR Light. Linda traveled to Egypt on one of the LUXOR Light Ascension Tours in March 2008 and has since become a LUXOR Light Teacher/Facilitator offering Ascension Programs in Perth and Geraldton, Western Australia.

Through Linda's path of awakening with LUXOR Light she has opened to the gift of speaking the Language of Light which works to steer the Soul back to it's original blueprint and assists to awaken others. Linda also works with Sacred Sound which is an Advanced Level of LUXOR Light through the Ametron Truth School of the Mystic gathering greater tools, accelerating the path of Mastery and working with the Sounds of Light that assist one to heal through to the deepest core levels.


On 21 December 2012 Linda took part in the Lemurian Choir Reunion in Maui, Hawaii and now also works with these 24 Pineal Tones of healing.


Linda is an Accredited LUXOR Light Practitioner from the Northern Suburbs of Perth Western Australia. If you would like to experience a LUXOR Light Ascension healing incorporating the sounds and Languages of Light with Linda you can contact her by



Phone: +61403 507 889

or visit Linda's website on:

Christine Densley

Posted on July 21, 2018 at 8:50 AM

Christine stumbled upon LUXOR Light when she went for a Bowen Therapy session. Her Therapist invited her to a LUXOR Light meditation class with ChristinA and after that she was hooked! That was back in 2014 and since then Christine has completed all the LUXOR Light full Ascension program and all requirements to become a LUXOR Light Healing practitioner.

But, wait that is not all! Christine visited Luxor in 2016 with ChristinA and underwent an initiation into the LUXOR Light Meditation Facilitator program. She is now a qualified LUXOR Light Meditation Facilitator as well. But that was not enough for Christine. In just 3 months Christine returned to Egypt to assist ChristinA and help with the Grand Opening of the LUXOR Light Retreat and Centre for Ascension. Then to top it all off she took part in her second LUXOR Light Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan. Christine is now well and truly anchoring the LUXOR Light frequencies and fully at home in Luxor itself.

Christine has also undergone the initiations into the Ametron Truth Sacred Sound Healing work and channels not only Sacred Sound but light language too. She is also a qualified Crystal Healing Practitioner.


A mother of three, wife of one and a powerhouse of energy, a healing with Christine is sure to have you not knowing what has hit you, and you are most definitely going to recognise how life changing this healing can be.

Boodawung Healing

At Boodawung Healing you can receive Kundalini Healing, DNA Repair, Crystal Healing and Meditation classes.

Christine is an accredited LUXOR Light Healing Practitioner. See Here

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Christine lives in the Murchison, Western Australia


You can contact Christine at Boodawung Healing by phone on 0409655976


Or for distant healing contact Christine on" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Please Like and follow Boodawung Healing on Facebook

Chantal Perkins

Posted on July 21, 2018 at 8:40 AM


Chantal is a qualified LUXOR Light Healing Practitioner. Her journey with LUXOR Light began in Glastonbury UK in 2007 when she experienced a LUXOR Light healing session with Susan Smith; her soon to be LUXOR Light teacher . Within a few months she was in Egypt on an ascension tour with ChristinA and she says she never looked back. Chantal undertook the 3 month LUXOR Light ascension program with Susan Smith in the UK and then returned to Egypt to begin her journey under ChristinA as a LUXOR Light Healing Practitioner.

It was very soon obvious that Chantal had what it takes to become a LUXOR Light Teacher and she was invited to receive initiation into the teacher program on the 28th October 2011 which is one of the dates that was recorded as the last day of the Old World on the original Mayan Calendar. Chantal is not teaching at the moment but waiting for the Divine time to present itself to her.


Chantal is visionary meaning she "sees" through symbolic images while facilitating a healing. She may also see past life images that are relevant to the healing process. She incorporates colour vibration into her healing sessions, works with numerology, has opened to become an encodement key passing on sound codes that heal at the level of the DNA and intuitively reads well the movement of healing through the emotional, mental, spiritual and galactic bodies during a healing session and through her LUXOR Light training is able to read consciousness levels in order to give you a good grasp on where you are at with your spiritual healing path so you are able to focus and take charge of your next step.


Chantal also has a BSc (Hons) Degree in Herbal Medicine; that wonderful connection to the world of all round health and wellbeing.


