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Photo:  First Sunrise of the New Dawn Luxor 29/10/2011

It's a wonderful time we are entering. More and more people are awakening and gaining a thirst to want to know more about themselves, about life and about what the sacredness of being incarnate here on planet earth at this time is all about.  It's so exciting to notice our elderly mothers and fathers, our brothers and sisters, our childhood friends all beginning to think in the same way we do!  I for one am in awe of the whole process of awakening and how glorious it is to watch as more and more of our beloved brothers and sisters on planet earth "see" with new eyes, "hear" with new ears, "feel" with new senses and thirst for the "taste" of the New Era.  These are the four senses we have been experiencing through on our journey into ascension, but now we welcome the fifth sense, that of the Akasha, the sounds, but not of hearing, the sounds of sacredness that come through from the ethers that bring us a new level of understanding a new level of healing, we welcome that fifth essense as all of humanity steps up and into the fifth world the world of truth, and expand into a greater knowingness and we all embrace as One.

These writings I share with you are simply part of the journey, I hope you enjoy.

Many Blessings



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Ascended Master Hilarion

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I've had some great requests lately for blogposts and one of those requests was who are Hilarion and Pallas Athena.

I forget sometimes when I'm doing a distant healing, especially if it is a new client, that not everyone is familiar with the same concepts and terms as I use in my healing sessions or in my courses, so I decided that some requests will be suitable for blogposts and some for private mailouts to those who are participating in my courses. These posts about the masters are suitable for blog posts and although there is a lot written about the masters on the internet, I thought I would like to give my version, well not really my version, but my "take" and then you can read what I say, read all the other articles you can find on the net and in amongst it all you will find something that sits comfortably in your own understanding and your Truth. No one is ever 100% right with these concepts because we are relying on channelled information most of the time or theories that may be outdated or simply therories. However, I'm a believer, but because we are all limited beings, I want to give you an idea from my limited perception and from that you can decide for yourself if it takes you further delving into your own intuitive self for answers that fit and resonate in your own consciousness.

Before we talk about Hilarion and Pallas Athena, I will give a basic run down on who or what Ascended Masters are. I'm keeping this brief because I don't want to bog you down with too much reading, I just want to spark your interest!

Ascended Masters

An Ascended Master is someone who has lived through many lifetimes just as we have and they have met and conquered the challenges that all those lives have set upon them. They have strived toward becoming the perfect human and reached enlightenment. I'm reading a book at the moment that is written by someone who follows the path of the Yogi in the Hindu teachings and he calls them the Supernatural People. Ultimately they become our teachers just like those in the Hindu traditions have Gurus in this life, these superior beings are our teachers or our Gurus in the Unseen Supernatural world. We all have them, but some of us are aware of them and choose to allow them to assist us in our learning in this life. The most common one that those in the Christian tradition will know is of course Jesus, but so too is Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and in fact many if not all of the disciples. So, too is Moses, Enoch and many other biblical characters. In the Buddhist tradition we have, yes of course, we have Buddha, there are many within the Hindu tradition and Mohamed in the Islamic religion and so on and so forth. But they are not part of a religion now, because they have surpassed the need for religion. They are now Teachers or varying kinds, leading us from the unseen realms and gently nudging us to learn, learn, learn. Ultimately, we are all on the path to eventually become an Ascended Master and this is why we should strive to understand what the Ascended Masters wish us to learn. They've already been to this world and struggled through all the challenges we have to struggle through and more. When we want to master something, we should seek the expert in that field. So, if you wish to seek mastery, you should seek out a master! Better still seek out an Ascended Master!

So who is Hilarion?

Before I start, I want to just point out that this is not a religious post, this is simply pointing out incarnations of Ascended Master Hilarion.

You will note in the last paragraph I mentioned Jesus and the Disciples, well guess what I'm about to surprise you with who the Ascended Master Hilarion is. If you are familiar with the biblical teachings you will have heard of Saul, the dude who was the greatest persecutor of the followers of Jesus. He did some pretty horrific things to the believers while he tried to prove that Jesus of Nazareth was a fraud and nothing more than a pretending soothsayer. Now, I was not brought up through religious teachings so you have to beg my pardon if I don't get things exactly as is written in the Bible, but I just want to get the point across here. So the story goes, that Saul the blood thirsty murderer of all those who followed the Nazarene wanted to wipe his followers off the face of the earth. He really had it in for them, so he went to the High Priest of Jerusalem and asked for letters to give him permission to kill all those who followed that Way and he set out upon the road to toward the synagogues of Damascus ready and willing to kill all who refused to give up their belief. Along the way with hate in his heart and so it goes that he was suddenly flooded with a great light shining upon him from the Heavens above. He fell to the ground as he heard a voice from within that light calling to and asking why he was persecuting him so. Saul clearly knew this was a voice from the Divine and asked who it was. Imagine the trembling, shaking Saul in horror when her heard the voice reply to him that he was Jesus, the very one that he was persecuting and all his followers to boot! Saul freaked out and asked what was he to do and the Voice spoke to him and told him to go to the city and he would be told what to do. Everyone that travelled with Saul was speechless having heard the Voice but not having seen anyone. Saul got up off the ground only to find he had in fact been blinded by that light and the story goes on to tell how he was blinded for three days until a healer came to fill him with the Holy Spirit and heal him. After that he became the greatest Pro-Jesus person around and went on to start the first Church and so on and so forth. For the rest of that life he was very pro-active in promoting the belief in Jesus.

