LUXOR Light Ascension

An Empowerment Program through meditation and healing
to Empower and anchor the Soul on the Journey of finding God Self. 
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LUXOR Light Online Meditation Course

Healing through all lifetimes, all dimensions and all realities.  Initiations through the Flame of Ascension, a Path to Sirius

In 2017 LUXOR Light Ascension moves into a 25/7 year.

On March 3 2004, on her 44th birthday ChristinA experienced a spontaneous awakening process and received a Divine Frequency that awakens the kundalini in those who are ready to awaken.  This is done through meditation or through touch-hands on healing.  having never had a spiritual teacher herself, this down pouring of Divine Energy was received directly via the Power of Grace.  

It doesn't matter where the participant that chooses to receive the energy is, because it can be transferred through many means.  It can be via an email, or from a recording or even a private session online.  It can be transferred by phone or of course in a group sitting such as in meditation or gathering.

These online meditation programs are for everyone no matter how awakened you are. The healing instigates a shift into higher dimensional consciousness, but we remind you not to stop maintaining the clearing of the lower levels because they are our foundations that hold us secure and stable on our path to anchoring the Higher Self... we should never become so Spiritual that we are of no Earthly good and we should also always remember where we came from so our understanding of those lower dimensions can assist others on their healing journey..... please scroll down to learn more about the three levels of the LUXOR Light online empowerment through meditation courses ...........

LUXOR Light Ascension awakens the ultimate Twin Flame Connection; the Alpha and the Omega and accelerates us into our Soul's Purpose and True Divine Pathway.  LUXOR Light Awakens us to our Soul's Mission!

Please accept this meditation as a gift and taste of what is to come

LUXOR Light Ascension Level One?

$222 AUD

Usual Fee $333

Initiation Level One
After the first initiation, you are given a program that allows you to continue to access the energies that help you maintain and reach the higher frequencies.  This means you do not have to constantly return to ChristinA to receive another top up.  It means you can maintain your own acceleration of energies yourself and when you are ready you can move to the next level of Initiation.  

Everyone is at a different stage of spiritual growth and for this reason it sometimes takes longer for some than for others.  It also matters how committed you are to your Spiritual Self.

The Interactive Facebook Group (not just one year, but forever) allows you daily contact with ChristinA if you wish, for added support and for occasional energy transfers as ChristinA feels guided to do.

You will receive:
  • You will also receive an energy body analysis and alignment 
  • Empowerment Initiation (this must be done by ChristinA)
  • Level One Ascension Manual all now online to continue your spiritual growth
  • Guidance on the best way to maintain your personal healing and acceleration process.
Stage One - Initiation Activation and one Meditation (recommended no longer than one week apart) including initial Soul Energy analysis with Consciousness analysis and full personal support through a private Facebook page. (optional) 
Total of 7 initiations or 7 week program and can become a forever maintenance program.

LUXOR Light Initiation Level One

It is my pleasure to offer to you, the opportunity to take part in the LUXOR Light Online meditation course, an Empowerment  and Ascension Program. 

LUXOR Light Ascension Initiations can be received wherever you are in the world. 

Once you have registered with the LUXOR Light Online meditation course and Empowerment program you will begin to connect with ChristinA at the level of the subconscious and the transference of energy from the Divine will begin and your Initiation will take place. 

The Empowerment/Ascension program will enable you to work at the Self-Healing level and trigger you to tap into the Infinite supply of the Divine frequencies of LUXOR Light.  

Your connection with ChristinA can be felt no matter where you are in the world.

Initiation Level One 

Accessing the Key to Enlightenment

There are three stages to the LUXOR Light Empowerment Program and the first level is highlighted below:

LUXOR Light Ascension Initiation Stage  One- "Receiving The Key!"

You receive the initiation transfer of energies via ChristinA/Ametron

This stage will awaken you to a higher degree of consciousness and begin to accelerate you into higher degrees.  You will merge gracefully into the Fifth Dimension and have the Keys to go beyond.

After receiving the Initiation Energies you will receive entry into the Meditation program that enables healing of the Subtle bodies allowing integration into fully embodying the 5th Dimensional chakra system.

Balancing the masculine and feminine chakras and focusing on fully activating 6th dimension ready for expansion into the higher realms.

Clearing and activating your Christ Chakra and Bringing  greater clarity and direction.

The LUXOR Light Online Empowerment Program Level One includes 12 recordings plus a PDF Transcript. 

Once the Initiation transfer is complete, it will continue to flow through the program each time you initiate the Key that holds the LUXOR Light Frequency signature.  This enables you to raise your vibration and shift rapidly to Greater Levels of Awareness.  You will more and more be able to access the state of full Presence.  The more you are able to access Presence the more Divine Light you will receive and your journey into Ascension and Enlightenment grows continually stronger.

This is a very powerful program and you will receive full support and mentoring all the way.

The State of Grace

Receiving LUXOR Light is not unlike receiving a Divine Initiation in the Hindu tradition. The difference is it is a Western formular because ChristinA did not receive the Grace of God via an external Guru.  She received it directly from the Divine.

Through her gift of intuition she offers this Divine Energy Transfers via a simple meditation process.

While the meditations alone will assist you to cleanse and clear it is the acceptance of the frequency/energy of Grace through transference from ChristinA that begins the acceleration process.  Otherwise, the program is purely a meditation program and it is for this reason that if participants do not understand what they are receiving they may not get the full benefit of receiving the energy of Grace via the LUXOR Light Ascension transmission and program.

Full Support and Spiritual Mentoring

You will be fully supported during this process by ChristinA enabling you to know how well you are progressing energetically.

While LUXOR Light Level One focuses on merging into and activating the fifth dimension, it is often that participants accelerate far beyond the fifth dimension once they have established strong foundations on building their own personal pyramid and recognise the importance of staying true to the Grace of this energy.


ChristinA Ritchie of LUXOR Light Ascension
Book - The Pendulum: Powered by the Awakening Soul
The LUXOR Light Ascension Symbol


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