Read more about Chantal and her journey into LUXOR Light here


Chantal works from Leicester, United Kingdom as a LUXOR Light healing practitioner along with her herbal medicine practice and you can contact her as per below:


Phone: 07963512046




Naeleen Jennings

Posted on July 21, 2018 at 7:55 AM

Naeleen began her journey with LUXOR Light Ascension in October 2005 after 9 months of seeing the LUXOR Light symbol in the local Nova Magazine in Western Australia. Naeleen says every month it spoke to her and eventually she said "I have to do that course" and so her journey with LUXOR Light began.


Naeleen is a fully qualified LUXOR Light Energy Healing Specialis whose bubbly and joyful personality coupled with the power of the LUXOR Light energy that passes through her clear channel will have you amping up your own frequencies in no time.


LUXOR Light Healing opens your higher chakras and assists you to heal on all levels activating the higher dimensional chakra system.


LUXOR Light Meditation Specialist

Naeleen has just completed Level One LUXOR Light Meditation Specialist qualifications in Egypt with ChristinA of LUXOR Light Ascension.

An immersion into the energies of LUXOR Light through meditation with Naeleen can assist you to align with your Higher Self and bring greater balance and harmony into your life. LUXOR Light is a portal to Higher Consciousness.


Begin your journey to Self and awakening to greater healing within with Naeleen Now....

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You can contact Naeleen on

Phone: 0438819380




Jason Wright

Posted on July 20, 2018 at 9:55 AM

Jason Wright began his journey with LUXOR Light in 2008 doing LUXOR Light Levels 1-3. Jason then came to Egypt to take part in the LUXOR Light Practitioner Levels 1-2. He qualified as an advanced practitioner and then attended Egypt ascension tours another 2 times including one where he took part in the LUXOR Light Teacher Program; so Jason has been to Egypt 3 times already and is indeed holding exceptionally high LUXOR Light frequencies.

Jason speaks in the Ancient Languages of Light and is a very powerful healer who works with regular clients in a village called Markfield near Leicester in the UK and will soon be offering LUXOR Light Ascension programs for you to begin your journey with LUXOR Light. 

You can contact Jason for a Super LUXOR Light Healing session or for details of his teaching programs on email: or visit his website and peruse some of his photos and his musings.

Jason is the only qualified LUXOR Light Teacher and Meditation Facilitator living in the UK.

You are going to just love Jason and what he has to offer you and your healing and Ascension process!

You can contact Jason by phone on +44 7743 969356

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Jannette Cochrane

Posted on July 20, 2018 at 9:20 AM

Janette has a natural ability to connect with those that are magnetised to her bubbly personality and drawn to ask for guidance.

A qualified LUXOR Light Healing Practitioner, Janette also holds many years of experience not only in complementary therapies; she has been and still is a Registered General/Psychiatric nurse and Midwife, giving her a multitude of skills that enable her to tune into what assistance is needed during a healing session. 

Some of Janette's experience comes from working with Reiki, Experiential Astrology, Access Consciousness BARS and Access Body Processes. Janette intuitively uses drums, crystal and Tibetan bowls along with other sound instruments, not to mention her awakening to Sacred Sound through Ametron Truth work, which is an advanced level of LUXOR Light and Janette's intuitive self will help bring forward what is required for her Client. Because Janette holds the LUXOR Light Frequency within her being, this makes the work so much more powerful. 

Janette is very in touch with nature. If you have the spirit of the wild and thirst to be immersed into your true nature have a chat with her and Janette will have you excited and enthusiastic to seek and find your own "Elemental Nature". 

A healing session with Janette will have you eager for more as she nudges you to look deeper to find the real you! 

You can contact Janette by 

Phone: 0420 863 996 or


Kim Wrightson

Posted on July 20, 2018 at 8:50 AM

In 2009 Kim was initiated into the LUXOR Light Teacher program eventually completing all requirements enabling her to teach the Ascension Program levels 1-3. 

She has been a regular for a number of years in LUXOR Light meditation groups and workshops facilitated by ChristinA, also participating in the first ever Dahabiehcruise in 2008 on her very first trip to Egypt! As part of this trip she traveled to Israel with ChristinA also, where she awakened to the gift of the Language of Light in a very interesting experience at St Anne’s Church in Jerusalem! 

