LUXOR Light Ascension

An Empowerment Program through meditation and healing
to Empower and anchor the Soul on the Journey of finding God Self. 
Spiritual tours in Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian Meditation 
and Sacred Sound Yoga 
In Luxor

Ancient Egyptian Mantra Meditation

Sound Yoga

Through the process of ChristinA's journey of Awakening, ancient languages began to spontaneously channel through her during meditation or during facilitating a healing session. While at one time she used to speak in 13 different Star languages, it eventually settled into a Uniform language that is often called the first language spoken on Earth.  This language is the language spoken by the Ascended Masters and Angels and is a mix of 5 different languages, such as Ancient Egyptian, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Tibetan and Chinese. This language was spoken at the time of Ancient Egypt and the main form of language that flows through ChristinA holds more of the Ancient Egyptian and Hebrew and in different times the Ancient Chinese, Sanskrit and Tibetan come through.  This is all part of her Awakening that brought forth a deep remembrance of her Gifts held in her many lifetimes in Ancient Egypt, Persia and Mesopotamia and Tibet, as Priest, High Priest and Priestess and Zen Monk where she used sound and mantra as a form of meditation, it became obvious of the power of Light in the form of languages that were channelling through her.  

Mantras are Sacred and bring a deep connection to Divine Grace and can act like a Key to Higher Dimensions of existence.  They hold a connection to a particular Sacred Lineage of the Masters and can only be given by one who has accomplished such a degree.  

The Sound of a Mantra activates a particular vibration that can act like a Key to unlock the unconscious where deeper healing can begin.  Sometimes the Yogi who is the bearer of the mantra may feel guided to gift a particular mantra to someone.  These mantras have specific power that are extra significant to the individual being given the mantra. ChristinA's gift of receiving mantras from her Divine Lineage has opened up a  new pathway of connecting with Higher Consciousness and it is this gift she wishes to share with you.

It is really important to get the "sound" of the mantra correct, because it is the sound that enables the correct vibratory effect on the body and the mind.  For this reason when a Mantra is received directly from the Yogi who carries the power of Mantras from their Divine Lineage, a great deal of True Healing and Awakening can be achieved.

The Meaning of the mantra is not necessarily important.  The importance comes in the "form" of the sound.  It is the sound that holds the Power not the meaning.  While finding translation for the mantras there is an incredible amount of Mis-translation and loss of the purity of the Mantra.  Therefore, it is far more important to learn the correct sound of the mantra to benefit from and receive the Key that unlocks Higher Consciousness.

Ametron Truth Sacred Sound Yoga

In addition to the Sacred Mantra comes three Sacred Sounds that enables a deeper connection with the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and the Creation that comes forth from right expression of the sounds.  While these three sounds can be taught, the power comes when the individual has become the sound rather than just saying the sound.  

When these three sounds were gifted through ChristinA after her second Great Awakening, she also met and merged fully with her I Am Presence, Ametron and so came the New Sacred Sound Yoga of "Ametron Truth".  When ChristinA works with individuals for the purpose of using Sacred Sound Yoga it is a combination of Mantras and the three Sacred Sounds that initiate creation.

LUXOR Light Meditation

ChristinA is an experienced meditation teacher, teaching in places such as Egypt, Israel, New Zealand, Bali, Perth WA, Mackay Nth Qld and with others who have learned under her from places such as England, United States, Italy, Spain, Belguim and Romania.

Now basing herself in Luxor, Egypt, she offers the opportunity to experience a particular system of meditation that she developed herself after her first spontaneous Kundalini Awakening.  This system of meditation that showers you in a Divine Energy is a part of the Ascension Flame of Serapis Bey the Egyptian and the Ascension Temple that resides above the Temple of Luxor, in the Etheric.  

At the LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension, ChristinA offers a nurturing and caring environment and even if you have never meditated before, she will assist you to come to that place of inner peace, touching the Divine that enables us to find harmony in our life and reach into Awakening and Beyond.

Once immersed in the Sacred and Divine Energies of the flame of LUXOR Light that ChristinA is the Guardian for, you will be sure to know that you have indeed arrived Home.  

The Powerful frequencies of LUXOR Light awaken many latent spiritual gifts and all through learning this amazing Meditation technique.  ChristinA invites you to experience the energy of LUXOR Light meditation and Ametrong Truth Sacred Sound Yoga as she unlocks the Keys of the Ancient and Sacred within you.  

Please turn your mobile phones off and remove your shoes before you enter our meditation room and place them outside!

These classes are taught on donation-basis, donation meaning “the act of giving.” and all funds received go to providing jobs for local Egyptians.

We recommend a donation of around 100 Egyptian Pound.  ($5USD)

At the end of class, please leave your donation in the box provided.

Water is important with energy work, so please keep hydrated!

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Advanced Meditation

ChristinA Ritchie

Sacred Sound Yoga

Advanced meditations incorporating Sacred Sound Yoga, the Ancient Egyptian Language of Light and Sound Keys of Thoth, Hermes, Enoch by private arrangement.