I read somewhere once that Saul of Tarsus who became St Paul was not able to receive full ascension in that lifetime because of his karma that he had accrued, which you can imagine was immense with all that murdering and persecution stuff. But in his next life he lived such a devout life as St Paul and he well and truly made up for all the karma he had accrued in the past life and when the time came and he left his body, he ascended and is now known as the Ascended Master Hilarion.

Ascension Retreats

Ascended Masters have Retreats that are housed in the etheric and Hilarion's retreat is over Crete, a small island in Southern Greece. Hilarion's retreat is known as the Temple of Truth and you can see clearly why when we listen to the story of his incarnation as Saul of Tarsus and what it took for him to see the Truth. Hilarion teaches us the art and gift of healing and also the opening of the third eye ... "there is none so blind as those who cannot see". His vibration is emerald green and within the Temple of Truth we can ask in our meditations to be immersed in the Emerald Green Flame of Divine Truth to enable us to quicken into this state. Be warned though that as you are taking on the essence of Divine Truth you will need to work through all that is not of Truth within yourself and also be faced with the mirrors of others. It is so in all lessons that we must learn.

Previous Incarnations

Interestingly one of Hilarions incarnations was as a High Priest in Atlantis and it was he who transported the Flame of Truth to Greece. It just goes to show that in subsequent lifetimes we can forget where we have come from, how far we have travelled and need to work through some great lessons that if we do not get it, we must work through that karma before we can ascend. It also goes to show that we should not EVER judge anyone for the mistakes they may make in their life. We just never know what is unfolding for them.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please stay tuned for the next one on Pallas Athena.

You can listen to a message in the Sacred language of Light from Master Hilarion Here

Releasing the Past

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Let go of the past and stay in the merit of the moment ~ ChristinA Ritchie

Embracing the Changes

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To embrace the change we must first be willing to embrace the chaos that rises up within us, to welcome it and to use all our might to find our centre and hold our stillness within it. Only in the eye of the storm can one remain calm and untouched by all that surrounds it. And so, to embrace the Great Change we must see that this too will create great chaos; not only do we individually have to embrace and face the chaos that rises within ourselves, but be a calm centre forthe outward chaos that rises outside ourselves as the world moves through the chaos and into her change. To stay unchanged is to stay asleep. To awaken to the Greater aspects of Self and of Oneness on our Planet we should hold compassion for the communities that are facing that change in a greater way than our own. Compassion is the way of Truth, Forgiveness and Understanding. Have compassion for all you meet, we don't know who the master is among us that causes the chaos that creates the change. ~ Christina Ritchie

When Separation Visits

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When separation visits,

When know one can possibly know or even appear to care,

When words are not worthy, remind yourself,

"It's between me and God" ~ ChristinA Ritchie

The Meaning Behind the LUXOR Light Symbol

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The circle represents Unity and completion, it contains and protects and also signifies harmony, beauty, and balance. There is no beginning and no end and it encompasses death and rebirth. In Sacred Mathematics it equates to the number 8 and in numerology the number 8 represents Power in your chosen field. It is rewards for past efforts and has the determination to overcome all obstacles bringing success through perseverance. It stands for involution and evolution, for cycles of ebb and flow, infinity, rhythm, advancement, strength and confidence. The eighth and final statement in the Lord’s Prayer, it represents the return to a Heavenly state of consciousness.


The triangle embraces the power of integration through the trinity of body, mind and spirit, of mother, father and child, of past present and future, of the Holy Trinity. Expressing the power of the pyramids it assists in bringing integration into your life and is very protective. The straight line at the bottom of this triangle provides solid grounding and the two lines pointing upward direct attention to higher realms suggesting attainment of higher wisdom and knowledge, forever uplifting and inspiring. The triangle in sacred mathematics equates to the number 7 and the number 7 represents the Seeker; it is a Sacred Number and also relates to the health of the physical body which is highly sensitised during this process. The number 7 in The New Testament is the number of rest, cessation but not ceasing and like the triangle, it is also protective. The 7 statements in the Lord’s Prayer: (Mathew 6:9-13)

1 Our Father which art in Heaven

2 Hallowed be Thy Name

3 Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

4 Give us this day our daily bread, and

5 Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.

