LUXOR Light Ascension

An Empowerment Program through meditation and healing
to Empower and anchor the Soul on the Journey of finding God Self. 
Spiritual tours in Egypt.

LUXOR Light and Enlightenment

In Tahir Square, Cairo - Revolution
Egptian baby at revolution celebrations
Egyptian Revolution 2011

I was in Egypt during the January 25 - February 11 Revolution of 2011 focusing on bringing through the frequencies of Liberation.  

I was again in Egypt during November/December 2011 during the elections praying and meditating once again for the Highest outcome for all Egyptians and again on January 25 on their third anniversary of the Revolution, strategically placed in Egypt whenever they need LUXOR Light's Liberating energies.  

The LUXOR Light Sacred Ascension tour for 11.11.11 was perfectly positioned to be of Greatest benefit for Egypt as they prepared for their change of Government.  It also served as journey of Liberation for all participants.   

With further unrest in Egypt we continue to focus on Peace, Freedom and Liberation for all of Egypt and for all of Humanity.

The Ancients used to spend 7 years in the mystery schools before they would be initiated into the level of Adept, that is one who is on "The Path to Know the Soul" according to Alice Bailey.

LUXOR Light is a Mystery School overseen by Lord Serapis Bey and holds the energy that assists one to accelerate to their Mastery and attain enlightenment.  It is the path the Adept follows through experience to know Thy Self.  It is not about the head it is about the Heart and one cannot ascend until One knows the heart and knows the Soul.

 LUXOR Light offers you the tools to stay aligned during these times of chaos and confusion.  This is a Profound opportunity to travel at ease with this accelerated world by clearing your own personal chaos and stepping up into the Fifth Dimension and accessing the stillness of our new Fifth World - a World of Peace where One is able to simply "Be"

To seek Enlightenment is to follow the true and Desire of our Divine Self , to merge with our Soul and anchor our I Am Presence on Earth and enter the Realms of our Greater Self.  Enlightenment is the Path of our Soul's Desire.

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