LUXOR Light Ascension

An Empowerment Program through meditation and healing
to Empower and anchor the Soul on the Journey of finding God Self. 
Spiritual tours in Egypt.

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  • "Thank you for your wonderful insights, and generous sharing, and thank you for having the courage to keep your sharing of love for everyone, not sure I am expressing myself well..."
    Beautiful insights
  • "Ok I'll be honest, I never thought doing a meditation/ascension course online would work. E-anything makes me think where has the people contact gone?? BUT... I really love it! ..."
    Bron T.
  • "Can I just say I am learning masses from being in this group, so many questions and new understandings being talked about. its like everything being explained finally, stepping ..."
    Ben B
    Energy University

LUXOR Light is an energy healing system that awakens one to the journey of Self through the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies awakening to the state of Harmlessness of mind and deed. It is a frequency that originates from Sirius and is overseen by the Lord Serapis Bey the Ascended Master that resides in the etheric Ascension Temple of Luxor.

This powerful meditation program enables one to strip away the layers of the ego centred self so that one may live according to the Higher Spiritual Self.

High Frequency Multi dimensional Healing - 

Raising Consciousness to Embrace full potential.

Assisting Children and Young Adults known as Indigo, Star, Crystal children to manage their energy bodies allowing for full integration for earthly participation.  

Behavioral problems etc benefit greatly. 

Visionary Healing

Hands on and Distant Healing

Soul Energy Healing Programs

Now is the time the Masters wish for the Keys of lost Knowledge and Wisdom to begin to be bestowed again upon our Beloved Planet Earth.

The Ancient Adamic Language of Light known as Hibiru holds the Sound Keys of Enoch and the Mantras and God names within the language hold great power of Awakening, Healing and Transformation. 

ChristinA brings through messages in the purity of the Languages of Light .....

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