LUXOR Light Ascension

An Empowerment Program through meditation and healing
to Empower and anchor the Soul on the Journey of finding God Self. 
Spiritual tours in Egypt.


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On the Nile
Awakening with Serapis

7 Days 6 Nights
Sailing the Chakras of the Nile

Private Charter

10 - 16 November 2017

There is something magical about the 11:11 Code that awakens sleeping aspects of ourselves.  When we see it, we should acknowledge it as a significant time of awakening or coming into a Higher State of Consciousness.  It is a doorway or gateway to higher Realms.  Many people are seeing the 11:11 everywhere and this generally means we should take notice that something significant in our spiritual encoding is taking place.  When we harness these Codes we can propel ourselves forward in our spiritual journeys.  

On this Sacred Sound Codes 11:11 Nile Cruise, you will receive codes of awakening every day as we connect with the temples of the chakras along the Nile.  We begin from Luxor, the Solar Plexus of Egypt.  Our intention is to receive the codes that will assist in awakening us to mastering the challenges that hold us back from our Spiritual missions.  The Solar Plexus Chakra must be mastered before we can step onto our Soul Purpose.

 As we sail toward Aswan we learn about how the temples connect us with our own divinity and receive the Sacred Sound codes that will assist in bringing it through.  This particular trip coincides with the 14 day cycle with Ascended Master Serapis Bey and the Universities of Spirit.  Throughout each year there are certain dates that the ascended masters are sharing their energies and teachings.  Each cycle is a 14 day cycle.  From the 9th November til 22 November 2017 this is one such cycle to be in the embrace and teachings of Ascended Master Serapis Bey.  

Sacred Flows through you when you are on the Nile

A 6 night, 7 day meditation cruise with ChristinA as she shares her gift as an encodement key and passes on the Sacred Keys of Thoth, Hermes and Enoch with the Sound Activatory Keys that are her gift to share with humanity.  

Awakening the Light Codes within you.  

ChristinA has a unique way of sharing and transferring very powerful Divine Energies that we call LUXOR Light Ascension .  These energies enable shifts in consciousness and awaken the Remembering of your True and Authentic Self..  

On this Nile Cruise you will have the opportunity to be immersed in this pure energy of the Divine and align with your Highest aspects. You will receive healing through Sacred Sound Codes that "Help you to Remember your Light Lineage" through opening to the Sacredness within you.  

If you are lucky you will see through the veil and witness the crystaline pyramids, a reminder of our Atlantis connections.

Do you need to recharge your batteries?

Do you want to awaken to passion and purpose?

Do you remember the wonder of life?

Would you like to heal the blocks that hold you back?

Would you like to align with your Master frequencies within?

Private Charter on board our Dahabieh

Sail the tranquil Nile in luxury and comfort onboard our twin sail dahabieh.  All rooms have private ensuites, are air-conditioned and all dietary requirements are catered for just let us know.

We don't work with set times because we are going with the Flow....

Each day we will meditate upon the theme of the temples we are visiting and incorporating that into our itinerary.  The Ancients listened to the signs, they consulted the oracle, they used full consciousness to understand the world around them, we will align with them and seek to find the sacred connection within each temple that aligns with our own personal temples and our own personal templates as we build our personal pyramid.

Activating Heavenly Travel

LUXOR Light enters a 25/7 year which brings forth harmonious and heavenly travel. This is an adventurous energy and activates the energy of the spiritual seeker, seeking to find the mysteries... you just need to come to Egypt to discover an abundance of mysteries and
align with the vibrations and energies of the ‘Collective Consciousness’.

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ChristinA Ritchie

Your Spiritual Tour Leader

ChristinA holds the Gift of the Ancient Egyptian Language of Light and Sacred Sound Codes and Keys of Ascension through Lord Enoch (Thoth / Hermes) and can assist you to awaken to your own sounds of Light that will enable you to awaken to your true purpose.  These trips are Al Khemically powerful.