6 Lead us not into temptation,

7 But deliver us from evil.

The final statement (“For Thine is the Kingdom, and the power and the glory, forever”) symbolising the return to the Heavenly state of consciousness was added much later.

The equilateral cross represents balance and equality, yin and yang, the balanced male and female and the four elements: fire, earth air and water. The four corners of the earth: north, south, east, and west. The point at the centre balances all aspects of man’s existence and the vertical line joins above and below, mind and matter bringing heaven and earth together representing as above so below and in due course will activate the fifth element – the element of Akashi/sound. The horizontal line represents the balancing of all opposite extremes within man’s nature and is the balancing point at the heart. When the equilateral cross is set in motion the circle is formed and the circle represents time and only time can complete everything in due process. In Sacred Mathematics, the equilateral cross also equates to the Sacred number 7.

When we add all the sacred mathematical equations together we come to the sum of 22. The number 22 is a Master frequency for Liberation and the Essenes is proclaimed that there are 22 steps toward the God Force. Essene numerologically equates also to the number 22. It is Life force entering into manifestation and symbolises having gone full circle beyond the present incarnation. 22 represents the Alpha and the Omega and that we never come to the limit of our potentials. It is a teaching vibration, teaching us to awaken to transforming our lives through consciousness while blending spiritual consciousness with control of the physicality, including the body, and brings us in to a perfect state of being.

The Hebrew alphabet is made up of 22 letters, which are used to compose the Word of God. The word of God is called a lamp (Psalms 119:105, Proverbs 6:22), thus it is the light by which we are to live. The word light is found 264 times in Scripture. When 264 is divided by 12 (divine authority) we have twenty-two, which represents light.

Once we achieve this level of consciousness we are no longer concerned with earthly matters but simply use them with great respect.


I Am the Sun I Am the Moon

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 Meditation : Friday 12th July 2013

Our focus on the night will be solar plexus + heart = Crown. Now how do we get this? The day will be a 34/7 day. 12+7+2+0+13=34 and 3+4=7 so we are looking at the third chakra and the fourth chakra in order to awaken and clear aspects that affect us in the seventh chakra.


With a fully balanced solar plexus chakra we are truly on our way to finding our Soul purpose and come fully in our own personal power. When the solar plexus is fully energised and balanced it helps us to have some get-up-and-go and gives us a healthy sense of purpose. Bringing balance to the solar plexus means we begin to gain true inner strength and move away from the unhealthy desire to gain power over others. Our life becomes more spontaneous, powerful and free and we have complete acceptance for who we truly are and are more able to fully accept others for being who they are too.

We are then able to naturally express our power in a manner that is not threatening to others but rather showing a healthy respect for our boundaries while also respecting others boundaries. It simply means we are in touch with who we are and are able to stand true to that. We are then able to follow through with commitments, be in integrity and have good sense of self-worth.

Let�??s add that to opening and balancing the heart chakra which enables one to finding your passion and staying true to following that which is in your heart and vice versa. Following your passion is a sure sign of an open heart and a heart that will stay open. The heart is the bridge between worlds so in order to fully open to the ascension process one must have a fully opened heart chakra.

So imagine being fully able to express yourself with confidence and being true to that which is your passionate desire, bring the power of these two chakras together to work in harmony and balance with each other and you will undoubtedly trigger a greater level of awakening to the crown chakra.

A balanced Crown chakra allows us to have a healthy relationship with our Soul, Spirit, the Universal energies and God. Because it is our gateway to the higher realms of consciousness it is important to be able to maintain a healthy balance so we are not so we are able to live more spiritually and anchor the sacred into our day to day lives. We become more mindful of our thoughts, feelings, actions and most importantly our bodies. We need to have a healthy relationship with all our chakras in connection to the crown chakra in order to climb the ladder of consciousness in a balanced manner so we are not tipped too far into the whacky or be cut off from the Divine.

When clearing through the solar plexus and heart chakra in conjunction with the universal energies of the day our aim is to bring a clearer pathway to awaken to the True Self that resides within the crown chakra. Even imagining the pure joy of a balanced solar plexus and heart chakra that feed between each other their utmost positive qualities gives one the feeling of the burst of sun from the solar plexus in joyful union with the soft loving heart like the moon dancing in ecstasy and uniting with that highest part of ourselves in the crown. What a joyous reunion!

