LUXOR Light Ascension

An Empowerment Program through meditation and healing
to Empower and anchor the Soul on the Journey of finding God Self. 
Spiritual tours in Egypt.

Understanding the Monad

According to Djwal Khul as channeled through Alice Bailey, there are 60,000,000,000 monads working through our planetary system.  He says in the beginning God created individualised sparks of the Creator and these sparks of God are what are called "Monads".  Each of these 60,000,000,000 monads has 12 Souls or Soul groups that are extensions of their host Monad.  Each soul/soul group also has 12 soul extensions which are the incarnated personalities on earth.

What is an Ashram?

Traditionally an Ashram is known as a Hindu hermitage or monastery where devotees of the guru go to study yoga, music or religious instruction aiming to make the effort towards liberation also known as moksha in Sanskrit.  Most ashrams are usually following a lineage of a particular guru or master.  In my understanding an Ashram is an earthly representation or reflection of a heavenly group consciousness.

In the theosophical teachings that I study it is suggested that on a Divine level an Ashram is also called a monad.