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Are you Authentic?

Posted on August 25, 2012 at 6:40 AM Comments comments (2)

Are you authentic, are you true? What is this about becoming the Authentic you? What does it mean to you?

We are moving into a time where Divine Truth will be the energy that embraces us at all times but do we truly realise what that means. I wonder if you have noticed how it works yet. Over the last few years as we escalated rapidly toward 2012 and even more so since, anything that has not been of integrity or authentic or true has been brought to light.

Through the process of the ascension and as one truly embodies a fourth dimensional consciousness in readiness for the tests and trials one must undergo to fully embody a fifth dimensional consciousness there can be no secrets. There can be no lies; there can be no hiding behind the veil. The veil is not only thinning the veil in most cases is disappearing. You will notice it about yourself; you will notice it about others and at any time that something is not completely honouring or done without an authentic agenda will come to light and you will not be able to hide behind the veil any more.

Those who read energy well don’t need words; don’t need to see to believe, they simply “know”, they “feel” the energy behind words. There is nothing held secret anymore; no need for secret societies because the secrets simply cannot be hidden. You can no longer think that others will not know everyone is becoming energy sensitive and everyone knows on some level. The universe is also providing some very creative ways to “expose” inauthenticity. It’s not a crime to be inauthentic, it’s simply a concept that has not been healed within the individual yet. Ask yourself “am I being 100% true and authentic in this action?” “Am I 100% authentic and true in all that I do?” Am I being 100% authentic in what I said?

 “Think with your Heart” and follow through with action that is honouring in all ways.


Twin Souls and Ascended Masters

Posted on May 9, 2010 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (2)


This is a long story but it needs to be told in order for you to understand the process that is unfolding...................

It has been obvious to me since earlier this year that I would make a serious of Ascended Master Waters. I thought I would begin them in Egypt, but as each day went by I was not given any sign as to when to begin or which Ascended Masters I would be doing. It appeared I was going home without any Alchemy Waters birthed in Egypt however on April 8 I was guided that on April 9 I would birth the Twin Soul Waters.

It was Friday and Prayer day on the 9th April 2010, and it was also the day that coincided vibrationally with my life lesson and the life lesson of myself and my twin soul. As I had over the recent 6 months cleared my own grief etc around the separation of my own twin soul who I have met in this life but are no longer humanly in contact with, I was then able to birth the Alchemy Waters that would hold the purpose of clearing the separation between Twin Souls.

My intentions were to make the waters early in the morning but it did not come to pass. I was waiting for direction and not finding it. Breakfast came and went, and as I was about to head to the roof of our apartments for a late lunch, Ashraf told me I had a text message from Sue Smith (UK LUXOR Light teacher), but there was no message on it. Immediately I knew that Sue probably did not send a text message at all and that it was probably the first sign that I was to go ahead with the waters on that day. I asked Ashraf what time the message had come through. He checked his phone and reported that it was at 2:22pm. So of course I then knew it was a definite sign so I sent a message to Sue to ask had she meant to send me a message. She replied immediately and said “no” but that she had been thinking of me all morning. She then told me that my message to her had come through 3 times!!! Ok, here we go the process is about to begin, and I will wait for the next sign as to when and where I am to make them. I checked the phone myself and saw that the time recorded on message details was actually 8:38am but the time that it showed on the actual message was 2:22pm.

Note: 22 is my life lesson. 22 is the day Sue Smith was born. 22 is the Sacred Mathematical Equasion of the Purpose of LUXOR Light Symbol. 22 is the amount of initiations within the LUXOR Light system of healing. 22 is always clue within LUXOR Light as it is almost endless the way it enters into our work and the relevance within this programme. There are 22 steps to the God Force

2:22 suggests to me a significant sign in regards to work to be done within LUXOR Light and suggest creating in a grand and mighty manner.

8:38 suggests to me the Ascended Masters assisting with the completion of Karma between Souls.

I went for lunch and while on the roof contemplated where I should make them, which temple or area in Luxor would be the perfect place. I wasn’t receiving any guidance in relation to any of the temples as being the perfect place, so I contemplated making them on the roof of the building overlooking the Nile and the Temple of Luxor, but that idea also had no energy around it. I then realised that I would need absolute privacy to make these waters so it would have to be in the privacy of my own room in my own apartment. When I went back to the apartment, I spent the afternoon preparing my room for the event about to take place; the reunion of Twin Souls on the energetic planes and waited for some sign as to when the event was to take place. I finished preparing the room and still no sign as to when the event was to take place. I began to think it was not going to happen.