Egypt Programs January 2014

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Interview with Jeanne Christie

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Ma Ray

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"Mother Mary" is the Mother Ray, bringing you the "Ma Ray" Magenta Ray.... enjoy the music and welcome the Mother Ray and simply "Let it Be"... there will be an answer!

Please follow the Link to read the latest Blogspot

Spaghetti Legs

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Pinnacles of Ascension

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Living in the moment is something that I simply love, making decisions just on the brink of happening. This year has been one of those years for me and the dates of 12.12.12 and 21.12.12 were two of those dates that eluded me as to what I would be doing. I began with a plan for a gathering at Uluru only to find that I was quickly re-directed and the urge to be there then began to fade. It’s almost like I think it and the work is already done and therefore it is time to sit in the moment and not plan, just allow it to unfold because there is yet more work to be done.


I decided that it’s been a big year for me in service so I would take those two days to mark as a holiday for me where I could lavish some me time basking in my favourite past time of meditation for the day. Now it’s almost upon us and my plans have changed!


I was to be travelling home from Perth on the 20th and decided I would book myself in to Cervantes for two nights and witness my first sunset on the 20th in the Pinnacles Desert, have the day of the 21st then meet the sunrise in the Pinnacles Desert, spend the day in meditation and close with Sunset over the beautiful Indian Ocean.


Within two days my plans changed to invite the LUXOR Light participants that belong to our Leadership group. With it being short notice on Janette Cochran and Narelle Pritchard able to commit and so the 3 of us are the perfect number to be setting up the trinity energy to link with the other sacred sites around the globe on this most auspicious day.


The Pinnacles are listed as an Australian Sacred Site with some stories saying the Indigenous people of Australia once believed them to be fossilised ghosts. But they have been speaking to me (not the ghosts, the Pinnacles), almost like they are ready to rise up with ascension. I had this feeling that each stone represents a powerful Soul/Spirit ready now to awaken on the coming waves of ascension. Ready to be a part of the Great Shift and bring their secrets back to this ancient land. Their stories and wisdom and codes embedded in the desert just waiting for the time when we are ready for what they have to teach us. As old as the pyramids, they have lain secretly under the sands, then rebirthed sometime in the last century, patiently standing like Stonehenge with a great mystery surrounding them. How secretly they have hidden their calling to me for this day and yet how obvious that if I were born into this country, into this area just 2 hours from there that it makes perfect sense that I should be in this area for the Great Shift. With my gift of being and Encodement Key, if there are secrets to be unlocked, then yes I must wander unlocking and receiving these new codes of wisdom and allowing them to be free for all to receive. My connection with Egypt, the pyramids and my long felt need to connect the energies of the two lands lies secretly embedded in these stones, I simply feel it in my bones!


The stones of LUXOR Light are Egyptian White Alabaster representing Alpha (God) and Australian pink gypsum representing Omega (Goddess) both the same root familyas limestone with Alabaster being of the calcite family; this will connect thetwo as I bring the Luxor Alabaster with us.


Metaphysical properties


Limestone is an assisting stone used to enhance healing properties, encourages purification, reminds us of our innocence, grounds and centres us and entices positive thoughts. Limestone is the root of many crystals including, agate, calcite, dolomite, lapis and Septarian, just to name a few. Therefore, it takes on the metaphysical properties of its additional minerals. This is why limestone is such a multi-dimensional stone, a stone of the New Era where we embrace our multi-dimensional selves.


Like standing stones and like acupuncture needles into the land, ready to awaken the codes of purification, healing and innocence as we move into the new world rebirthing into purity, the sacredness of this site and our intentions to be there in the quietude listening to the whispers of silence and the sounds of Truth is already stirring feelings of joy and bliss within my heart. All the names registered on my list will be coming into the Pinnacles with us, to receive the codes and healing that will come through on the day. Any encoding or Sacred Sounds will be recorded and shared with you all.


On 12.12.12 all the names that were registered to flow effortlessly on the waves of ascension were written on two pieces of paper which I folded into origami pyramids. Then, I decide to do a third pyramid to represent all the names that would have like to have been registered and anyone else that is connecting with us from wherever in the world. I placed them beside the new candle that burned for 24 hours from 12 am on 12.12.12 to 12am on 13.12.12. At 12am on 12.12.12 I went into meditation and recorded the messages that were appropriate for the energies of the day and from the time I began recording to the time I finished it was 22 minutes exactly. Big thing happen under the energy of the 22 which represents having gone full circle and beyond earthly considerations and into the state of mastery where we now use our physicality with reverance and respect.


