LUXOR Light Ascension

An Empowerment Program through meditation and healing
to Empower and anchor the Soul on the Journey of finding God Self. 
Spiritual tours in Egypt.

Healing Gathering

Private Healing and Meditation Gathering with ChristinA

Healing and Meditation Gatherings are the perfect way to reconnect with yourself. and bring balance to your body, mind and spirit. 

Coming together with your friends in a social gathering in your own home and sharing the common goal of being at one with your self and at one with like minded friends.

The depth of healing received is no less than receiving a personal healing, except you do it with friends!

You receive healing codes of the highest order and the changes will be immediately felt.

These are Private Gatherings and can also be used as Fundraisers!

You can even have a Healing Gathering for your birthday party!  

Now there's a new Concept!  

Are you game to set a new trend?

These can be regular healing gathering or occasional gatherings.

Your Home also receives Healing and clearing... 

It's a double Blessing!


You Provide your Home and the Tea and Coffee, gather your fiends and the Magic Happens!

$22 per person (min 10 participants)

$33 per person (between 5 - 9 participants)

Call ChristinA on 0430026133 or fill out the form provided

You can choose a Healing Gathering or a Mantra Meditation Gathering.  

Or if you want both you can have a full day Gathering incorporating both Healing and Meditation by special arrangement.

At present this Gatherings are only available for Dongara, Geraldton or Perth Metropolitan area in Western Australia

Thank you and I will be back to you very soon! You are going to love your Healing Gathering!
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