LUXOR Light Ascension

An Empowerment Program through meditation
and healing Inititations to anchor and Empower
the Soul on the Journey of finding God Self



Whether you are looking for Peace of Mind, Balancing the emotions, developing compassion, learning how to heal the body through developing a state of inner peace, relaxation or for spiritual growth, these classes will allow you to begin to explore a part of you that you may not even know exists.

ChristinA is an experienced meditation teacher, teaching in places such as Egypt, Israel, New Zealand, Bali, Perth WA, Mackay Nth Qld and with other who have learned under her from places such as England, United States, Italy, Spain, Belguim and Romania.

Now basing herself in Dongara she offers the opportunity for you to begin with the basics and develop your inner self in a nurturing and caring environment. Even if you have never meditated before ChristinA can assist you to come to that place of inner peace, touching the Divine and finding harmony in your life.

Modern research has suggested that meditation may be helpful for a wide range of conditions such as:

  • Allergies and asthma 
  • Relieve stress and anxiety and relax the body 
  • Find greater Clarity of mind and encourages focus
  • Helps you to manage conflict and allow for response rather than reaction
  • Helps to improve relationships with self and others
  • Improve your sleep patterns and help with sleep disorders, insomnia and fatigue
  • weight loss
  • Improves your chances with managing living with or healing cancer 
  • Help to resolve depression and emotional problems
  • Helps you to become more in tune with your environment
  • Helps to reduce high blood pressure and possibility of heart disease 
  • Improve your ability to manage pain and health problems
  • Can assist with healing and addiction behaviours
  • Develops confidence allowing you to find greater happiness in your life
  • Brings balance between heart and mind improving emotional and mental intelligence
  • Develops greater compassion for self and others
  • Or simply to give yourself time out and some love and nurturing enjoyment for your self

Classes are held at the Rachel Hall at the Catholic Church, Port Denison  (0430026133 to register) but you can just turn up.  These classes are by donation.

Please turn your mobile phones off and remove your shoes before you enter the meditation room and place them outside!

These classes are taught on donation-basis, donation meaning “the act of giving.”

At the end of class, please leave your donation in the box provided.

Donation Suggested $11 - $22 per class.

~ $11 - Your thoughts and Intentions are manifesting your reality

~ $12 - Your thoughts are like seeds and they are beginning to sprout

~ $13 - The ascended masters are working with you on your thought processes teaching you the ancient wisdom in manifestation.

~ $14 - The angels are guiding your Heartfelt intentions toward change

~ $15 - Initiating change toward love and family

~ $16 - Loving thoughts keep you Heavenward

~ $17 - Have faith and trust in our infinite Universe

~ $18 – You have gone full circle and your intentions are now creating your Heaven on Earth

~ $19 - New Beginnings because you are letting go of all that no longer serves you

~ $20 - Co-creating with God/Source

~ $21 - The Key to the World, your thoughts are creating your World now!

~ $22 - Great Deeds opening the door to Mastery

Water is important with energy work, so please keep hydrated!

Contact ChristinA on 04 300 26 133

Advanced Meditation

Advanced meditations incorporating Sacred Sound, Language of Light and Sound Keys of Enoch by private arrangement.

ChristinA also offers private classes in your own home in Dongara or Geraldton see chart below depending on availability.


You can book individual sessions or receive a discounted fee for a set series of pre-booked and pre-paid sessions. All sessions are of one hour duration. Initial sessions can be slightly longer for diagnostic purposes to discuss client priorities and set an agreed course structure. 

You can pay by cash, bank deposit or Credit Card (Via Pay Pal)

Private Sessions
 Single Session
 Four Sessions
 Six Sessions 
 Eight Sessions
 Ten Sessions
  $ 110
 $ 530
 $ 700
$  880
 $ 790
Three People

Insights and Sharing

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