I look forward to sharing more with you as we enter the New World.  Click for Sacred Messages of 12.12.12


Thursday 6.12.2012

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Oh pleease do not miss the messages that will come to you today.

I read numbers and dates intuitively and a little different to other numerologists and today the energy is that of 32/5.

This is the "very" energy of the New Fifth World of Truth.

Put away your worries, put away your fears, for this time is "our" time and together we all have an intrinsic part to play.

There is not one piece of this puzzle that can be lost.

Find time today, to be in the moment, in your heart and welcome the Oneness of the All encompassing Divine Truth.

Do not fight it, embrace it, surrender and be surrounded by the Flame of Comfort ♥

Our Transitions to 12.12.12

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In 2010 I took a group to Egypt to work on anchoring the second phase of the 10.10.10 alignments – the initiator of this most powerful phase was on 10th October 2008 (10.10.10). It was an incredible journey that brought through energies initiating newness and yet releasing the final dregs of what we would not want to take with us into the New World, with the underlying influence being the 3 energy of 2010 that initiated triggers for mastery and stepping into Soul purpose. The experiences of that journey as I reflect now were beyond interpretation at the time but in the aftermath of what was triggered later in the year it all makes perfect sense.


Each participant had their part to play and their dross to release and I’m sure each of them now can reflect back also and see the amazing healing that was received from that process. Not long after this after returning to Australia, my world was turned upside down. I had written in my blogs “10.10.10 has set the world ablaze with the essence of Divine Truth and any hidden agendas are being brought to the fore. We must all step up on the ladder of consciousness and take our rightful place as our Divine and Authentic selves. This is not always easy as the Mighty Truth stares us in the face. What do we do with it, how do we deal with it, where do we go from here?” Little was I to know what would unfold for me in the days to come and within one day I was notified that I had to move house and the ball began to roll forward where I was given no option but to return to Egypt indefinitely. Within weeks I had uprooted my family and left the country alone with only enough funds for a few weeks, a broken heart reactivated and an unknown mission unfolding. Egypt was the last place I wanted to be at that time and I called to the Universe for this not to be the case, but everything fell into place as if by magic and help was received from Divine ways and Divine Beings of Light that all know who they are and I found myself back in Egypt on the 26th November less than six weeks after leaving with the thoughts “I never want to return!” Oh but I did, this was to be my 12th trip to Egypt and coinciding with 12 December 2010, 12.12.12 that held the major triggers that initiated the Egyptian Revolution that began on 25 January 2011 until 11 February 2011.


I battled with my stay in Egypt with my own personal tragedies I was dealing with in Egypt and at home with family going through incredible challenges but realised there was no way I was to leave and I continued trying to still myself through the chaos that was rising within me and within Egypt during the Revolution. I had tried to leave a few times when hearing of what was going on at home in my family but saw that I would be entering chaos at the airports if I tried to leave and somehow this didn’t feel right. I had instruction from the local Sufi Holy Man on West Bank of Luxor – Gaber; an old blind man who works from his home sharing wisdoms, teachings of the Quran and healing to those who need it. Blind of physical sight but with clear inner sight he sent me a message that if I were to leave it would break a triangle being held in place by himself, a Sheik Mohamed and myself and things would not complete so easily during the revolution. I argued with myself many times because my father was seriously ill and my daughter had suffered a tragic loss and I was not there for them. I thought “what if I break the triangle or what if that is not true” and decided to try to get a flight home. I’d had dreams where my father visited me and I felt he was calling me home. Finally I made the decision that enough was enough and I needed to go home. The flights were all blocked for me until the 13th of February, so I took that one. On the 11th of February the Revolution came to a close and I realised that all was Divine and perfect and my mission was complete. The moment President Mubarak stepped down, I felt an enormous shift within myself and my own revolution that was going on inside my body stopped and stilled, I was elated, more so than some of the Egyptians around me. I flew to Cairo on the 12th and took part in the Celebrations of the Revolution. I felt Liberated, Egypt felt Liberated and I flew home the next day.


On arriving into Australia although not completely healed from the pain of last 12 months of my life, I felt free and liberated and 2011 became a gift for me to rest and unwind and completely heal my heart.


My process in Egypt from the time of arriving and the time the Revolution was complete was 77 days. According to R. Allendy, this number joins the part of evolution to the whole evolution - report of the cosmic evolution and the individual evolution. I was working on my own evolution while assisting the evolution of Egypt through the revolution that set the Arab world reeling into their own revolutionary times and I began to understand the significance of my connection with Egypt and my mission that has been so strong there.