Just before I was to head upstairs once again to the roof for our evening meal, Ashraf suggested I go up and have dinner with Rebecca and Hannah and when I came back down he would give me healing and then I could go into the process of making the Twin Soul Waters. Ok, that sounded like a plan and I was happy so off I went to dine with the wonderful company of two wonderful souls Rebecca and Hannah.

No time to waste I ate my meal prepared with love by our most magnificent chef Samir, and then I toodled off to the apartment to start on the Alchemy Process. When I opened the door to the apartment I saw that Ashraf had a friend visiting and I had a sinking feeling thinking that things were not going according to plan, but very quickly recognised that all was perfect and that Ashraf was actually not supposed to be touching me prior to the process. All was perfect.

I set myself up to begin the Alchemy Process and glanced at the time at the moment that the process began, it was 8:33pm exactly! This adds up to 14/5; an aspect of my destiny 104/5

What a beautiful process it was, and I had expected it to be quite traumatic maybe or grief stricken or something but it was nothing of the kind. It was beautiful as I watched two Angel Beings hand in hand gently ascending an invisible pathway in front of my mind’s eye. They sang through me and gave me the mantras of the balanced and perfectly aligned twin souls on their ascension back to Source.

Other visions passed before me and one was of Nefertiti, a pure Golden Being assisted with her head gear by someone that did not make themselves visible to me and then a long Alter was spread before me and I saw very clearly Ashraf with the appearance that he has today but with the body and clothing of an Ancient Egyptian Priest laying things out on the altar. I have no idea why but he was there but I guess it was something to do with Alchemy. The vision then shifted to Akhenaton standing at the end of the Alter and leaning over the alter doing something I cannot tell you what. How extraordinary, and although I had no idea what part Ashraf was playing in I did recognise that Akhenaton and Nefertiti were twin souls; Egyptian Twin Souls, and I was in Egypt so all was perfect. The process stopped and I glanced at the time and it was 9:19pm.

The whole process was completed on my personal vibrational day of my life lesson, and the time frame to complete it was exactly 41 minutes the exact vibration of my destiny is 104/5!

The whole energy would bring one of Truth, expansion, Freedom and ease of communication all initiated through the opening and healing of one’s Heart.

The Twin Soul Waters had been birthed and I could go home happy that I had managed to bring through the perfect Alchemy Waters. The Ascended Master waters must be for another time.

Many events transpire on my arrival home, to which I am not discussing at this time, but these events lead to the birthing of the first in the Series of the Ascended Master Alchemy Waters. Again I was not to know when the Ascended Master Waters would begin, nor did I know who the first of the Ascended Masters would be that would wish to come through.

Sunday 2.5.2010=29/11 day, another Master vibrational day, a day representing tests of Mastery being brought into place in order to acquire more wisdom, I was shown while receiving a healing session on the LUXOR Light practitioner course day 2.

Some incredible events took place on my last day in Egypt at the airport in Cairo, that I am not sharing yet, but I knew it was the beginning of something very important and very new for LUXOR Light. I slept from Cairo to Perth and this is always an indication of something big going on within the Inner Planes when this happens for me.

Something BIG going on, yes in many ways and on arrival home within the first week it all started to present itself. Still it is not time to share that story but I did find the need to consult with my clairvoyant on one heart wrenching day. Her message to me through the channel she works with was that it was paramount that I stay balanced amongst the turmoil that was presenting itself in my world because Spirit were trying to give me something new, a new gift that would benefit all of LUXOR Light. Oh the tests of Mastery do they ever stop??

It was perfect timing to be running the Practitioner course and with odd numbers within the group it was perfect for me to also receive some healing. While on the table on Saturday I saw clearly two Masters working on either side of me. The one on the left was a woman who I was unfamiliar with but she showed herself with a large light ball around her head, and she wore a turban style headgear to which I could not see completely because it was a side view. The Master on the right was masculine and it was easy to determine who he was because of his tight wavey dark hair. I knew him he was very familiar to me, but I did need to hunt for his picture to be sure.

Hilarian and Pallas Athena were the Masters showing themselves to me on this day. On further research I understood totally why they were with me and then later in the evening after the course had completed I understood that they would be the first in the series of the Ascended Master Waters.

While Hilarian and Pallas Athena are not actually twin souls, they work side by side like twin souls. Their etheric retreat is above Crete in the Temple of Truth (5), and I am guided to make these waters as a combined twin aspect of alchemy waters and each of the Ascended Master Alchemy Waters will be made with the female and male counterparts together.

The May energy is the perfect energy for anchoring the energy of Truth, and Wednesday  the 5th brought double 5’s bringing the Master energy of Truth to us and powered by 22 the full numerological vibration for the day. 5.5.2010=22.