Since then Kim has returned to Egypt in 2010, 2014, 2016 participating in various LUXOR Light programs and two more Nile Cruises, deepening her connection to this magical land! Earlier in 2017 she returned to Luxor for the grand opening of the LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension, participating in the first retreat program held at the centre. Kim says she feels like Luxor is now her second home and each trip has facilitated further growth and expansion. Kim continues her ascension journey through her own experiences with the LUXOR Light frequencies, delving into the depths of self and the power of presence. 

Kim’s warm heart, gentle compassionate nature, together with her immense love of LUXOR Light, her passion for colour, numerology and flowers, means she is able to support you through your ascension journey, assisting you to navigate your soul’s pathway realising your true potential.


She is also a Flower Alchemist, developing her own range of flower essences among other things!


Rose Ray Soul Awakenings

At Rose Ray Soul Awakenings, Kim specialises in Distant Visionary Energy sessions but she also offers Hands on Visionary Energy sessions in the comfort of your own home.


Stay tuned for more as Kim is developing some really exciting programs, including meditation classes!


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Contacting Kim

Kim can be contacted by phone: +61 407930922 or






You can read Kim’s Blogs:


Rose Ray Soul Awakenings http//


Blooming Inspirational



Or Join Kim on her Facebook Page Rose Ray Soul Awakenings to learn more of what she is up to

Kathy Couper

Posted on July 20, 2018 at 2:40 AM

Kathy is from the small coastal town of Dongara - Port Denison in Western Australia. She began her journey with LUXOR Light in 2014 attending meditation classes with ChristinA. It was obvious from the beginning that Kathy was at home within the energy of LUXOR Light. Pregnant at the time and with two small boys she had to take a break for family commitments, but Kathy never let her connection go and it wasn't long before she decided to participate in the LUXOR Light Ascension Program online. This meant Kathy was able to focus on her family and her new found love of LUXOR Light and accessing the pure consciousness of Presence. Working with the energy almost daily meant that Kathy was never out of the energy and so her strength of presence grew rapidly.

Hands on Healing Practitioner of LUXOR Light

As a natural progression, Kathy decided she really wanted to step into becoming a LUXOR Light Healing Practitioner with ChristinA and so took part in both practical levels to the Advanced Practitioner level which includes the distant healing component of the course.

Kathy was an instant hit! It seems she is a natural when it comes to working with energy and she just soaks up more and more knowledge and wisdom, growing with every healing session she does.

You can visit Kathy's Personal Blog site Here

Kathy specialises in hands on energy work and Distant Healing work to anywhere in the world. If you would like an energy session with Kathy you can contact her below

Phone: 042 969 2332


Do you have a Session with Kathy?

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Leanne Burong Black

Posted on July 19, 2018 at 10:20 PM

Leanne Burong-Black

LUXOR Light Ascension Meditation Specialist

Leanne Burong-Black is a fully qualified LUXOR Light meditation facilitator and assists ChristinA in running meditation in Port Denison, Western Australia.

Everyone that knows Lea will agree that she is one of those people who have that something special; a natural Light Worker shining her light wherever the rest of the world can benefit. Since 2011 Lea been forging her path within LUXOR Light as a healing practitioner and now also as a facilitator of LUXOR Light Meditation and ascension programs.

A mother of 4 Lea has dedicated her life to her husband and children and now as they grow older she adds more roles to her life now that she has found that little bit of time to dedicate to her path as a Healing Practitioner and LUXOR Light meditation facilitator.

Lea has an affinity with nature and that connection to our Blessed Mother Earth shines through in all she does. While receiving healing with Lea you can literally hear what sounds like fire crackers as the blockages release and the healing takes place and she has also opened to the higher levels of Sacred Sound and the Language of Light that amplifies the healing process through the multi-dimensional levels including accelerating the healing of the DNA. I'm excited to have Lea among our Facilitators group and feel blessed that she chose LUXOR Light as her path.

If you would like healing with Lea, you can find her in Dongara, Western Australia

Phone Lea on: 0400058155


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You can read more about Leanne here