According to Jacob Boehme, 77 is the total number of the divine revelation thanks to the Word formed. Because starting from only one Verb speaking and a unique vital spirit, it exit 77 languages of which "five belong to the Spirit of God who speaks by his children when and as He wants; but the sixty-twelve others belong to the persons and to the human particularities by which speaking the own intelligence of the man, telling at the same time lies and truths. Also the sixty-twelve languages, that is to say Babel, must pass by the court of God and the pure has to be separated from the impure and to undergo the test of the fire". I speak these five languages that belong to the Spirit of God. I speak them in the form that is one language but the combination of the five. I cannot speak them from the level of the Ego but only as a pure channel as the Spirit of God sees fit and they are not interpreted because to do so would bring in the impurity of the Ego needing to know.


I understand what was going on in Egypt at that time now and have had 2 years (when looking at your own process and reading these dates, recognise that 2 is to do with transition; there always needs to be time to transition) to complete that phase. I did not return to Egypt for 2012 as I knew it was not necessary, I knew the work was done and concluded last year with the final group to enter Egypt with me for the journey of 11.11.11 and the process that began on 28 October 2010 (original Mayan Calender last day). There were 7 of us last year for that journey. Seven is the Symbol of the totality of the created Universe (3 the sky + 4 the earth), it expresses the creation within which the man evolves. Symbol of eternal life for the Egyptians: it symbolizes a complete cycle, a dynamic perfection. Seven is also known as the symbol for the perfect Hu-man as depicted by the Leonardo Da Vinci drawing.


The moment of entering the World of Divine Truth where all that is not in alignment with the New Fifth World began after 12.12.2010 (purest form 12.12.12) as the 12.12 closes the gate that opened on 11.11.2009 (purest form 11.11.11). This gateway that opened on 11.11.2009 offered immense healing and release for those who were ready to embody the Christ Consciousness that began surrounding us on 3.3.2010 (333). With the close of the Gateway later that year on 12.12.2010 we had the opportunity to recover and the process began again on 11.11.2011 (second wave 11.11.11 more appropriately 11.11.13). That gateway began an activation process of mighty proportions that would enable higher transformations and the Alchemical process of the Ascension to begin to activate. This was the gateway opening to Mastery and that Gateway closes on 12.12.2012 (second wave 12.12.12 more appropriately 12.12.5). This gateway initiates the Christ Consciousness that is available to us all that enables the changes within to be activated for all of humanity and the process begins on 3.12.2012 (minor 3.3.3 More appropriately 3.3.5). The purity of the Ascension and Soul purpose begins to unfold on 3 December 2012 and completes on 12 December 2012 followed by the Planetary ascension on 21.12.2012 (3.3.5) (minor 3.3.3). 21 in the Tarot represents the world.


Finally on 22nd December 2012 we begin the planetary transition into the new Fifth World. This date represents us having brought into control the 3 parts of consciousness including the 5 senses. We walk into the unknown, welcoming the mysteries that will bring greater wisdom as we seek further knowledge and a greater connection to the God/Goddess as we begin the phase of understanding this more complete and balanced aspect of the Divine within us all. We embrace Christ Consciousness as we become the perfected Hu man (the man and woman who has embraced the Light and seeks to understand all Ray Paths on the path of the Return to full consciousness) - A new world a new journey a new life!


Please share while keeping it in it's orginal format and including where it came from


In Love We Unite



Peace will Prevail on Earth

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Change is upon us, all of us and our intentions are what creates our personal changes. Open your heart, lead with your heart and your changes will flow freely, expressively, Truthfully, and your expansion will echo further than the ever expanding sky, forever shifting and changing into greater Unity Consciousness and Peace will Prevail on Earth

~ ~


Today's Meditation

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Photo: Today's Meditation:  This moment is just for you ~ Find some quiet space - 5 minutes, 10 mintues, 15 minutes or more, you have time ~ Light a candle, burn some incense and put on some relaxation music to listen to ~ follow the breath and affirm I Am Love and I Am Infinitely Loved ~ continue in this way until you feel the transformation ~ allow the magic to happen ~
40/4 (13)

This moment is just for you ~ Find some quiet space - 5 minutes, 10 mintues, 15 minutes or more, you have time ~ Light a candle, burn some incense and put on some relaxation music to listen to ~ follow the breath and affirm I Am Love and I Am Infinitely Loved ~ continue in this way until you feel the transformation ~ allow the magic to happen ~

40/4 (13)

I Am Creative Mind

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Today's Meditation: I Am creative of mind ~ free flowing ~ my energy, my thoughts, ever shifting like a breeze holding on to no thing ~ all that no longer serves my purpose gracefully shifts like a mist weaving secrets of change ~ I Surrender to the Divine and embrace the Wisdom and creativity that is mine ~