Chronic Fatigue and Fibro Mialgia

Posted on December 2, 2009 at 4:27 AM Comments comments (3)

Most chronic fatigue sufferers are natural healers, but the problem is that they spend most of their time off the planet and not in their bodies. What happens is their natural instinct to heal is done mostly at night when they sleep. They leave their bodies and go awandering to save whoever, lost souls, war torn countries, anyone and anywhere. All healers are in fact prone to doing this unless they know the dangers. We are all born to come to this planet to make a difference, and to be of Earthly good. If you spend all of your time out of body, you are of no earthly good. When we leave our bodies at night and go wandering and healing out there in the ethers, we give away about 70% of our energy and then in the morning when we wake up we are more tired than before we went to sleep. We then need to spend the day trying to recoup the lost energy and because we are operating on 30% of our total energy levels, we are really continually trying to rebuild only to go to sleep again to give it all away again. We then become of no earthly good because we cannot function in the role that we agreed to come to the planet for. In order to regain full energy levels one needs to affirm before sleeping that they do not want to do any subconscious healing while they are asleep because they need their energy levels to be an active participant on planet earth. This is different to distance healing. Distance healing is done on a conscious level and if you know how to work it you do not lose energy but rather gain energy from the process and your intention should not be to give from yourself but from Source energy. You have control over when you turn it on and when you turn it off. Sleep escapades are different as many do not have the ability to turn it off. Quite often these people are those that are more comfortable working in the ethers as this is their natural home, but that is not what this incarnation is all about. We cannot learn our lessons or be active in our Soul's purpose if we are not present on the planet. This is a common theme in all chronic fatigue sufferers that I have worked with, and they nearly all have a very weak etheric field. They must learn to strengthen their etheric to one of a very strong forcefield or they will never be able to regain their full capacity of energy levels.

Chronic fatigue sufferers are usually very gifted healers, but don't have the ability to share their gifts because they don't have the strength. So, basically the key to their healing is in regaining a strong and healthy etheric field. The other thing is that if they suffer from Fibro Mialgia which is also a common trait among chronic fatigue sufferers, they will need to make changes to their life in some way. Change is a major key to healing. Sometimes the thing that needs to be changed is simple but hard for one to do. This tends to lead to the feelings of guilt which is a common issue held within the field of those who develop fibro mialgia. Guilt for not being able to achieve something which then tends to exasperate because the sufferer tends to be one who "does" for others rather than themselves. This creates an attack on the area of the body that is at its weakest, which us usually also the area of the body that is needed most as it is the most over-worked area of the body, and pain in the form of a rheumatoid condition is the result.

All chronic fatigue sufferers have a huge challenge on their hands, as the changes are not usually something that is simple to bring about, but the important thing is that they make some form of change in their life and slowly they will move into recovery. There is also a matter of pain thresholds and that is something that attacks chronic fatigue and fibro mialgia sufferers in a big way. Pain can seriously deplete one of energy levels and desire to go on and so it can lead to depression and depressive thoughts.

One of the most common factors of chronic fatigue sufferers is glandular fever at some time in their life, but not always. Most people have suffered from chronic fatigue at some point in their life between the ages of teen years and the age of 40 being the most common age bracket.

Key points to watch

* Strengthen the etheric field daily

* At least 20 minutes a day of morning sun

* Affirm every night before sleep "No Subconscious Healing"

* Karmic clearing affirmations daily

* No Karmic transfer - affirmations also

* Making small but regular changes towards creating the life you want to live

* Doing for yourself before others so you have something to give others

Often we don't "get the message" of the concept we are creating in our energy fields until we manifest it in our physical body, we then come to realise that we have invited in a messenger. The physical condition becomes a messenger trying to nudge your way into change. Everything is about change. Change is the only constant thing in our lives, and trying to stop change creates pain within the body. Everything is simply a block in our consciousness somewhere that we have not yet recognised, because we have been too busy or too focused on other realities and have missed the vital key in our own creation. When it manifests in the physical body, we are then given the opportunity to learn from the experience and gain real and complete healing.

There is no sense in becoming guilty about creating a physical condition as this will then only exasperate the condition. As healers we tend to invite in experiences so we can learn from them so we can be of better service to others. We are willing guinea pigs if you like. How else can one assist others if they have not yet had the experience. The trick is to recognise it before it becomes a full blown problem and hopefully find the "key" to healing it.

"Guilt" - how does one know that they are feeling guilty when it could be a concept that is hidden in the back of the subconscious mind? They create a physical condition to bring it to the fore so it can be looked at, changes made and the concept released.

Imagine the sessation of energy in the body and the feeling of all that energy trying to expand and get moving again. You can easily feel the pain this would create. Now imagine stopping change when change is a constant reality in our life...........................

Many blessings



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