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LUXOR Light Ascension


The Pendulum

Powered by the Awakening Soul

is an introduction into the personal journey of awakening of one woman. This journey led to the birthing of a Divine Energy Frequency on Earth that enables a shift in consciousness resulting in the awakening of others. Through the process of her personal awakening, you are shown how the awakening Soul is able to be witnessed through the use of a pendulum as it picks up the higher dimensional energy swings of the chakra system. Step by step we can see how our ordinary life shows us the signs of awakening as we take one step at a time toward enlightenment and full ascension into a Higher Consciousness.

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The Path through Ascension

Ascension is a shift in consciousness allowing us to "ascend" into higher levels of awareness.  

The process of Ascension involves the raising of frequency on a personal and planetary level.  It is an acceleration of vibrational energy that brings one to higher levels of awareness that initiate a shift in consciousness.  LUXOR Light is a specific frequency that was anchored to Earth through ChristinA Ritchie (Ametron) and in the process she has been shown how to transfer those frequency shifts to others enabling raised levels of consciousness that often occur as spontaneous awakenings and initiates an accelerated healing process and awakens the pineal gland.

All of humanity is ascending (spiritually evolving) and experiencing Shifts of consciousness at varying levels.  LUXOR Light enables the individual to reach to the level of the Higher Self through the process of meditation. While accessing a Divine Energy, also known as Shekinah, Holy Spirit, Shaki, Goddess; we call forward the healing which is needed for the greatest level of growth at any one point in time enabling the balance of the god/goddess energies as we integrate the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within.  It fast tracks the healing process because when the healing is called forth, what follows is the opportunity to face the tests that when mastered will bring a shift into a higher level of Consciousness. The healing is enabled while residing in the higher frequencies of light during the process of meditation which then in turn aligns the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies where challenges can be faced by looking at them from a higher perspective.  It acts like a training ground into the Higher Realms; an energetic Mystery School that enables one to continually reach higher levels and trains one to know how to manage, understand and read your own energy field and that of others.  It is a purely experiential process activating sacred geometries within the human energy field that continues to initiate greater shifts of consciousness as we work toward our Mastery and access the Wisdom of our Ancient Selves the Self that was and will again be the Perfect and Christed Self.  The activation process is initiated through the individuals own process as you awaken the master and the mastery is yours unfolding!  LUXOR Light provides the perfect vehicle and environment and support for it to take place!  Begin your journey with LUXOR Light here

A Purpose of Empowering

The Frequencies of LUXOR Light are passed from one who has been chosen to be initiated as a transference key. When received, it gifts the initiate with the ability to carry this specific ascension frequency for the purpose of clearing lifetimes of baggage while preparing for the purpose of assisting others to do the same.  The student of LUXOR Light becomes a frequency modulator; that is one who is able to influence the energy field of another for the purpose of healing while at the same time initiating a higher frequency to the receiver so they too can heal at a greater level while holding stages of heightened awareness bringing greater depths of healing and understanding.  The one receiving healing becomes the "conscious" overseer in their own process of healing.  The time for each individual's healing varies according to their own process.  

LUXOR Light Ascension Program is the direct result of a cellular memory awakening returning healing and alchemical gifts used by ChristinA in past lives such as Lemuria and Ancient Egypt.  LUXOR Light is a Pure and Divine Energy direct from Source that enables a return to the Wisdom encoded into your DNA!

A Mission to Divine Truth

The LUXOR Light connection is found through Lemurian, and Ancient Egyptian roots. The purpose of LUXOR Light brings the balance of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine power through the gift of understanding the Right use of energy and in so doing we enter the world of Divine Truth; a world of Peace, Unity and Oneness!  LUXOR Light awakens the Alchemist, the Shamanic Healer and the Master within.  Divine gifts of Spirit such as sacred sound and languages of light are awakened through this most powerful process. 

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Ametron - Bringer of Truth

Channelled Sound Frequencies that awaken the pineal gland and emit powerful healing vibrations of Source Light. Awakening through the process of LUXOR Light activates and stimulates the pineal gland and the natural progression is to become a pure and direct channel for Source Light through the vibration of Sound.  We call this Sacred Sound Healing. The Sounds are the Frequencies of your True Self or your I Am Presence/God Self emitting the light of the crystaline frequencies from Source.  Ametron Truth Sacred Sound healing awakens you to become a direct and clear channel;  It is not learned it is awakened!

Register with Ametron Truth for workshops to open to the powerful healing portal of the Sounds of the Awakened Pineal.



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LUXOR Light is a place for spiritual seekers, for those ready for awakening to a higher degree of consciousness and for those wishing to walk the path of the initiate to a greater understanding of Self.  LUXOR Light is a state of the heart and mind that accesses Ashramic consciousness and naturally developing the higher faculties so that one can sense the sacred within all circumstances and in every experience on the journey through life and into the Divine nature.