ChristinA ~

I Am You

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Today's Meditation:

Enter the Silence ~ place right hand on solar plexus and left and toward the earth ~ breathe deeply and slowly, unwinding ~ I Am a Being of Joy, lovingly walking my Path ~ Divine Goddess, guide me, caress me, enter me ~ I Am Joy ~ I Am Love Infinite ~ I Am You and You are Me ~ I Am at One with All that I See ~


Waves of Ascension

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Saint Paul of Thebes

Early this morning I had a dream and I saw a boat filled with people on top of a hill. The boat rose up into the sky and one by one each of the people in the boat ascended individually into the Heavens. I realised during the dream that I ...

have seen this so many times in different circumstances. I watched with my youngest son as I spoke with another young girl who was about to take her place in readiness for her journey into ascension also. She had been drinking and I was concerned for her, imagining her rising up and then falling from the Heavens. She said she was happy to try and her friends were all about to go up later that day. I understand the dream and know that we must continue to inspire others toward the ascension without judgement and allow all to learn in their own way. On waking I had a clear vision of an Ascended Master/Saint. I don't know who he was but I imagine he was there as a messenger.

I also remembered on waking that I have had this dream in different versions all my life since a small girl and I feel blessed to be a part of this most amazing time. I also believe the messages are for us all and should be shared. Please take time to meditate daily because the clearing is still needed on many levels and especially the Emotional Body. The Ascension is not one wave but many on many levels and for those who desire it you will continue to accelerate your Ascension through your conscious efforts.

I once wrote daily energy status' reporting the energy through the numbers, but I have changed that to daily meditations. Simple messages that carry the energy of the day; I have simply changed the way I give the energy report. I felt it was more appropriate to guide you into meditation rather than simply give the meaning behind the energy. These simple meditations will allow you to absorb the energies available to us all each day. In this way we can harness the Light that is in constant change and allow that light/energy to lovingly embrace us through the changes. It is important to meditate daily because in so doing you will begin to integrate your Higher abilities that come with full integration of the Ascension and one by one you will find that you are opening to those gifts that you always knew you had but did not know how to open to. You are ready now and all it takes is to be the clear channel and the gifts will be yours as your Soul understands on a deeper level when you are ready. It is a natural progression to become more and more Awake on more and more levels. I encourage you to meditate and to be fully consciouse/aware of all that you do.

Please share if you feel it appropriate and I encourage all those who wish to receive them personally via email to subscribe with the words "Daily Inspirations" and I will add their names to my list. Email:

~ ChristinA ~

To those of you who have written to me, I will reply to each of you individually and I thank you for taking the time to stay in touch with me. I love you All. Please enjoy today's meditation............................I Am You .... Healing that Awakens - Luxor Light

Into the Dawn

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I have known for some time now that Egypt is calling and have had several incidents of Divine intervention giving me the signs. For quite a while I have struggled with when I should go thinking the Divine Time should be for 21 December but there has always been a cloud around that for me and I did not understand why. Thursday 8 November was a Soul vibration day for me and I generally find great insight on these days and this was one of these insightful days. It was also global 33 day which as we all know means Soul Mission. Mum was in Royal Perth hospital having scans and I have been waiting patiently to find out the results and had decided that I would make my decision as to Egypt after Wednesday when the scan results came in. I have felt for some time that January was to be the time for me to return to Egypt and in fact since mid-year I have had this thought continually popping into my head. At first I felt irritated by it because I knew I still had healing to do around my experiences with Egypt and Egyptians over the last 7 years, however, I also knew this was my own personal healing journey that needed to be complete before I could even contemplate entering into Egypt again. I began to wonder if I would ever feel ok about returning to Egypt at all.

It was early October that the messages started to come to me in regards to returning to Egypt and so I decided to take some further action into healing my issues. The healing was almost instant the moment I made the decisions as to how I was going to go about this and within a week I felt a huge shift within myself and as each day went by I felt less and less attachment to any of the “story” and began to feel a pull to returning to Egypt in January. I had requests from 2 Americans for me to be in Egypt in January and I shelved it not getting caught up into “I will or I won’t” but I simply noted it as another calling along with all the others and there have been many too long to mention here, but this one actually gave me a month that coincided with the month that I was being nudged to return.

On the evening of Thursday 8 December, after a busy day and collecting Mum from the hospital, I decided for some reason to just check the prices of flights to Egypt in January. I had done it previously with December in mind but hadn’t chosen any specific dates. As it happened I did not have my laptop so the site I normally use was not saved on my favourites and I couldn’t remember the name of the site which that in itself was odd but the name just would not come to me. So, I decided to Google for flights. I found a site called and there I saw a 48 hour sale with Qatar and a flight would only cost me $1554 which was $700 to $1000 less than the price I had seen before. I walked around in circles because I had less than 24 hours to make a decision and Mum’s results would not come in for nearly a week. I decided to go for it and booked a flight to Egypt for January not knowing what the real reason for going would be. I had been intuiting that I would need to go in January to anchor the new energies that I had received from the Temple of Truth in May. I knew even though I argued with myself, that 2012 was not for Egypt and 2012 was to be a healing process for humanity to clear any residual dross so as not to take it into the New World. I knew that although the recorded date of 21 December to be the day that I would be expected to do something special somewhere special I was not going to do what people would expect of me. Even though I argued with myself many times, I knew within my Being that I was to stay put because there was something “Bigger” going on and I needed to listen to my guidance and simply Be. I received clarity on my Soul Day. I received the guidance that the greatest thing I can offer humanity on these special dates of 12.12.12 and 21.12.2012 would be to record the new codes that come through on the day and then over the next 20 years when the shift is in action (not one day) these Keys and Codes and Sounds will be recorded for all when they are ready to receive. This is what I can offer humanity and this feels so comforting and so me. At this point I realised the date and “knew” it was my Soul Day and therefore as always I would receive clarity as to what I am to do in the months ahead. I let that be and thought I had received all I needed to receive until I found these cheap flights!

I made the decision and I purchased my tickets and a great sense of Peace came over me. I would be returning to Egypt and I had no issues or attachments to any dramas associated with the last 7 years events, I had completely healed my heart and it was time to return. Next year I will be working my Soul Vibration year so I expect it to be a big year. 2004 was also a Soul vibration year for me and LUXOR Light was birthed through me on that year! This year I have accomplished so much that I set out to do. I intended to be fully conscious of what I wanted to take into the New World with me. I did not want heart ache, I did not want debt, I did not want contracts; I wanted freedom and completion. I wanted to be in charge of my own Freedom because I know how powerful it is to be an active player in the Ascension and to have the return of full consciousness means more than simply being Awake. We can always be awake but unconscious to our actions. I chose to actively be fully conscious of what I was taking into the New World and I have achieved almost all of that except for completing my book. But that is ok, I am debt free, I am without contracts and I have established myself firmly into the world with my Soul Purpose.

2009/10, I was a part of the Egyptian Revolution and a part of the liberation process unfolding for them. Through my own pain and heartache I tried to be conscious of my process and my part in being in Egypt at that time and for that 4 months that triggered an immense cleansing process for me (and Egypt) that continued throughout 2011. I felt the Global Shift on 28 October 2011 (while in Luxor) on the date that the Ancient Mayan recorded as the last day of the Old World and since then I have felt an increasing awareness and greater conscious process unfolding. I believe 2012 has been a transitional year for clearing residual pain for those who are already Awakened so that they can move into the New World completely unburdened and ready to take on the purpose they were born for. Within LUXOR Light we have been consciously working toward this and the rewards are beginning to show and if you have not seen the signs yet they are coming so be patient and continue releasing. Be fully conscious of all your choices in everything you do. Be fully conscious of any states of emotional imbalance because to enter the New World one must have mastered the emotional body and be prepared to work diligently toward mastering the mind and mental bodies.

I see fully the alignments that have been made for me so that I can continue to live out the life that I am destined to carry out and I feel blessed to be so unburdened and free of entanglements and I watch as I see it unfolding for so many of you. As an onlooker looking in and having been through the process myself I see the rewards that are about to present themselves to you and for some it is a simple shift of awareness to understand the perfectness of your realities and a simple change of perception as to what is perfect in your path and what is an old perception still playing on your disc that says this is how it should be. Let go and surrender because many of us will not live normal lives under normal circumstances in normal relationships but until you truly understand that and have acceptance will you understand the freedom that is already in your lives.

LUXOR Light was born for these times and while I see my return to Egypt as being a personal journey of returning to the land that has been significant to me for many lifetimes and no less this one to carry as I always have codes and keys that will enable shifts of consciousness over the next 20 years, I understand there is no separation between me and LUXOR Light and what is my Soul Mission is also that of LUXOR Light. I am to return to Egypt therefor LUXOR Light is to return to Egypt to initiate the changes into Egypt and I leave on January 1 ........................... to be continued

In Love We Unite


Today's Meditation

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 Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of us all? Today we are faced with the mirror and asked to trust what we see. Look deep into your heart and trust that feeling and follow the guidance you are given. Look deep into the mirror and have faith that all is perfect when we take responsibility for our own reflections


~☥~ ChristinA ~☥